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Creating a Facebook Business Page - how to make a facebook business page

Creating a Facebook Business Page -how to make a facebook business page

Creating a Facebook
Business Page
An introductory guide to setting up a Facebook Business Page
For agent information and education purposes only; not for distribution or use with the general public.
19207 (07/13)
Before we begin, please review
compliance guidelines
Be aware of guidelines. Please adhere to guidance provided by your
State or FINRA, which may dictate how you can utilize social media.
Also, note that any public message geared toward promoting your
business to prospective clients is considered a form of advertising and
must comply with the Aviva Advertising Guidelines.
Connect, don't sell. We believe social media is a place to inform and
connect, not sell specific products. Our social media presence is
meant to illustrate our compassion for customers nationwide. We do
not sell or advertise Aviva products through social media, and ask that
you do the same. We believe that when clients see what we're all
about, they'll be open to discussing our products when the time is
If you have any questions about the appropriate use of social media,
please feel free to contact adreview@avivausa.com.
Getting started
A Facebook Business Page can help you grow your business, build
your brand and develop your client relationships.

You will be able to create different types of posts on your page
including updates, photos, videos and poll questions. People who like
your page will see some of your posts in their news feed.

Facebook is a place to reach your audience on a human and personal
level. Business Page posts and interactions should always be
respectful and friendly, as a potential client may be reading them.

Setting up a page is free and only takes a few minutes to create.

Get started: https://www.facebook.com/business/build

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