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Court File Court Filing Nationwide American File & ProDo … - internet service providers in my area comparison

Court File Court Filing Nationwide American File & ProDo …-internet service providers in my area comparison

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Court File Court Filing Nationwide American eLawService File & Green ProDo c
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Pricing Structure
Free Free Free Plan Just $2.99 per Free plan Free Free $2.95 per Free e-Filing $5 per filing. Concierge E- File, $9.95 per We offer a Transaction and BASIC Flat fee of $6.00 $3.00 per
solution Basic e- Filing basic e- solution filing. InfoTrack Serve & transaction plan for subscription- $29 / month per filing, submission
Includes a filing of Submission filing Includes a Volume Free Texas integrates E-File for which may be everyone. A based pricing Up to 50 E- excluding state
free filing text functions free filing for discounts Supreme with popular $95 Statewide discounted. A fully- for e- Filings and court fees A single
for firms. searchable FIRST without the firms. No available. Court legal software like single submission managed plan filing/serving Unlimited and taxes. submission
No PDF MONTH FREE Ability to contract. Approved Clio, Smokeball, No online may include for the PRO se documents Users may include
contract. documents for law firm submit No Forms LEAP, iManage and forms, just multiple or occasional includes $1 / filing over Free eService multiple
and attorney word Bulk (CSV) or subscription Preparation NetDocuments upload or mail documents. filer, free unlimited access 50 PLUS Documents filings.
Bulk (CSV) Fee Plan accounts. processor REST API "plan," no to automate your services for to a firm's sent $69/ electronically
or REST API Above e- files and based hidden fees. key aspects of Petition. We'll There is no fee
indigent month Up to served to All features
based filing with BULK & no eFiling For Price includes filing e-file your case, filers, a and received 150 E-Filings specified available to
eFiling credit INTEGRATED fax service volume- disbursement documents in serve your for eService and competitive documents and Unlimited attorneys at all filers, no
For volume- account FILING filers or of all fees Texas courts. Citation, mand all Optional per case info. Users same time as tiered
filers or extended, Are you a $2.99 plan software (including the Law firms that e-file the Services are transaction Transactional $1 / filing over court filing. services.
software customized large volume all basic companies court fees) use these Return of priced by the fee for law or subscription 150
companies invoicing filer? Contact functions who want to upfront on systems can file Service for $95. Court. practices and base pricing for Free online
who want and reports us for bulk plus upload integrate with your behalf directly from legal service optional BULK & training classes
to pricing and word the courts and simple their matter Do you file Additional
organizations services based INTEGRATED for individuals or
Integrate No learn processor directly & consolidated and & serve or for large on a firm's FILING groups.
with the contract about options files and securely. billing. Get automatically more than 50 integrations are filers choose needs. Are you a
courts required for full free fax Started Now
directly & or other integration service Concierge ? track, sync and cases each available with one of our large volume Free
securely. fees between your eFiling Visit store court- month? Contact Court Forms, low- cost filer? Registration
Free setup. firm and $3.99 plan our site for Expect to file stamped us For bulk- rate American monthly Contact us eConcierge
CourtFiling.net. all the details. more than documents and pricing, increased LegalNet plans. for bulk Registers and
Concierge Above 250 times a expenses. speed to docketing pricing and manages your
eFiling Let us features year? Ask us judgment, and software, DMS, learn about IDs and
file for you. plus about ? PDF better successful Microsoft Office, options for Passwords.
Visit our site Monthly volume conversion/c service rates. and others. full
integration Free eFiling
for details. invoicing for discounts. ompression between your Concierge
volume filers ? Pay-per-use firm and
? Automating Green MyFileRunner
There is no expensing Filing. professional
contract, no ? Free training Use Promo services can
registration ? Live support Code submit your
fee and no 7 a.m. - 7 TX3FREE for filings for you.
other p.m. Central 3 Months
hidden fees. ? Integrations Free Service
You only with (Use upon
pay when CMS/DMS sign up, or
you submit login to
e- filings More Info:
Green Filing
and/or InfoTrack Sales 844-
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eServices. 340-3096
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