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Global 10 Enduring Issues
Enduring Issue Related Topics Enduring Question
French Revolution, Enlightenment, Latin
Conflict American Independence Movements, Global
Conflict is a serious disagreement or argument.
Nationalism, Imperialism, WWI, WWII, What causes conflict?
There can be conflict between individuals, groups of
Russian Revolution, Cold War, What effects does it have?
people, and even nations.
Decolonization, Modernization, Iranian
Revolution, Kemal Ataturk and Turkey,
Terrorism, Human Rights Violations
Cooperation is the process of working together to Enlightenment, Scramble for Africa, WWI,
achieve the same goal. You can see the effects of League of Nations, WWII, Cold War, What causes conflict? What
cooperation when someone helps you lift a table, Decolonization, United Nations, effects does it have?
when you play on a team, or when nations come International Organizations
together to solve a mutual problem.
Power Ottoman Empire, French Revolution, Latin
Power is the ability to influence or control the American Independence Movements, How is power gained,
behavior of people and it is a part of every human Mexican Revolution, Global Nationalism, consolidated, maintained,
interaction. You can see the effects of power in your Imperialism, WWI, WWII, Rise of Dictators, and lost?
relationships with your family and friends, and in Cold War, Decolonization, Iranian
schools, sports, business, and government. Revolution, Kemal Ataturk and Turkey
Human Rights Violations and French Revolution, Latin American
Inequality Independence Movements, Imperialism, What are human rights?
Human Rights are basic rights and freedoms to Russian Pogroms, Armenian Massacre, Why is there inequality?
which all humans are considered to be entitled. Stalin's Purges, Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, What effects does it have?
Inequality is when one group has more power than Khmer Rouge, Globalization, Universal
another. Declaration of Human Rights
Innovation Agrarian Revolution, Industrial Revolution,
An innovation is a change, a new method, or new
WWI, WWII, Urbanization, Modern Why is there inequality? What
idea. Innovations have positive and negative impacts.
Industrialization, Modern Technological effects does it have?
Changes, Globalization
The Enlightenment, French Revolution, Latin
American Independence Movements, Global
Ideas and Beliefs Nationalism, Marxism, Adam Smith, White
Our ideas and beliefs shape the way we look at the Man's Burden, Imperialism, Russian How do ideas and beliefs
world. Ideas and beliefs can come from one's Revolution, Communism vs. Capitalism in shape our lives and the world
conclusions from observation, religion, parents, the Cold War, Decolonization, around us?
books, or friends. Modernization and Reactions to it,
Terrorism, Globalization, Human Rights
Environmental Impact
Our environment is the area around us in which we Industrial Revolution, WWI, WWII, How does our environment
live. We are affected by our environment and we Collectivization, Urbanization, Modern affect us?
have an effect on it. This is true of your local Industrialization, Deforestation, How do we affect it?
environment (your home, your classroom, and your Desertification, Population Growth, Climate
neighborhood) and the larger environment (your Change
state, your country, and your world).
Scarcity is the state of not having enough of How do people get what they
something. Everything we use in our daily life comes Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, WWI, need and want?
from the Earth and there is a limited supply of WWII, Cold War, Globalization, Nationalism, What are the effects of their
resources on this planet. Some places have access to Environmental Impacts actions?
more water than others, some have access to oil.
Since resources are scarce, we trade for them.
Interconnectedness Ottoman Empire, Mughal Empire, Tokugawa
Interconnectedness is the state of having
Shogunate, Effects of French Revolution,
connections or relationships with other people. For
Latin American Independence, Irish Potato Do the benefits of
example, the more people you know from a
Famine, Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, interconnectedness outweigh
neighborhood, the more interconnected you are to
WWI, WWII, Cold War, Decolonization, the costs?
it. Increased interconnectedness can be caused by
Urbanization, Globalization, Modernization,
Terrorism, Spread of Infectious Diseases,
more communication and trade. Interconnectedness International Organizations, Modern
can have both positive and negative effects. Environmental Issues