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CreditCards.com Powers Credit Card Channel on … - lendingtree credit cards

CreditCards.com Powers Credit Card Channel on …-lendingtree credit cards

CreditCards.com Powers Credit Card Channel on LendingTree.com
and GetSmart.com
AUSTIN, TX, February 18, 2008 (BUSINESSWIRE) - CreditCards.com announced
today that it has been selected by LendingTree, LLC to power the credit card channels on
LendingTree.com and its sister site, GetSmart.com.
Visitors to both LendingTree.com and GetSmart.com can now shop, compare and apply
for competing credit cards through the CreditCards.com search engine technology. The
search engine, which is updated daily with current credit card offers, provides potential
customers a means to compare hundreds of current credit card offers in order to find the
best deal for them.
Keith Moore, vice president of LendingTree's emerging businesses group, says "This
new offering is a win for users of both LendingTree.com and GetSmart.com, allowing
them to see multiple offers from competing credit card companies in one easy-to-navigate
setting. The CreditCards.com search engine is the best in its class, organizing hundreds
of offers by category including low-interest credit cards, credit cards with rewards
programs, airline credit cards, cash-back credit cards, small business credit cards, student
credit cards, instant approval credit cards as well as prepaid debit cards. We're delighted
to bring this new level of choice, competition and price transparency to anyone who's
looking for the best deals in the credit card category."
"CreditCards.com strives to help consumers, shop, compare and apply for credit cards in
a searchable and easy-to-navigate setting," said Elisabeth DeMarse, CEO of
CreditCards.com. "We are honored to be selected as the choice to power the credit card
channels of LendingTree.com and GetSmart.com."
About CreditCards.com
CreditCards.com is a leading online credit card marketplace, bringing consumers and
credit card issuers together. At its free website, www.creditcards.com , consumers can
compare hundreds of credit card offers from the nation's leading issuers and banks, and
apply securely online. CreditCards.com is also a destination site for consumers wanting
to learn more about credit cards; offering advice, news, features, statistics and tools - all
designed to help consumers make smart choices about credit cards. In 2007, over 12
million unique visitors used CreditCards.com to search for their next credit card.
For Information Contact
CreditCards.com, Austin
Ben Woolsey, 512-996-8663, ext. 106
Director of Marketing
LendingTree, LLC
Allison Vail

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