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Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, volume 478
Proceedings of the 2nd Tarumanagara International Conference on the Applications of
Social Sciences and Humanities (TICASH 2020)
Asia TV Web Public Relations Strategy In Building
Brand Image
(Case Study of Megakiss Esports)
Vony Vitality1,*Sisca Aulia2, Yugih Setyanto3
1,2,3Faculty of Communication, Universitas Tarumanagara, Jakarta, Indonesia
*Corresponding author. Email: siscaa@fikom.untar.ac.id
Every human being has the drive to develop more. One of the needs developed is information technology. The
sophistication of information technology has made it easier to access everything that can be seen through the
internet. On the internet itself, there are social media that include YouTube. Web TV Asia is a Multi-Channel
Network (MCN) company with direct certification from YouTube as a partner for managing, marketing, and
monetizing YouTube channels. Web TV Asia has public relations to build YouTube channel brands under the
auspices of Web TV Asia, and one of them is Megakiss esports. This study aims to discover how Web TV
Asia's public relations strategy in building the Megakiss brand image. This research uses a public relations
strategy with four phases and several strategic tactics, namely PENCILS. The methodology in this research is
qualitative, using the case study method. The subject of this research is Web TV Asia's public relations, and the
object is Web TV Asia's public relations strategy in building the Megakiss brand image. Based on the results
of this study, the strategy used by Web TV Asia public relations are the research phase, the strategy phase, the
tactic phase in which there are publications and news, events, community involvement, lobbying and
negotiation, the last is the evaluation phase to build Megakiss brand image.
Keywords: Brand Image, Public Relations Strategy, Esports
1. INTRODUCTION also provides a live broadcast feature. The audience can also
directly comment on the column provided, this is the reason
Humans want the development of communication that that the choice of various elements of society to use it.
makes it easy for people to interact anytime, anywhere and One of the developed human needs is for communication
anyone globally and is not complicated so that at this time, technology. According to Joseph A. DeVito [1] ,
communication is greatly helped by increasingly evolving "Communication refers to actions, by one or more people,
technology. Almost all aspects of human life have been who send and receive messages that are distorted by noise,
reached by the name of technology and can not be separated occur in a particular context, have a certain influence and
from technology, at this time one of the most popular exist the opportunity to do feedback ".
developments is the existence of information technology. The discovery of various kinds of information technology
The discovery of various kinds of information technology makes it easy for people to find information quickly.
makes it easy for people to find information in a fast time. Sophisticated technology has made it easier for us to access
Sophisticated technology has made it easier for us to access everything that can be seen through the internet. The
everything that can be seen through the internet. The internet itself has social media, including YouTube. Web
internet itself has social media, including YouTube. TV Asia is a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) with direct
YouTube is a site founded by three friends namely Chad certification from YouTube as a partner for management,
Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. YouTube is a free marketing and monetization of YouTube channels [2].
video sharing service through the internet that was founded Web TV Asia is the largest MCN in Asia which has 1000
in February 2005. The company is based in San Bruno, ++ channels below that of 12 branch countries. At present,
California. This site serves to upload videos that we can Web TV Asia can also provide services as key opinion
share (share) to audiences on the internet. Inside there are leader Agency, YouTube channel management service,
videos that have been uploaded (upload) and we can see production house and talent management. In the
without having to wait long. No less interesting is YouTube management of Web TV Asia there are public relations who
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license -http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/. 362
Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, volume 478
have the task of building a brand image of YouTube f) Lobbying and Negotiation Negotiation is one way to
channels under the auspices of Web TV Asia [2]. reach an agreement in order to work together for a product
Strategic planning said in Setyanto, Anggarina, and or an event that will be held.
Valentina [3] in public relations involves making decisions g) Social Responsibility Social responsibility is also an
about program goals and objectives, introducing key important factor to show that the company is very
publics, setting policies and also rules to guide strategic concerned about the environment.
selection. There must also be a close relationship between Based on all the definitions above, the writer concludes that
the program's overall objectives, targets to be set for each the public relations strategy is an activity carried out with
public, and strategies to choose from. predetermined steps starting from research, planning,
According to Smith [4] public relations has four phases in implementation and final evaluation (evaluation).
strategic planning, the first is the research phase, in this first
phase gathering information and data to prepare the Brand Image
strategy. The second strategic phase is public relations, Brand or brand is an important part of a company or
making decisions and conclusions on previous research organization. A brand is an added value for a product from
results to achieve the desired target. The third phase is the a company or organization, be it a product in the form of
tactic phase, in this phase public relations carries out a goods or a service. Brands can also make sure buyers will
variety of interesting activities and creative ideas that have get the same and the same quality. According to Kotler and
been planned.The fourth phase is an evaluation to be part of Keller [6], a brand is a name, term, symbol, or design, or a
the program to measure the success and effectiveness of combination of these, intended to identify goods or services
whether the target has been achieved from the desired from one of the sellers or seller groups and differentiate
target. them from competitors.
However, now esports in Indonesia have become one of the Image (image) is the thoughts or perceptions of others about
promising industries and can also be a permanent profession a company or a product. The image can also be said as an
for profit and have officially become one of the sports that impression, expression, feeling or perception thoughts that
competed in the Olympics. Many parties who have exist in society. Image is also influenced by a number of
experienced the benefits directly from esports at this time external factors that the company cannot fully control.
many professional players who have been able to reap Understanding the image (image) according to Kotler [6],
material benefits to meet their daily lives, can even travel is a person's beliefs, ideas, and impressions of something.
around the world following various competitions without
using personal money. Esports
Esports that are currently phenomenal are still unfamiliar to
Public Relations Strategies people who do not follow the development of the game. The
word esports has been endorsed by the Association of the
Then the strategy in public relations was also stated by press or the associated press in 2017 firmly on the stylebook
Ruslan [5] in his book entitled "Management of Public or punctuation guidelines because being in esports is much
Relations and Media Communications" that the Public sought after on Google trends. Esports is short for electronic
Relations strategy namely: sports, namely finger sports that use games to compete
a) Publications is the dissemination of information played by players professional.
through various media with information messages about the (https://esportsnesia.com/penting/apa-itu-esports/)
activities carried out so that it can be witnessed by the public
directly. It aims to create the image of the company and
reciprocity desired by the company from the public. Megakiss
b) Event Plan or participate in events that introduce the Megakiss is a female esports team founded in 2018 with
company or promote the company's brand. Events have season one consisting of five members. Then at the end of
many types such as those that can be held routinely or in a 2019, Megakiss season two was formed with 7 members.
momentum following the circumstances that are around. Megakiss's founder is the founder of Cherrybelle's famous
c) News Public relations is required to have expertise in girlband, namely Teguh Sanjaya who is also the Vice
making news that can accompany public opinion in viewing President of Web TV Asia. Megakiss is one of the Talents
the company or brand. Examples include press releases, of Web TV Asia that focuses on game content but not as a
newsletters, or newsletters that have content about a professional player but as a bridge between the general
company's activities or brand to create publicity. public and esports fans. Megakiss was formed by the
d) Community Involvement The direct involvement of concept of young women who have a hobby of playing
public relations with the general public to create a good games but can also entertain with interesting content so that
image in the community. the general public who does not understand about games
e) Inform of Image Providing information to the public can learn by watching interesting Megakiss content [2].
hopes that information or messages delivered directly by
public relations can provide positive value from the
community to improve the company's image.

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