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Allergies, Hay Fever & Sinus Relief
Fast Solutions with Homeopathy
by Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C.
kind of inflammation or irritation of the sinuses. Acute sinusitis commonly follows a cold or al-
lergies and can last for up to three weeks, at which time it becomes defined as chronic.
AHomeopathy helps naturally overcome the underlying causes of sinus and allergy symptoms, with
no side effects, while the patient stays fresh and alert. It can provide fast and easy results for both
acute and chronic sinusitis.
Homeopathy activates our inner healing resources as it works bio-energetically upon the nervous
system to quickly correct nerve interferences where the hands ofthe chiropractor cannot. Results
can commonly occur as quickly as thirty seconds to three minutes. More resistant cases may take
a few days, particularly if the symptoms have been present for months or years. The time it takes
to naturally overcome symptoms may vary according to the overall health picture of an individual.
The most common symptoms of sinusitis are:
? pain in only one area, especially in the face or behind the nose, and throbbing in the ears. It is good for sinuses that have
eyes pus forming, as well as for pain in bones ofthe face.
? the sudden start of pain Histaminum is for dryness in the mucus membranes. It
? mucus-congestion in the nose is also helpful for "heavy" headaches that spread down the
? indigestion due to mucus overload front and back of the head into the temples and the nape of
' frequent and sometimes severe headaches the neck.
? pressure in the head that may be intense Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal) centers its action on
? Rinny nose and inflamed nasal passages mucous membranes. It is excellent for relief of profuse nasal
? post-nasal drip with discharge discharge and hawking up mucous. It relieves muscle pain in
? sore throat scalp and neck, as well as dull, pressing frontal head pain.
' loss of smell and taste Ignatis Amara (St. Ignatius Bean) is a powerfril remedy for
? bad breath from low grade infection pounding headaches and congestive headaches, and relieves
the cramp-like pain over the root ofthe nose and pain about
There are many official homeopathic remedies that are the eyes and eyelids. It relieves sore throats, stitches between
regularly used to activate the body's ability to overcome the swallowing, and tonsils that are inflamed and swollen, as well
debilitating symptoms of sinusitis and allergies. Some ofthe as dry, spasmodic coughs.
most universal homeopathic remedies used for relief of sinus Kali Bichromicum (Bichromate of Potash) is useful for
congestion, headaches and sinus pressure associated with vertigo with nausea when rising, for headaches over eyebrows
sinusitis, hay fever or upper respiratory allergies include (but preceded by blurred vision, frontal pain over one eye and sore-
are not iimited to) the following: ness of scalp. It also relieves pressure and pain at root of nose,
Apis Bellifica (Honey Bee) acts on mucous membranes and sticking pain in nose, thick and profuse discharge, inflamma-
rehcves heavy sensations in the back ofthe head as well as red, tion extending to frontal sinuses, hawking, inability to breathe
swollen, and burning, puffy eyelids. It helps with swelling in the through the nose, violent sneezing, and chronic inflammation
nose and face, as well as with the pain. As you might imagine, of frontal sinus with a stopped-up sensation.
this will also help clear the brain and raise energy levels. Lemna Minor (Duckweed) is effective for inflammation of
Baptisia Tinctoria (Wild Indigo) is useful for foreheads that the air passages ofthe head and throat, post-nasal dripping and
feel tight along with eyeballs and brains that feel sore. It helps pain from nostrils to ear. It also reduces nasal obstruction and
when eyelids feel heavy and sleepy or when there is confusion, dryness and helps restore the sense of smell.
a swimming feeling, vertigo and stupor. It helps alleviate pres- Mercurius Vivus (Quicksilver) is a great remedy for every
sure at the root ofthe nose. organ and tissue of the body. It provides relief from "band-
Coloeyathis (Bitter Cucumber) is great for frontal head- feeling" around the head, one-sided tearing pains, scalp tension,
aches, pain in eyeballs and facial pressure. It relieves the sharp, much heat in the head, swollen and red eyelids, sticking pains
boring pressure in the eyes. It also relieves tearing, shooting in ears and much sneezing. It relieves aching in facial bones,
pain and swelling of face. nosebleed at night, vertigo and congestive headaches.
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (Calcium Sulphide) centers Pulsatilla (Wind Flower) relieves stitching about head and
its action on sore nostrils, sneezing and running nose, inflamed pains extending to face and teeth; itching, burning eyes; loss of
and painful eyes and eyelids, pain in right temple and root of smell and taste. It is helpful for nasal congestion and pressing
40 I The American Chiropractor I MAY 2008 www.amchiropractorcom
pain at the root ofthe nose, as well as hearing difficulty and ing. tinnitus and vertigo. It is for chronic mucus discharge
facial pain. and dryness of nasal cavities, as well as painful pressure at the
Rhus Toxicodendron (Poison Ivy) relieves heavy head, root of the nose.
sensitive scalp, headache that is painful to touch, irritated or
red and swollen eyes and painful ears, sneezing, sore nose, Other homeopathic formulas may be necessary to address all
mucus discharge, bones sensitive to touch, facial pain, sore the underlying causes. Homeopathy is based on the law of simi-
throat with swollen glands, and sticking pains in throat while lars. Look for formulas that relate to your patients" symptomatic
swallowing. patterns. In addition, there are homeopathic detox fonnulas that
Sabadilla (Cevadilla Seed) acts on the mucous membrane can be involved in chronic cases. Homeopathy can be safely and
ofthe nose and hay fever symptoms. It relieves red and bum- effectively combined with chiropractic, nutritional and herbal
ing eyes, spasmodic sneezing, running nose, inflammation of products and conventional drugs and procedures.
the nasal mucous membranes and profuse discharge from the After 30 years of clinical practice and research in home-
nostrils. It is also good for the relief of sore throat and phlegm, opathy, I have shifted away from the classical single remedy
vertigo, oversensitivity to odors., heat in head and face, and approach and become more a believer in properly fonnulated
hands and feet that feel icy cold with chill. combinations and multi-potency homeopathic products.
Thuja Occidentalis (Arbor Vifae) is a great remedy for Many new homeopathic formulas include muitiple ingre-
inflammation ofthe ear marked by pain, fever, difficult hear- dients in a variety of strengths so that the user experiences a
synergistic effect of the total formula.
Use is far easier as well; traditional al-
Add NUTRITIOfJ cohol tinctures or sugar-based tablets do
not aftbrd the versatility of sprays and
highly therapeutic value of both the oral
To Yout Practicel and topical application. With a spray ap-
plication, there is no opening or closing,
spillage, measuring, or contamination,
not to mention the ease of one-handed
administration. Newer formulations take
"Having now also built a seven figure, all cash, nutrition advantage of a pure, water base, making
practice, this success has in turn given me the financial possible topical application, providing a
freedom to pursue those things in life that bring me and more individualized protocol for patients.
those close to me great satisfaction and joy!" They may use the exact method of appli-
cation (topical, oral, or both) to maximize
"I have utilized Dr. Ulan's and Dr. Brytvan's nutrition and therapeutic value.
practice management materials for over ten years now. The
information taught in their seminars has enabled me to Homeopathy works to activate the
become very successful doing the nutrition work that I love! body's natural innate ability to heal and
"Having now also buiit a seven figure, all cash, maintain vibrant health within our bodies.
nutrition practice, this success has in turn given me the Without the valuable components of ho-
ftnancial freedom to pursue those things in life that bring meopathy, other treatments {whether nu-
me and those close to me great satisfaction and joy! It is tritional or conventional) may not correct
pure pleasure to use the simple but profound fundamen- the malfunctions within the energetic and
tals taught by UNS and to see the amazing results. These j metabolic controi systems of our bodies.
basics carefully applied are the key to incredible patient Homeopathy equips us to go beyond the
results and tremendous personal satisfaction!" parameters of the biochemical realm of
Melodie Billiot, D.C, Marietta, 6A life and correct interferences within the
Alternative Health Improvement Center bioenergetic control systems of our body.
To begin or improve your It gives us the opportunity to experience
nutritional practice -- Call unprecedented high levels of health and
Frank J. King Jr.. ND. DC. is a
nutiomiity recognized researcher.
author and lecturer on homeopa-
thy. In addition. Dr. King is the
founder and director ofKing Bio.
an FDA registered homeopathie
manufacturing company dedicated to complet-
ing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of
mnBuuildtinrgitSioutcnesailluliNyuttrtiteiomnaltP,raItntitecs. Step-by-Step homeopathy. These procedures can be used
with any homeopathic company's product line
and are so ea^y^you can apply them in one day'.
Call King Bio, Ashevillc. NC, t-800-543-3245
or email drfking@kinghio. com. I
42 1 The American Chiropractor I MAY 2008 www.amchiropractor.com

What are some natural remedies for nasal allergies? Neti pots come with specific directions, but most work in a similar way: Fill the pot with a saline solution (made with warm, sterile water and salt). Lean over a sink and tilt your head sideways with your forehead and chin level (to avoid liquid flowing into your mouth). While breathing through your mouth, insert the spout of the neti pot into your upper nostril so that the liquid drains through the lower nostril. More items...