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When using data please quote the source - find a quote source

When using data please quote the source -find a quote source

When using data please quote the source:
"North Macedonia in Figures, 2022, page..."
North Macedonia in figures, 2022
Published by:
State Statistical Office
of the Republic of North Macedonia
Dame Gruev - 4, Skopje
tel./+389 2/3295 600
fax/+389 2/3111 336
P.O.Box 506
ISSN 1409 - 665X
Person responsible:
Apostol Simovski - Acting Director
Printed by the:
30 copies printed
62 pages
2 State Statistical Office
Dear users,
This is the latest issue of "North Macedonia in Figures", a statistical narrative about the
demographic and socio-economic situation in the country.
Starting with the general and regional statistics, population and social statistics, followed
by data on the economy, finance, income, expenditure and prices, as well as statistics
on agriculture, industry, construction, energy and trade, the statistical review continues
with data on transport, tourism and business entities.
Although small in size, this publication contains a variety of statistics and information
from the statistical surveys, organised into tables, charts and maps. Presented in this
manner, the statistics are easy to understand and use.
We expect this content-rich, pocket edition to find wide application in society and to
be a useful guide in everyday work.
Acting Director,
Apostol Simovski
June 2022
North Macedonia in Figures 3

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