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Minutes: MNIT Meet & Confer - federal loan forgiveness program

Minutes: MNIT Meet & ConferDate: 11/2/2022Attendees: Jed Becher, Rachel Dopson, Brian Fitch, Shawna Hennek, Yia Her, Lyz Martin, Andi Morris, Greg Naumann, Ray Phipps, Tyrone Plunkett, Axelina Swenson, Chad Thuet, Shanna VahIntroductions & HousekeepingKassie Church has moved to a supervisor position with MNIT @ RevenueNew team members will be joining in the new year: Patrick Pueringer (MNIT @ State Patrol) and KB Brietzke (MNIT @ DHS)Lyz Martin is back as the MAPE Business Agent assisting the team – Frank Cave-LaCoste has been reassignedAgenda ItemsBA/PM Certification RequirementsThank you for seeking feedback from BAs/PMs as well as supervisors/managersManagement offered their thanks for working together on this topicStudent Loan ReimbursementReason for the pause?Impacted by the federal student loan relief plan and the Public Student Loan Forgiveness program.Over $100,000 in reimbursement dollars have been dispersed. Looking to be wise with the finite amount of money available.There are recruiting incentives and referral bonuses available – have yet to have a successful referral bonus.MNIT had 49/61 reimbursements – want to understand why business partners are not providing approvals at the same rate.Any idea how long the pause will last?Unknown at this timeOn-Call PayWould like a refresh of data from last round of supplemental negotiationsAxelina will provide the data points received in the last round of negotiations so the data points can be updated – send to Yia Her.Supplemental NegotiationsWe do intend on engaging with management on supplemental negotiationsRachel Dopson will be the point of contact for MNIT management. Andi Morris will be the point of contact for MAPE.Preference from both sides is in-person bargaining with a remote option as well.Work out of ClassWould it be possible to post work out of class opportunities?Could this maybe be handled similarly to the resource sharing procedure?This topic was brought up by MAPE after the agenda was originally sent to management. Management will follow up after discussing with other team membersUpdates from ManagementResource sharing pilotGoing well. Thanks to Axelina for her contributions.Have announced 4 opportunities with interest in at least 1.First agreement is in place to fulfill one of the opportunities.Good feedback, which is important for a pilot.Performance appraisal review projectLast updated form in 2016. Came forward in Equity Change Plan committee.Reached out to 10-11 MNIT staff who were involved in the process last time.Across all bargaining units and plans as well as individual contributors.Sought diversity in terms of positions, BIPOC, gender, and location in order to be representative of MNIT.Collective effort – final decisions will be made by the Executive Steering Team.Improving a process that seems to work pretty well.Highlight new policiesIntranet site has changed (there were announcements about changes).Grievance procedure has been updated (formerly called a Grievance Policy for Managers and Supervisors). Largely clarifying in nature but would welcome feedback.Updated Alcohol & Drug Use Policies – statewide policiesResource sharing procedure discussed earlier – MAPE employees are included in the tacticSuccessful Lunch & Learn sessionsIn August, over 300 attendees about Individual Development PlansIn September, over 100 attendees in Enterprise Skills InitiativeIn October over 125 attendees at a Security sessionAccessibility Team likes the sessions, but would like an accessibility focused session, a live session with ability to ask questions – Axelina will reach out to Casey Budke with feedbackRequired training reminderDue December 16thIf an employee is on leave when the deadline hits, HR works with the supervisor to get a calendar invite on the employee’s calendar once for after their return and work to make it a priority upon the employee’s return.Seniority roster is updated in November and May each year (by the end of the applicable month)

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