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013398500VERSION CONTROLRESEARCH DATA TEAM, UNIVERSITY LIBRARY010414000Version control is important for research accountability. It enables you to know which version of a dataset is the most recent, or which version was used to conduct a specific analysis or generate a visualisation. Version control may be required:when there are multiple users updating a datasetwhen a dataset is updated in multiple locationswhen multiple copies of a dataset are developed for different purposes.Naming VersionsSome version control practices require each new version of the dataset to be saved separately and given a new file name. You should choose a file naming convention that will help you identify the different versions easily. Some details to consider using as part of a file naming convention for version control are:version number (e.g. v1, v2, v3 or 1.0, 1.1, 2.0)initials of the person who modified the data (e.g. JM, KMc, SC)date modified (e.g. 20160224)status (e.g. draft, revised, final)Version Control Table TemplateMuch of this information is better captured in a separate version control table, rather than as part of the file name. A version control table documents the edit history of your data. TitleDescriptionCreated ByDate CreatedMaintained ByVersion NumberModified ByModifications MadeDate ModifiedStatusOther Version Control ToolsVersion control can also be managed using other purpose-built tools, such as:versioning software, e.g. Git or Mercurialdocument management tools with automatic versioning, e.g. eNotebooks or Records Onlinefile syncing tools to automatically merge changes, e.g. CloudStor+ Sync Client or Folder Monitor