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First Time Home Buyer Checklist - first time home buyer checklist pdf

First Time Home Buyer Checklist -first time home buyer checklist pdf

Home Buyer Unfortunately, some home sellers take shortcuts to cover
up damage and make temporary repairs. Consult this list
to thoroughly inspect a potential new home.
Always have a professional inspect these important areas:
?? Well & Pump ?? Roof ?? Ventilation ?? Electrical ?? Septic System
?? HVAC System ?? Attic & Insulation ?? Plumbing ?? Pest/Termites ?? Chimney
Property Inspection Checklist
Location, Location, Location Questionable Landscaping
Will you need four-wheel drive to get up your driveway? Are there trees that will require removal?
Is the home under a major flight path from a nearby airport? Are there lawn care requirements from the township or HOA?
Are there railroad tracks that run close to the home? Will hardscapes require any maintenance or repair?
Is there a creek or a river nearby that has ever flooded?
Exterior Lookouts
Ask About Utilities Are there any signs of water intrusion?
Does the home use natural gas, propane or electric? Does the home have gutters?
How much are heating and cooling bills? If not, is there good drainage away from the home?
Does water come from a well or the city? How old are the roof shingles?
Is there a water softening system? When was the last time the house was painted?
Can you access high-speed internet or cable television?
Interior Considerations
Suspicious Odors Are the interior walls drywall or plaster?
Have any pets lived in the home? How well is the house insulated and where?
Are there mold or mildew problems? Are the windows in fair shape? Are they energy efficient?
Plumbing & Waste Management Was lead paint ever used?
Does the home use holding tanks, a septic field or a sewer? Future Upgrades
When were the holding tanks or septic field last pumped? Are you allowed to build a garage or home additions?
Where are the tanks and could there be a potential issue? Could you retro-fit A/C to a house that doesn't have it?
How are trash and recycling handled? Are you allowed to have a sauna or hot tub?
Is there a history of clogged sewer lines? Can you plant a garden?
Can you paint your home whatever color you want?
There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a home for the first time. If you're
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