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Enduring Issues (suggested) Global - Holland - enduring issues global 9

Enduring Issues (suggested) Global - Holland-enduring issues global 9

Enduring Issues (suggested)--Global
1. Conflict
2. Human Rights Violations
3. Scarcity
4. Power
5. Security
6. Population Growth
7. Human Impact on the Environment
8. Impact of Environment on Humans
9. Tensions Between Traditional Culture and Modernization
10. Impact of Trade
11. Impact of Cultural Diffusion
12. Impact of Technology
13. Impact of Industrialization
14. Impact of Urbanization
15. Impact of Nationalism
16. Impact of Imperialism/Impact of Colonization/Impact of Empire Building/Impact of Decolonization
17. Impact of Migration
18. Impact of Globalization
19. Equity Issues/Lack of Access
20. Impact of Cooperation (solving of mutual problems)
war, competition, armed struggle, resistance, invasions, threats to balance of power, power struggles, disputes
over boundaries or location of boundaries, disputes over land use, disputes over land acquisition, disputes over
resources, disputes over resource use, disputes over waste disposal sites, disputes over socio-economic status,
disputes over who has power, disputes over how power is obtained, disputes over how power is maintained,
ethnic disputes, religious disputes, disputes between social classes, terrorism; debates over choice of reform
needed, negative reaction to reform; response to lack of reform
Human Rights Violations
injustice, inequality, discrimination, exclusion, unfair treatment, cruel treatment, persecution for beliefs, threats
to cultural identity, restrictions to movement, enslavement, human trafficking, disenfranchisement, lack of
freedom of speech, lack of freedom of assembly, lack of freedom of press, censorship, genocide, denied access
to earning a living
lack of food, lack of human resources, lack of natural resources, lack of industrial resources, lack of
housing/shelter, lack of clean water/water resources, lack of medical treatment, lack of arable land, lack of
technology, lack of capital
lack of access to power, unfair distribution of power, shifts in power and authority, power struggles, relationship
of ruler to ruled, social class tensions, ability of the people to have a voice in government (consent of the
governed/social contract), shifts in the balance of power, access to free and fair elections, lack of free and fair
threats to privacy, threats to property, terrorism, lack of safety, nuclear proliferation, biological weapons,
chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, impact of new weaponry, role of technology in protecting
security, role of technology in harming security, hacking, cyber theft, crime, debates over piracy, debates over
espionage, need for espionage, protection of borders/frontiers, protection of national sovereignty, debate over
formation of alliances/membership in an alliance, debate over the need for collective security, responsibilities of
collective security, protection from disease
Population Growth
strain on resources, strain on housing, increase in production of waste and need to address waste disposal,
sanitation conditions/strain on sanitation systems, healthcare needs, ability to feed population, expanding the
need to educate the population, need for social services, debate over population policies, restrictions on
population growth, impact of negative population growth, relationship between population growth and national
power, rate of expansion
Human Impact on the Environment
consequences of establishing political/physical boundaries, impact of boundaries on people, environmental
degradation, deforestation, desertification, global warming, destruction of ozone layer, pollution, extinction of
species/loss of species, loss of biodiversity, debate over monoculture, land-use disputes, erosion, diversion of
rivers/water sources, draining of aquifers, impact of extraction of resources, use of alternative energy sources,
impact of reducing energy use, consequences of building road systems/transportation systems, consequences of
changing agricultural practices/techniques (use of pesticides, use of chemical fertilizers, hybrid
seeds/genetically modifying seeds, crop rotation, irrigation, increasing acreage in production), impact of
changes to the physical environment/landscape, impact of policies to adapt to potential flooding, impact of
policies on sustainability, impact of over-mining, spread of disease
Impact of Environment on Humans
impact of natural physical barriers, impact of access to plains, impact of access to oceans, impact of access to
rivers, impact of access to seas, impact of access to straits, impact of access to lakes, impact of natural
resources, impact of access to fertile soil, impact of access to fresh water, impact of physical geography, impact
of climate, impact of weather, impact of natural disasters, impact of flooding, impact of earthquake destruction,
impact of volcanic eruptions, impact of destruction by tsunamis, impact of hurricane/cyclone destruction,
impact of environmental hazards (collapse of structures, wildfires), impact of efforts to mitigate natural
disasters, impact of policies designed to deal with natural disasters
Tensions Between Traditional Culture and Modernization
loss of cultural identity, loss of language, loss of traditional beliefs, traditional gender roles versus modern
gender roles, disputes over gender roles, role of ethnic identity and power, ethnic tensions, religious identity,
tensions between religious identity and modernization efforts, debate over definition of modernization, debate
over westernization as modernization, difficulty of maintaining traditions in a time of change
Impact of Trade
integration of new ideas, rejection of new ideas, economic sanctions, boycotts, embargoes, imposing/levying
tariffs, loss of jobs, integration of new technology, rejection of new technology, introduction of new goods,
rejection of new goods, distribution of/access to new goods, loss of cultural identity, loss of language, loss of
traditional beliefs, consequences of connections, impact of consumption, impact on raising standards of living,
impact of changes in production, impact of uneven patterns of development, impact on levels of poverty,
economic costs, economic benefits, impact of market forces, political benefits, political costs, social benefits,
social costs, difficulty of maintaining traditions, attempts to expand trade, attempts to restrict trade; impact of
trade agreements, balance of trade, impact on environment, ability to participate in global trade, spread of