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10 tips to help you organize les, reduce
clutter and become more ef cient at work
The Office Organizer:
10 tips to help you organize files, reduce clutter
and become more efficient at work
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Office Organization Tips
The Office Organizer:
10 tips on file organizing, clutter control, document management, business
shredding policy, record retention guidelines and how to organize office
eep your office operations running smoothly--and ward off chaos and legal
trouble--with practical document management techniques for administrative
Kprofessionals, office managers and HR professionals.
The Office Organizer shows you how to boost productivity, improve the bottom line and
protect your business interests from liability. You'll learn 10 field-tested techniques on
everything from organizing folders, tracking documents and controlling clutter to
business shredding compliance rules, record retention guidelines and how to organize
office emails.
The Office Organizer #1
File organizing: Find any paper file--instantly
If your boss asked you for a particular report, could you instantly put your finger
on it? Could you hand it to him while he's standing over your desk, or would you
have to tell him you'll bring it to him later?
If you don't have a filing system that's built on easy retrieval, you'll waste a lot of
time hunting--plus you won't make a very good impression on your boss, co-
workers or customers. Try implementing one of these simple filing systems:
Use color coding to your advantage. If you have a different-colored folder
for each of your main projects or for each department you regularly work
with, finding what you need will be a snap. Say your boss asks for a
budget-related document--just look for the purple folder in which you keep
all your budget materials. This works for electronic folders as well as paper.
Make sure you're taking advantage of the color coding options in Outlook
and other software programs.
Use broad headings for all your files. If you labeled a file "Procedural
Memo on How to File Expense Reports Dated 1/20/12," you'd soon find
that you need 14 filing cabinets to house the overflow. Instead, use a broad
term like "Expense Reports, 2012," and file all your procedural memos
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