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Family Reunion Checklist - family reunion planning checklist pdf

Family Reunion Checklist-family reunion planning checklist pdf

Family Reunion Checklist
12 Months prior
(Make these decisions before leaving your reunion) Planning in advance will increase the
odds that more people will be able to attend the reunion, which translates into more fun for
everyone. By booking early, you can most likely secure better rates and/or reserve your
preferred hotel or retreat site, flights and other travel arrangements. Most campgrounds and
parks can be booked a year in advance.
Set date
The best of all situations is to hold your family reunion at the
same time every year. Choose a holiday such as Memorial Day
or Labor Day or a weekend such as the third weekend in
August etc. Finally, stick to your decision. Changing dates
mid-stream can create a huge amount of additional work.
Choose location
Aim for a family reunion location that is most accessible and affordable to the
majority of people you want to attend. If family members are
located in one area, then select a reunion location that's
nearby. If everyone is scattered, then choose a central
location to help cut down on travel expenses. Most locations
will need to be reserved a year in advance, campgrounds,
hotels and conference centers, cruises, condos, resorts and
parks etc.
If possible arrange an on site inspection of your family reunion site. You will be able
to check out your reunion site amenities and recognize challenges you may need to
plan around. At a campground or park, check for fire pits, covered bowery or
picnic tables and benches. If your site is a hotel or condo you will be able to assess
for yourself banquet facilities, room amenities, meeting room sizes and cleanliness of
the location.
Contact local hotels and reserve blocks of rooms for out of town visitors
Choose a reunion theme
Creating a theme for a family reunion is a great way to interest people and make them
more likely to attend. It also makes things more fun when it comes to being
imaginative with food, games, activities, invitations and just about every other aspect
of the reunion. Family history themes are especially popular, as are family reunions
which celebrate a very special family member's birthday or anniversary, or the
family's cultural heritage.
Compile a list of family members and update mailing and email lists
A clipboard with a list of family names can be passed around during the family
reunion. Family members can make corrections and add new emails and address to
the list. Be sure and assign a family member to be in charge of this list.
9 months Prior
Make final reservations--remember that some family members will have to cancel,
and others may decide to show up at the last minute.
Schedule events and activities that require advance registration or booking
Make contact with family members by email to keep them up to date on family
reunion plans. Encourage email contacts to help spread the word.
6 Months Prior
Have planning meeting either on phone or in person with committee chairmen/ make
Send "save the date" cards or emails- include cost per person or family and
what is included in the ticket price, if you are charging admission fees.
Inform of any fundraising activities you will be having- such as a family
auctions so that family members can be preparing items for donation.
Confirm reservations
Make final decisions
3 Months Prior
Make special assignments such as activities and games , so volunteers have time to
prepare and purchase supplies for their assignment
Order souvenirs, T-shirts etc.
2 Months Prior
Send detailed schedule and assignments
Directions on how to get to the family reunion site.
Date, time, and location of the reunion.
Remind family members to bring their fund raising donations
Remind family members of assignments
Gave a confirmation call to caters, photographers etc.
Start purchasing non-perishable items: dry goods, decorations, supplies, etc. Watch for
sales to get the best prices.
1 Month Prior
Review final details with family reunion committee
Confirm with relatives who are bringing food or other supplies.
Contact restaurants or caterers with a final guest count if necessary.
Order any products or supplies that must be delivered to assure timely delivery.
Week Before
Get chairs, tables, grills and other items
Buy last-minute decorations and supplies and perishable items
Make final preparations such as signs and welcome banners.
Day Of Family Reunion
Set up and decorate family reunion site
Post flyers with family reunion schedule for family to reference
Welcome family members as they arrive at your family reunion

How to start a family reunion? Your backyard. Do you have a big yard or even a couple of acres with a shed? ... A public park. Many parks have shelters or even party facilities that you can reserve and some are free. ... Your church basement. ... Your local American Legion hall or a similar venue. ... A hotel, resort or restaurant. ...