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How Old Do I Have To Be in New Brunswick? - PLEIS-NB - how old are you quiz

How Old Do I Have To Be in New Brunswick? - PLEIS-NB-how old are you quiz

How Old Do I Have To Be in New Brunswick?
A quiz for youth. Circle the correct answers.
1 To buy alcohol? 2 3 To get a licence
A.17 B.18 C.19 D.20
To drop out to drive a car? 4 To marry?
of school?
A.15 B.16 A.15 B.16 A.15 B.17 C.18 D.20
C.17 D.18 C.17 D.18
5 To adopt a pet 7 To drive a farm tractor?
at the SPCA?
A.17 B.19 6 To be to be A.13 B.14
charged with a
C.20 D.22 criminal offence? C.16 D.18 8 To give my consent to
medical treatment?
A.11 B.12 11 A.14 B.15
To legally consent C.13 D.14 To sit on C.16 D.17
9 to sexual activity? a jury?
A.12 B.14 C.16 D.19 A.16 B.17
10 To change
my name? C.18 D.19
A.16 B.18
12 To request information about my
birth parents if I was adopted?
C.19 D.21 A.16 B.18
C.19 D.21
13 To get a credit card? 15 To get a part-time job? 16 A.15 B.16
A.16 B.17 14 A.10 B.12 To make
To vote in an election
C.18 D.19 (federal, provincial or C.14 D.16 a will? C.18 D.19
municipal)? A.18 B.19
C.21 D.22 20 To give blood?
18 To sign a contract? A.15 B.16
To buy a lottery ticket? A.10 B.15 C.17 D.18
17 A.16 B.17 A.14 B.18 C.19 D.21
To join the C.19 D.20
Canadian Forces? C.18 D.19
To be legally To drive an ATV 23 To legally buy a 24
considered 22 unsupervised? firearm? To get a licence
an adult?
A.18 B.19
A.6 B.14 C.16 D.18 A.12 B.14 to hunt deer by
C.18 D.19 A.14 B.15
C.20 D.21
C.16 D.18
Correct Answers
April 2011 (See other side for details on age and the law.)
Public Legal Education www.legal-info-legale.nb.ca
and Information Service
of New Brunswick www.youthjusticenb.ca
1.C - 19 6.B-12 11.D-19 16.D-19 21.B-19
2.D -18 7.B-14 12.C-19 17.B-17 22.C-16
3.B-16 8.C-16 13.D-19 18.C-19 23.C-18
4.C-18 9.C-16 14.A-18 19.C-19 24.D-18
5.B-19 10.C-19 15.C-14 20.C-17
Detailed Answer Key
1.How old do I have to be to buy alcohol? 9.How old do I have to be to legally consent to 15.How old do I have to be to get a part-time
C.19 years old.See the Liquor Control Act,R.S.N.B. sexual activity? C.16 years old.In some job? C.14 years old.See the Employment Standards
1973,c.L-10,s.38(2). situations a person must be 18 years old to Act,S.N.B.1982,c.E-7.2,ss.39-41.
consent to sexual activity, for example if the
2. How old do I have to be to drop out of school? other person is in a position of trust or authority 16.How old do I have to be to make a will? D.19
D.18 years old.You can leave before then if you over them or exploitation is involved.Although years old unless you are married,a member of the
graduate.See the Education Act,S.N.B.1997 c.E- there are certain exceptions for individuals under Canadian Armed Forces,or a mariner or seaman.
1.12,s.15 (1) (b). 16 based on the principle of"near in age",a child See the Wills Act,R.S.N.B.1973,c.W-9,s.8.
3.How old do I have to be to get a licence to under the age of 12 can never consent to sexual 17.How old do I have to be to to join the
drive a car? B.16 years old.But to drive between activity.See the Criminal Code,R.S.C.1985,c.C-46, Canadian Forces? B.17 years old. In order to join
midnight and 5:00 a.m.you must be 21 years old s.150.1. the Canadian Forces (Army,Air Force,Navy),you
unless you are accompanied by a licensed driver. must be at least 17 years old.However,you will
See the Motor Vehicle Act,R.S.N.B.1973,c.M-17, need to have your parent or guardian's consent
s. 81(1) and c. M-17, s. 84. until you reach the age of majority which is 19 in
4.How old do I have to be to marry? C.18 years
NB. At the age of 16 years, you can join the
old.If you are 16 or 17,you may marry with your
Reserves or enter Military College with a parent's
parents'/ guardians' consent. If you are under the
or guardian's consent.This information is
age of 16, the only way for you to marry is if you
available on the Canadian Forces website.
get a declaration from a judge of the Court of 18.How old do I have to be to buy a lottery ticket?
Queen's Bench.See the Marriage Act,R.S.N.B. C.19 years old.This information is displayed on
1973,c.M-3,s.19-19.1. 10.How old do I have to be to change my name? the Atlantic Lottery Corporation website.
5.How old do I have to be to adopt a pet at the C.19 years old unless you are either married or 19.How old do I have to be to sign a contract?
SPCA? B.19 years old.This is found on the SPCA's are a parent with custody of a child.See the C.19 years old.See theAgeofMajorityAct,R.S.N.B.,
website under their adoption policies. Change of Name Act,S.N.B.1987,c.C-2.001,s. 1973,c.A-4.
6.How old do I have to be to be charged with a 20.How old do I have to be to give blood? C.17
criminal offence? B.12 years old.See the 11.How old do I have to be to sit on a jury? years old,according to Canadian Blood Services.
Criminal Code,R.S.C.1985,c.C-46,s.13.In New D.19 years old.See the Jury Act,S.N.B.1980,c.J-
Brunswick,a person aged 16 or older can receive 3.1,s.2. 21.How old do I have to be to be legally
considered an adult in New Brunswick?
an adult sentence for certain serious offences. 12.How old do I have to be to request B.19 years old.See the Age of Majority Act,R.S.N.B.,
7.How old do I have to be to drive a farm information about my birth parents if I was 1973,c.A-4,s.1(1).
tractor? B.14 years old.See the Motor Vehicle Act, adopted? C.19 years old.There is an exception
R.S.N.B.1973,c.M-17,s.82(1). for adopted people under the age of 19 if they 22.How old do I have to be to drive an ATV
have the consent of their adoptive parents (and unsupervised? C.16 years old.At age 6,you can
in some cases,the consent of their biological drive an ATV while being supervised by an adult
parents); the Minister of Social Development if you are on a closed course and if you meet
may also make an exception for someone under other requirements of the law.See the Young
the age of 19 even if he or she does not have Driver Regulation,Reg.2009-51 under the Off-Road
the consent of the parents.See the Family Vehicle Act,S.N.B.1985,c.O-1.5 and section 19.1.
Services Act,S.N.B.1980,c.F-2.2,s.92(5). 23.How old do I have to be to legally buy a
13.How old do I have to be to get a credit card? firearm? C.18 years old.However,you can get a
D.19 years old.See the Age of Majority Act, minor's license to borrow a rifle or shotgun for
R.S.N.B.,1973,c.A-4. certain purposes such as hunting,target practice
8.How old do I have to be to give my consent to or competition,at 12 years if you pass an
medical treatment? C.16 years old,but there 14.How old do I have to be to vote in an approved safety course and have parental
are exceptions for people younger than 16 if they election (federal, provincial or municipal)? consent.See the Firearms Act,S.C.1995,c.39,s.8.
A. 18 years old. See the federal Canada Elections
are able to understand the nature and Act,S.C.2000,c.9,s.3,the New Brunswick 24.How old do I have to be to get a licence to
consequences of the treatment.See the Medical Elections Act,R.S.N.B.,1973,c.E-3,s.43(1)(a), hunt deer by myself? (D) 18 years old.But 16-17
Consent of Minors Act,S.N.B.1976,c.M-6.1,ss.2-3 and the New Brunswick Municipal Elections Act, year olds may get a licence to hunt deer if they
S.N.B. 1979, c. M-21.01, s. 13(1). have 2 years hunting experience, have taken
required safety courses and are accompanied by
a licenced hunter.To hunt moose,you must be at
least 18 years old. See the regulations under the
Fish and Wildlife Act, S.N.B. 1980, c. F-14.1:
Hunting Regulation, Reg. 84-133 and Moose
Hunting Regulation, Reg. 94-47.
This quiz does not contain a complete statement of the law on these topics and laws change from
time to time.If you need specific advice,you should ask an adult or consult a lawyer.