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Home Access Center (HAC) - kps hac center

Home Access Center (HAC) -kps hac center

Home Access Center (HAC)
Home Access Center is web based software designed to allow you to securely view your student's information.
Home Access Center is written to be compatible with Internet Explorer. Currently Home Access Center is not
100% compatible with other browsers. Once you have opened Internet Explorer, go the following web site:
You should see a screen similar to the one above asking for your User Name and Password. Your login
information should have been provided to you in an email from your student's school.
If you enter your User Name or Password incorrectly seven times within a five minute time span, your account
will automatically lock for ten minutes. Type your User Name and Password in the corresponding fields and
click the "Log In" button. If you forget your username or password, you can use the "Forgot my username or
password" link to attempt to recover your information using the challenge questions you set up during your first
-If you received more than one email regarding Home Access Center, or if you see inconsistencies in the list of
students you are associated with please contact your student's building.
-If you would like to change your password or challenge questions you can do that by clicking "My Account"
from the dropdown menu when you click on your name in the upper right corner of the page.
-Home Access Center requires that you view the page securely using the https://esp-has-1.psd202.org
address. If you try to view the page non-securely you will receive an error message.
Home Access Center (HAC)
After your first successful login to Home Access Center you will be asked to change your password and set up
four challenge questions and answers that you will use to recover your password if needed.
When setting your password, the system will require you to use a "strong" password format. "Strong"
passwords include a combination of Upper and lowercase letters, Numbers or Symbols. Your password must
be eight characters long and have three of the four types of acceptable characters listed above.
(EX: March1990 is a valid password) The system will also require that you provide a question and answer in
each of the four question and answer boxes.
Once you have completed the password change and challenge question entry, you may proceed to the next
screen by clicking the "Continue to Home Access Center" button. This will take you to the basic information
view for the students you are associated with in Plainfield School District 202.