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24955501905Name:Month:Phone #:Intelliverse #:Week ending date:Director:“When you are not spending time with me you are making a life for me.” I want your family to think like this! ~ Gloria Mayfield Banks Sacrifice is a requirement for Success!!!MAGIC Zip Code - 52631SUNMONTUEWEDTHUFRISAT5 Leads Per DayWarm Chatters, Referrals, etc.2 Bookings Per DayFacials or Classes$600 in Sales3 Interviews Per WeekFace-to-Face Interviews1 Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (Yes/No)Turned in by Monday Noon EST# FACES PER WEEK (Goal 6-10)Month-to-Date TotalsName of FacesSales per Face# Total Faces MTD1.$ RETAIL Sales Week2.$ RETAIL Sales MTD3.Wholesale Order This WEEK4.Wholesale Order MTD5.Place an X by your Star Goal for the Quarter6.Sapphire Star7.Ruby8.Diamond9.Emerald10.PearlName of Hostess (Goal 3-5)Sales per Class3-5 Personal Interviews1.#Name(Results Yes, No, Maybe) Building Month-to-Date8.# Interviews (Face to Face)9.# Guests to Meeting10.# Number of New Team Members