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ICE BREAKER CONVERSATION STARTERS - The Josh … - good conversation starters for texting

ICE BREAKER CONVERSATION STARTERS - The Josh …-good conversation starters for texting

Instantly build a connection with anyone
you talk to so you can feel confident and
comfortable in the present moment.
Created by The Josh Speaks
Starting a conversation with someone for the
very first time can be incredibly hard to do.
I know what that's like because I've been there before, but hopefully with
the conversation starters in this guide you'll be able to ease right into
building an instant connection with the person you're talking to.
Heya playa, my name is Josh from the YouTube channel The Josh Speaks.
I am a motivational speaker on YouTube who aims to teach the values of
confidence, mindfulness and compassion to teens and young adults.
My goal is to help you be your best self.
I know you have what it takes to
master the art of conversation.
Everything is small steps so as you try
out the 20 ice breaker conversation
starters in this guide, be open to
learning what works and what doesn't
work for you.
Never forget that as you learn and
grow, you can be somebody great.
As always, love & peace.
The Josh
Learning more about a person's likes and dislikes can tell you A
LOT about them. Each and every person is unique in their own
way, and these conversation starters are a great way to quickly
learn the similarities and differences between the two of you.
Quick Tip: With all of these questions, a good natural way to keep the conver-
sation going is to ask them for any recommendations. This will allow you two
to go deeper into the things you like in a very natural and honest way.

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