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BAAS 326 Technology Techniques and Solutions Syllabus … - excel chapter 3 capstone exercise

BAAS 326 Technology Techniques and Solutions Syllabus …-excel chapter 3 capstone exercise

BAAS 326 Technology Techniques and Solutions
Syllabus - Fall, 2016
Course Title: Technology Techniques and Solutions
Instructor: Mrs. Tina Lancaster
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: Tina.Lancaster@tamuc.edu
Preferred method of communication: Email
Communicaton Response Time: within 24 hours
Required Materials: You can purchase your access code and eText through
the bookstore or at MyITLab.com for instant access, recommended.
To purchase for instant access and to register with Pearson, view this video:
Student Course Access Code: MyITLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card --
for Exploring with Office 2013
MaryAnne Poatsy, Montgomery County Community College
ISBN-10: 0133775070
ISBN-13: 9780133775075
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2014
Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013. You can Google this and find it on many
sites for price comparisons, I bought it here:
The syllabus/schedule are subject to change.
Note, the Home and Student Editions aren't much cheaper and do not include all
the Add-Ins necessary for this course.
You CANNOT use Office 365, Open Office or any edition other than Office Pro
Plus 2013.
THIS IS REQUIRED and you are urged to order ASAP.
You CAN START simulation activities within the eCourse without this,
so DO NOT wait to get started.
Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to prepare students to creatively use industry
standard software. More than an introduction to these tools, this course will delve
deeper into the more intermediate skills necessary for today's managers. Students
will not only focus on using the basics of the software, but will also develop
products using the software. This course also prepares the student to take the
Microsoft Office Specialist Exam in Excel 2013.
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate Advanced Skills of Microsoft Excel
Demonstrate the ability to use technology tools to accurately analyze data
Microsoft Specialist Certification in Excel 2013. There will be a link for
purchasing exam vouchers within the course syllabus. The exam will NOT be
given through the University; however, this course's purpose is to prepare you for
The eCourse is offered via Pearson Higher Ed. I have prepared the course for
you, but after the first week, we will not be working in eCollege, but rather from the
eCourse site.
Go to http.www.myitlab.com.
Register and create a Login.
Enter your access code:
Enroll in a course. The course ID to use is:
Section 01W: lancaster75855
Section 02W: lancaster88996
Section 03W: lancaster79253
The syllabus/schedule are subject to change.
Once you're enrolled in the course and enter it, you'll see a Student Getting
Started screen. PLEASE go through all of this! The eCourse is nicely set up, but it
will be foreign to you and you'll need the help in this document. Be sure and do
this because we'll be moving through the material quickly! Once you have gone
through and read the Getting Started Guide, return to the home screen and Set Up
MyITLab. If you have problems with the site go to:
After you do the Academic Honesty Policy and Student Introduction in eCollege,
you should enter your ecourse from myitlab.com the course materials on the left.
You will find the data files you need in the Notes to Student Data files. It will take
you to a separate website where you can download all the files at once, or just the
ones you need at the time. IMPORTANT: When you save your documents that will
be uploaded for grading, be SURE to use the filename given in the instructions.
Throughout the course, you are given many activities, all of which are graded, but
don't count toward your course grade. You are encouraged to go through all
activities and ALL Student Resources. There are videos, practice, simulations,
and readings, etc. All there to assist you. This is not Excel at the beginner level;
you are preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam. You will need to use all
the resources at your disposal.
IMPORTANT You cannot successfully complete this course unless you work on it
EVERYDAY. There are a large number of activities, videos, simulations, etc. to
help you learn the material and they will all be necessary for you to complete the
assignments. So DO NOT wait until the due dates to start. It will be difficult for
you to finish the assignments only on the due date. Work on everything every day.
The course assignments and due dates are listed below.
Pay attention to the due dates, which are also found on the calendar of your
course, as I don't take late work; Capstone Exercises will CLOSE at
midnight on the due date and will not be opened again for ANY reason. The
same is true of Quizzes. You will find your average score in the gradebook
for ALL activities. The custom view of the gradebook shows you the quiz
grades and the capstone activities grades, but doesn't give you an average,
therefore, I'll be manually entering those grades in the gradebook in
eCollege for your review. Be patient. I have to do this manually.
Within each chapter are Grader Activities that will be automatically graded
when submitted; the only ones of these that will be counted toward your
grade are the Capstone and Quizzes. You may submit the Capstone
Exercise up to 3 times to achieve the highest score possible.
The other exercises are assigned within the eCourse and you are
encouraged to go through each of the Simulation and Grader Activities.
The syllabus/schedule are subject to change.