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Thank you for ordering from Label Outfitters, Inc.
We appreciate your business and are happy to help you in any way that we can to accomplish your printing project. Below are a few suggestions on getting started with your project and answers to some common questions.

Download and use a Microsoft Word template.
Almost every label on our website has a template available for Microsoft Word. If you go to our website at www.labeloutfitters.com you can click on the tab in the top left of your screen marked Templates and select the template that matches the SKU# on your package. If you do not see a file for your label or your SKU# number, email us directly and we will provide one for you at sales@labeloutfitters.com.

When you first open the file you might not see anything.
Most versions of MSWord have the lines of the template auto-hidden. In your page layout under gridlines, you should have the option to select “View Gridlines” To turn the layout on so you can see it. It is still there if you cannot, but it can be easier to use if you can see the printing area.
These instructions can change depending on which software year of MS Word you are using, so email us if you have any questions or cannot find your instructions on the internet.

On more difficult labels use the dieline layout as a guide.
For circles, ovals and other shapes, behind the template is a piece of art that shows you where the circles and ovals are on the page, be sure to delete the guide artwork before you print your labels. Select the background image in the top left corner of the screen and hit backspace or delete to remove.

Oversize your artwork if you want to print-to-edge.
If you want your art to take up the entire label all the way to the edge, you will need to format the picture and put it “behind text,” and then resize it so it is about 1/8th of an inch larger than the actual label you are printing on.

Change the paper type in the printing preferences for specialty paper.
While for most of our products you can simply hit print and move on, several types of material require an extra step before printing. If you’ve purchased any heavier material than a plain label such as Laser Foil, Laser Neon, Laser Vinyl, Card Stock or Recycled Brown Kraft then you will want to change the paper type in your printing preferences before printing.
Depending on your printer brand the instructions will vary slightly, you will be looking for a drop down box in the printer preferences marked “Paper Type” or “Media Type.” Change the setting from unspecified/plain paper to Label, Heavy Gloss, or Cardstock, to get the printing results you want.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-419-2466 or sales@labeloutfitters.com

How to make your own candle labels? Your label should have the following: Name of the product (“Soy Candle”, “Candle”) The net weight in ounces and grams (weight of the wax, not container) Business Name (Your Name) Means to contact you directly or indirectly (I use my website address, my info is there) Warnings or Alerts