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Impact of YouTube Tutorials in Skill Development among …-how do i start a youtube channel

Pakistan Journal of Distance & Online Learning
Volume: V, Issue II, 2019, 125-138
Impact of YouTube Tutorials in Skill Development
among University Students of Lahore
Moneeba Iftikhar *
Sohail Riaz **
Zahid Yousaf***
YouTube is becoming part of popular culture. To explore this advanced
advent of technology in learning prospect, this study aims at finding the
popularity of the YouTube tutorials among youth, along with their
dependency on these videos and their usefulness. The focus of this
research paper is on learning skills by watching YouTube tutorial among
university students of Lahore, Pakistan. Software learning skills
development has been analyzed among the students of 18-22 years. The
respondents of the study were students of leading universities of Lahore.
Survey method has been used to gather data and statistical linear
regression analysis has been applied in order to test the hypothesis of the
study. Results conclude that there is overall a positive impact for skill
development on youth. YouTube tutorials help in understanding and
building software aptitude among youth. Further the results indicate that
tutorials may prove helpful in order to enhance students' academic
performance in the future.
Keywords: YouTube, Tutorial, Software Skills.
* Lecturer, Department of Mass Communication, Lahore College for Women University,
Lahore. Email: moneeba.iftikhar@lcwu.edu.pk
** Assistant Professor, COMSATS University, Lahore Campus, Pakistan.
Email: sohailri@gmail.com
*** Associate Professor, University of Gujrat, Pakistan. Email: zahid.yousaf@uog.edu.pk
Iftikhar, Riaz & Yousaf 126
Pachuri and Chauhdary (2011) defined "educational technology" as
collection of sources that are useful for the students in advancing their
knowledge and learning. It is subjected to the means of "technology".
The latest technological mediums supported by internet like Smartphone
and online and offline games are potential tools for learning that are
gaining attention. (p.1)
Pachuri (2011) stated, "E-Learning driven world is experiencing new
set of skills, (core generic and professional), to be included in the
prospective education to contribute at global scenario" (p.172). YouTube
is among the most used website on internet for video dissemination. It
has over a billion users and created a new room for digital profession.
Vloggers create channels providing the viewers an informal learning
environment and feasibility. Such feasibilities are utilized as "how-to-
tutorials" and gave rise to an emerging trend of learning through
YouTube tutorials (Bhatia, 2018, p. 82).
Nasir and Bargstad (2017) elaborated the importance of videos as
teaching tool as it has the potential to grab the attention of the learners
with visuals and motivate them (p. 1090). A "tutorial" is broadly defined
as a tool for providing information with easy tips to be followed and
learning by imitating the procedures as described. YouTube has "tens of
thousands" of tutorials in the video format with "how-to" scheme for
learning of use of hardware and software only (as cited in Nasir, 2017, p.
YouTube is in the top biggest online databases helpful to access the
video tutorials developed by and for the users on diverse topics. Many
foreign universities utilize YouTube videos for class room learning.
Seeking help through tutorials from YouTube is emerging in Pakistan as
well but this new trend has not been measured on research grounds.
YouTube is emerging as popular web 2.0 technology globally. Apart
from entertainment it is being used for education and learning purposes
as proposed by the study "Learning through YouTube" by J. Jacob
Jenkins and Patrick J. Dilon in 2014.
According to Joshua Hardwick "YouTube is the most viewed
website with more than 1.7 billion estimated monthly views from organic
search. Keeping that in view US population is 329 million, this means
every person in the US clicks on a YouTube result 5.19 times per month,
on average."
This study is aimed at observing YouTube's impact on university
students of Lahore for developing skills (software learning) among them
Impact of YouTube Tutorials in Skill Development... 127
through watching video tutorials. The study is carried out with objectives
Find out the popularity of these tutorials among youth.
Find out the dependency of youth on software learning tutorials available
on YouTube.
Find out the usefulness of software learning tutorials on YouTube for
The hypothesis for the study is;
H1: Students use YouTube for their educational needs.
H2: YouTube tutorials are developing software skills among students.
The study seeks to answer how much these tutorials are popular
among youth? How far watching a tutorial helps the students to develop
skill in that software? Do students rely more on YouTube tutorials than
classroom lecture? Do these tutorials help students in their academic
performance? And do YouTube tutorials help in developing
understanding about software?
Literature Review
YouTube has many vidoes about case teaching for the online
courses. The evaluations of the videos by 48 students progressed in
achieving "skills in working with other as a member of a team" and
"expressing my self orally or in writing", majority of them made
"exceptional progress" (Greena, 2018). A noteworthy number of learners
depend on "YouTube" for finding the solution to their problems and
questions related to study (Moghavvemi, 2018).
The creation of video tutorials is based on planning, creating,
publishing, promoting, assessment, writing a clear script, limiting tutorial
to 1-2 minute (Davis, 2017). "Verbal instructions" are the source of
directions for the workers to do something practically and "video
instructions" eliminate the possibilities of inadequacies in work with a
simple to understand "how-to" design that is a better instructional
method (Nasir, 2017).
Technology has also assisted the domain of education for the
creation of educational messages and their disseminaton through internet
for self driven learning purposes (Chintalapati, 2017). There are different
Web 2.0 tools to be used for learning. LibGuides and/or YouTube
provide instructions to users in academic libraries (Kentonb, 2016).
YouTube videos engage more students, provide better understanding and
satisfaction for student's sensitivity of learning ability (Buzzetto, 2015).

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