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Who can request passwords and programs to reset laptops - forgot admin password windows 10

Laptops for ChildrenFactory Re-Set InstructionsWho can request passwords and programs to reset laptops ?Each laptop will have a unique local admin password which will be needed to reset devices and install new software. An executable program is also required to unlock BIOS settings. For security reasons only the nominated technical contact of the school or education establishment receiving the laptops is able to request this information. About Cisco Umbrella and Microsoft IntuneCisco Umbrella is a web-filtering solution pre-installed on laptops that prevents users from accessing illegal or inappropriate content. Microsoft Intune is a mobile device management solution installed on the laptops to prevent users from making changes, such as removing security settings and installing software. It‘s not possible to tailor the pre-installed settings to meet local needs. You may find you can make changes, such as installing additional software, but these changes may be overwritten by Intune when it next updates the laptop. The only way you can add your own long-term settings to the laptop is by restoring it to its original state, removing Microsoft Intune and Cisco Umbrella. Bitlocker encryption has not been enabled on the laptops to make it easier for you to reimage them. We recommend adding these settings when you reset them to protect the data that users store on laptops. If you remove the pre-installed settings provided by DfE, it’s your responsibility to set up alternative safeguarding measures to avoid risks to the children and young people in your care.How to reset Microsoft devices so you can add your own software and settingsTo install your own software or replace Cisco Umbrella and Microsoft Intune you’ll need to restore factory settings on the laptops. This will remove all of the security and protection features on the device.2. Restore your device’s factory settingsYou must ensure the laptop is connected to power throughout this process.Boot the laptop and login to the local admin accounta. Laptop boots into localuserb. Logout of localuserc. Login as the local admin user:.\localadmind. Enter the local admin password for that laptop, supplied by the Central Admin support teamEnable the recovery partitiona. Run the cmd application “as administrator”b. Enable the recovery partition using the command: reagentc /enablec. The output should say: “Operation Successful”d. Check the partition status using the command: reagentc /infoe. The partition should now be: “Enabled”Unlock the device BIOSa. Follow the instructions provided by Central Admin support team which will be correct for your device type. This usually includes running a program “as administrator” which removes password protection from the BIOS and enables network and USB boot options, but please refer to instructions from the Central Admin support team.Logout with “change user” to get to the login screena. Hold <shift> and click on the power icon and then “restart”b. The laptop should enter a “Troubleshoot” menuc. Select “reset this PC”d. Select “remove everything”e. If the above sequence doesn’t work then you should be able to enter recovery mode using the relevant key combination for the laptop manufacturer at bootHP: press F9 keyASUS: press F9 key “continuously”Lenovo: press FN+F11 keys at the same timeDynabook (Toshiba): press and hold 0 (zero) keyThe laptop should reboot into “Reset this PC”a. Select “No – remove provisioning packages...”b. Select “Clean the drive fully”c. Select “reset” to confirm3. Install your own softwareYou can install your own software, settings and MDM once the device has been reset. If you need help setting up your MDM or have any questions, please contact the Central Admin support team by emailing LaptopsforChildren@birmingham.gov.uk

How do I retrieve my Forgotten Password? Use the Find My iPhone app Open the Find My iPhone app. When a Sign In screen appears, make sure the Apple ID field is empty. If you see someone else's user name, erase it. Tap Forgot Apple ID or Password, then follow the onscreen steps.