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Worksheet: Word Processing and Spreadsheets - free customizable spreadsheet to print

Worksheet: Word Processing and Spreadsheets
(using Word and Excel)

1. Creating a Spreadsheet: Open Excel. When you open the program, a new, empty spreadsheet will be ready for you to work on. Enter the data in cells B2 through D7 as shown immediately below. You will have to add formulas in the columns E and F. Cell E3. highlighted in the figure below, uses an if statement to compute wages at time and a half, if the person has worked more than 40 hours. Column F computes the value in column E times (l+Tax Rate) The tax rate is stored in cell E9 (and should probably be referenced with the absolute address $E$9).


2. Formatting a spreadsheet and pasting it into a word processing document: The figure below shows the same spreadsheet being formatted. Add borders as appropriate, format numbers as currency, and make bold cells. Most of this formatting can be done from the Format/Cells menu. Once the spreadsheet has been formatted to your liking, select cells B2 through F9. Copy out these cells and paste into your word processor. Of course, make sure that you have open the correct word processed document for your memo, so that it is ready to receive this table.


3. Creating a Chart and Pasting it into a word processed document: Creating a chart may be a bit tricky until you get used to it. Select the Chart Wizard on the tool bar to start the process. You will need to highlight a body of text that will give the data to the charting wizard. In this case, I am going to set up a pie chart. Note that I have hidden columns C through E so that they will not show in the charting process. (You can do this by selecting Format/Column/Hide) Follow the steps in the wizard to set up the final chart to be pasted into your document.


4. Creating your final Word Processed document: The final document is created using a regular word processor. Play around with your fonts and formatting so that your final document looks much the same as the version on the final page of this worksheet.

Workforce Analysis Unit
Department of State’s Business

117 State Street Phone (222) 345-6789
Capitol City 14450 Fax (222) 345-7788
To: The Boss
From Little Ole Me
Subject: Analysis of Workforce Data

• I have completed an analysis of the workforce data that you requested. I have entered our basic payroll data in a spreadsheet and worked it up with formulas. My basic analysis of who is getting paid how much is provided in the table immediately below:

Breakdown of Wages Paid by Employee

|Name |Hours Worked |Hourly Wages |Total Wages |Wages with Tax |
|Andersen |37 |$8.00 |$296.00 |$346.32 |
|Rohrbaugh |42 |$11.00 |$473.00 |$553.41 |
|Faerman |12 |$16.00 |$192.00 |$224.64 |
|Wyckoff |54 |$8.00 |$488.00 |$570.96 |
|Richardson |23 |$10.00 |$230.00 |$269.10 |

• The same information can be displayed graphically as shown in the following chart:

Wages by Employee

• If you have any further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Directly edited data (shaded).

The formula would be

Highlighted area.

Select the Chart Wizard here.

Wizard Dialog Box will take you through the chart building steps.

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