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english file INTERMEDIATE third edition Entry Checker answer key ? oxford university press 1File 11Aa 1 How long did you live there?2 Is your sister older than you?3 When does the lecture start?4 What time do you switch onyour computer?5 Why hasn’t the train come?6 Do you go to the librarymuch?7 When did you see yourparents?8 What time did your friendsarrive?9 Will the talk go on muchlonger?10 How long have you studiedSpanish?b 1 Where did you go for yourholiday?2 Do you catch the train towork?3 Can you play the violin?4 Do your children have anypets?5 What time does the bus leave?6 Can you send me an email?7 Did you lock the front door?8 Do you have a favourite band?9 Did you send a card to yourmother?10 Do you live in a house or aflat?1Ba 1 Maria enjoys going to college.2 My brother doesn’t eat salad.3 I don’t like spiders much.4 When does your term finish?5 She has ten pairs of shoes.6 My mother usually shops atthe supermarket.7 When do you do yourhousework?8 I don’t enjoy driving at night.9 When did you receive theinvitation?10 My aunt has a house by thesea.b 1 Every day we study in thelibrary.2 I don’t like walking home inthe dark.3 My father really enjoysgardening.4 They don’t have any children.5 We think about our friends atChristmas.6 Once a week I go to anexercise class.7 Every morning he checks hisemails.8 My friends have two cats anda dog.9 There is a shop in the nextvillage.10 It hasn’t rained for a week.1Ca 1 She is writing her familyhistory.2 Is it snowing today?3 Why are you sitting out therein the cold?4 My friend is buying her ticket.5 I’m not living at home now.6 The teacher is telling a story.7 Are your parents buying ahouse?8 We aren’t studying French.9 Why are you wearing darkglasses?10 They aren’t making plans fortheir holiday.b 1 Every morning he runs for anhour.2 I’m not thinking aboutmoving house at the moment.3 Why are you sitting outside?Come back inside.4 A Do you go away everyChristmas?B No, this year we’re stayingat home.5 On Tuesdays she visits hercousin.6 A Why don’t you buy yourvegetables at the market?B I don’t eat manyvegetables.7 My brother is down by theriver; he is trying to catch afish.8 On Mondays she doesn’t havemany lectures.9 My sister is expecting a baby.10 I don’t send many letters.File 22Aa 1 wanted 11 called2 started 12 agreed3 read 13 arrived4 got 14 drove5 made 15 got6 left 16 didn’t feel7 found 17 answered8 didn’t know 18 could9 remembered 19 passed10 wasb 1 Did you enjoy living there?2 What was the climate like?3 What sort of house did youlive in?4 Did you travel around thecountry?5 Did you swim in the seaoften?6 Did you make many friendsthere?2Ba 1 What were you looking at?2 My brother couldn’t comebecause he was working.3 We were driving home whenwe saw an accident.4 I made a mistake because Iwasn’t thinking.5 He told me he was writing abook about his life.6 Why were you running up theroad?7 I wasn’t expecting you yet.8 They were staying at a beachresort.English File?Intermediate?third editionEntry Checker answer keyenglish file INTERMEDIATE third edition Entry Checker answer key ? oxford university press 2b 1 was raining, left2 met, was studying3 learnt, was living4 arrived, was waiting5 didn’t hear, were watching6 was…thinking, reached7 lost, were cleaning2Ca 2 b 6 a3 h 7 d4 f 8 g5 cb 1 so2 because3 Although4 so5 but6 because7 but8 so9 butFile 33Aa 1 is going to catch2 ’re going to see3 ’m sending4 going to visit5 is not playing6 ’re going to stay7 Are … going to letb 1 ’re going to be2 ’re going to miss3 is going to ruin3Ba 1 N2 F3 N4 N5 F6 F7 N8 Fb 1 ’m helping2 ’m making3 Is … coming4 ’s getting5 ’s feeling6 ’re … looking3Ca 1 who2 which3 where4 who5 where6 which7 whichb 1 This is the shirt which Ibought on holiday.2 That’s the office where myhusband works.3 This is the car which was usedin the film.4 Those are the staff who havebeen on a training course.5 This is the lecturer who willbe your tutor.6 Those are the clothes whichshe bought online.7 Here is the room where wecan hold the party.8 Susan is the friend who toldme the news.9 This is the place where we’regoing to meet.File 44Aa 1 He hasn’t seen his parentssince Christmas.2 I’ve finished my homework.3 We haven’t received yourletter.4 Are you going on holiday thisyear?5 My boyfriend hasn’t seen thatfilm.6 I’ve posted a card to mygrandmother.7 Have you turned yourcomputer off?8 I haven’t bought any meat thisweek.b 1 I’ve already asked…2 Have you had … yet?3 They’ve just got back…4 We haven’t decided … yet.5 The manager has alreadymade…6 The flowers have justbegun…7 I haven’t started … yet.8 Sorry, she’s already left.4Ba 1 haven’t bought2 has set3 Have … been…?4 haven’t cooked5 ’ve gone…6 has…wanted…7 Have … heard…?8 haven’t known9 haven’t done10 Has … seen?b 1 ’ve been2 Have…seen…?3 haven’t had4 ’ve started5 Have…tried…?6 wentc 1 gone2 been3 been4 gone5 been4Ca 1 anything2 anywhere3 somebody4 nothing5 somewhere6 Nobody7 anywhere8 nowhere9 anything10 Somebodyb 1 Nowhere.2 Nobody.3 Nothing.c 1 I didn’t go anywhere.2 Nobody was with me.3 I didn’t do anything.File 55Aa 1 more quickly than2 better … than3 easier than4 thinner than5 shorter than6 further … than7 more exciting than8 older than9 earlier than10 worse thanenglish file INTERMEDIATE third edition Entry Checker answer key ? oxford university press 3b 1 My parents’ TV isn’t as big asours.2 Sugar isn’t as sweet as honey.3 Our house isn’t as large asyours.4 Melbourne isn’t as small asCanberra.5 Chloé hasn’t passed as manytests as I have.6 Italy didn’t score as manygoals as Spain.7 Your carpets aren’t as clean asours.5Ba 1 most cheerful2 best3 most unusual4 worst5 largest6 slimmest7 most attractive8 latest9 most direct10 highestb 1 It’s the longest distance I’veever travelled.2 They’re the prettiest clothesI’ve ever seen.3 She’s the kindest person I’veever met.4 It’s the most frightening bookI’ve ever read.5 It’s the worst restaurant we’veever been to.6 It’s the most unusual musicI’ve ever heard.7 That’s the best bargain I’veever found.8 It’s the most encouragingreport she’s ever had.9 It’s the quietest place we’veever lived.5Ca 1 enough vegetables2 come to see us enough3 much4 much too busy5 too many6 too quiet7 enough time8 too muchb 1 too much2 too many3 enough4 too5 too many6 enough7 too much8 too manyFile 66Aa 1 We won’t expect you untilthis evening.2 I think you’ll enjoy the film.3 Will you be home for tea?4 She won’t want to leavewithout saying goodbye.5 Will the house be easy tofind?6 We’ll be able to find what weneed here.7 I promise I’ll be ready ontime.8 Will tomorrow be a sunnyday?9 I’m sure there won’t be aproblem.10 You’ll be able to finish thatjob later.b 1 will walk2 will be3 will say4 will rain5 will … sing6Ba 1 E 5 I2 G 6 C3 F 7 D4 B 8 Ab 1 Shall I bring2 won’t understand3 Shall we play4 ’ll say5 ’ll provide6 won’t stay7 ’ll ask8 won’t know6Ca 1 Have2 didn’t3 Do4 Are5 will6 haven’t7 Has8 Were9 hasn’tb 1 don’t … go2 Do … mean3 ’ll need4 ’m5 ’ll be6 Have … visited7 took8 do … remember9 ’m lookingFile 77Aa 1 B 4 A2 E 5 D3 Fb 1 to make2 to climb3 not to know4 to have5 to iron6 to arrive7 not to burn7Ba 1 growing2 running3 flying4 painting5 Coming6 being7 crossing8 writingb 1 replying2 falling3 to stop4 Walking5 to watch6 paying7 to say8 waiting7Ca 1 have to2 has to3 don’t have to4 have to5 have to6 has to7 have to8 Does … have tob 1 ?2 don’t have to3 ?4 must5 Must6 ?7 don’t have to8 don’t have toenglish file INTERMEDIATE third edition Entry Checker answer key ? oxford university press 4File 88Aa 1 shouldn’t2 should3 should4 shouldn’t5 should6 shouldn’t7 should8 shouldn’tb 1 should open2 shouldn’t expect3 should make4 shouldn’t stay5 shouldn’t wait6 should use7 should have8 shouldn’t leave8Ba 1 B 4 C2 D 5 G3 F 6 Ab 1 don’t hurry, ’ll miss2 will die, don’t get3 ’ll … be, leave4 don’t phone, ’ll think5 put, ’ll … forget6 will take, go7 are, ’ll be able8 won’t have, read9 passes, ’ll … go8Ca 1 my2 your3 mine4 Yours5 ours6 my, hers7 their8 your9 hersb 1 his2 their3 yours4 us5 your6 my7 ours8 mineFile 99Aa 1 G 4 C2 E 5 A3 F 6 Bb 1 drove, would arrive2 posted, wouldn’t receive3 learnt, wouldn’t need4 would tell, was5 had, would take6 Would … prefer, could7 would have, decided8 wouldn’t want, invited9 Would … leave, got10 Would … see, travelled9Ba 1 How long has she been adoctor?2 How long has your friendlived in Argentina?3 How long has your house hadair conditioning?4 How long have you been onthis course?5 How long have they ownedtheir house?6 How long has Simon been aflight attendant?7 How long has Ireland been arepublic?8 How long has she knownabout her illness?b 1 She’s been a doctor since2001.2 She’s lived there for five years.3 Our house has had airconditioning since lastOctober.4 I’ve been on this course forone term5 They’ve owned it for tenyears.6 He’s been a flight attendantsince he left school.7 It’s been a republic since1949.8 She’s known about it forsome time.9Ca 1 He got2 We’ve lived3 I sold4 My brother came5 has come6 a celebrity opened7 they sent8 have beenb 1 has she gone, She left2 Have you brought, I forgot,Have you got, I remembered3 have you lived, We moved,You wereFile 1010Aa 1 is considered2 are sent3 are not allowed4 was delayed5 hasn’t been seen6 was left7 has … been told …’s beengiven8 was given9 aren’t expected to10 was lockedb 1 The beautiful Pietá in StPeter’s Basilica was made byMichelangelo.2 Passengers waiting forflights at Munich Airport areentertained by non-stop films.3 The clothes of many famouspeople were designed byOssie Clark.4 Designer shoes were stolenfrom Swedish shops by amystery thief.5 Bob Marley’s first guitar wasbought for him by his father.6 Bridget Jones’s Diary waswritten by Helen Fielding in1996.7 The Grainger family’s boatwas struck by a huge wave.8 Brilliant inventions areproduced by the mostunexpected people.10Ba 1 He didn’t use to wear smartclothes.2 He used to play sports.3 He didn’t use to wear glasses.4 He used to have more hair.5 He didn’t use to wear a jacket.english file INTERMEDIATE third edition Entry Checker answer key ? oxford university press 5b 1 We used to go to the seasideon Easter Monday.2 Did your parents use to have ahouse in Spain?3 We didn’t use to like lobster,but we do now.4 I used to think Abba were thegreatest band.5 She used to drive a smallercar.6 She didn’t use to have suchgood neighbours as she doesnow.7 If you didn’t use to think that,why have you changed yourmind?8 Did you use to go to college?9 I used to worry a lot aboutwork.10 People used to look up phonenumbers in a book, but nowthey often use the Internet.10Ca 1 G 5 D2 H 6 A3 E 7 I4 C 8 Bb 1 might have to replace it.2 might wear my jeans.3 might be late.4 might not enjoy it.5 might order some wine.6 might not see the sun all day.File 1111Aa 1 into 5 from, towards2 under 6 through, from3 along 7 up4 under 8 roundb 1 across 5 in2 up 6 under/on3 through 7 on4 at11Ba 1 ?2 send money to her parents3 fell off the table4 into the bank5 ?6 away from home7 text the number to me8 goes out every morning9 send off that parcel10 A birthday present has comefrom my auntb 1 them in2 it on3 it out4 them over5 it up6 them on7 it up11Ca 1 did 6 was2 do 7 will3 have 8 did4 do 9 am5 could 10 canb 1 So do I. 5 Neither do I.2 So am I. 6 So am I.3 Neither do I. 7 Neither did I.4 So can I. 8 So do I.File 1212Aa 1 E 4 G2 F 5 A3 B 6 Cb 1 got, had thrown2 went, forgot3 had been closed4 couldn’t, was, or had beenlocked5 arrived, realized, had lost6 didn’t come, hadn’t finished7 had stopped, started12Ba 1 were the best band she’d everseen2 was going to polish thefurniture today3 were sorry but they couldn’tcome with us4 had moved to a new house5 what I would like for mybirthday6 knew a lot of French studentsb 1 I haven’t looked it up on theInternet yet2 We’ll see you on Tuesday3 We’re going to watch TV allevening4 I would like to visit Greece5 I don’t like spicy food6 We’ve missed the train7 I want to apologise12Ca 1 gave2 does she intend3 Do you think4 did you say5 goes6 brought7 did he buyb Example: Fernando Alonso1 When did Belgium join theEU? (In 1957)2 Who painted Mr and MrsClark and Percy? (DavidHockney)3 Which airport has a rooftopswimming pool? (Singapore)4 Who played the maincharacter in the TV series,House M.D.? (Hugh Laurie)5 Which designer created theNike logo?(Carolyn Davidson, anAmerican student)6 When did England beatAustralia in the Rugby WorldCup? (In 2003)A001607