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Printable Housewarming Game - fun housewarming games

Printable Housewarming Game-fun housewarming games

How Well Do You Know Us? - A Housewarming Q & A Game
Look around our new home, test your knowledge, and see if you come up with
the right answers to the questions below.
1. What's a kitchen appliance we use every morning? ___________________________
2. What's our favorite place to lounge at the end of a long day? ___________________
3. What's our house number? ______________________________
4. Name a new piece of furniture in our home. _________________________________
5. What's the music genre we listen to the most? ________________________
6. What's our favorite drink? ______________________________
7. What's the color of the front door? ________________________________________
8. What's our favorite snack? __________________________________________
9. How many windows are there? ___________________________________________
10. What's the model name of our car? ______________________________
11. What's our favorite brand of soap? ______________________________
12. What is the most used item on our nightstand? _____________________________
13. What did we have for dinner last night? ___________________________________
14. Name a food we like to eat for breakfast. __________________________________
15. How many closets are there? ___________________________________________
16. What's our decorating style? ______________________________
17. How large is the property? _____________________________________________
18. How many computers and tablets do we own? _____________________________
19. What color is our roof? ________________________________________________
20. Name something in our junk drawer. _____________________________________