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fixed index annuity - fixed indexed deferred annuity

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MNL Endeavor? 12
fixed index annuity
Grow and protect your nest egg
through retirement ups and downs
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Growth and
protection no
matter the market's
Wherever your retirement endeavors will take you, you'll need to make the most of your
hard-earned income by putting your savings to work for you. And any time your nest
egg takes a hit, you know there's more work for it - and for you - to do.
What if you could guarantee your savings never decreases due to a market
downswing while still participating in a portion of the market's upside potential?
That's a promise of
MNL Endeavor? 12
from Midland National?
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Know the lingo What sets
Key terms to help you understand how
your annuity works MNL Endeavor 12
An annuity represents a simple promise. It's an
insurance contract. For your money and the apart?
time you leave it with us, we promise to offer
both growth potential and downside protection MNL Endeavor 12 is a deferred, flexible-
from market drops. In explaining the fine details,
though, you might see some terms that are premium, fixed index annuity.
new to you. Look for boxes like this if you run
into a word you'd like to better understand. The value will grow at a rate based on the fixed or
index account (or index accounts) you choose. Index
accounts are tied to market performance, but they are
not an actual investment in the stock market. We'll
+ go more in depth in the "how your value can grow"
In other words, you'll get credit for some of the
market's growth in up times. In down times, when the
market sees zero gains or actually loses value, your
premium will never be at risk of decreasing due to
those losses.
29724Y | REV 1-20 3

What's the best deferred annuity for You? Index deferred annuities may be the best of both worlds in terms of payment growth. Their returns are based on some market index, like the S&P 500. When the market does well, your money grows more and when the market does poorly, you earn less. If that sounds a lot like a variable annuity, you're right.


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