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Service for Lincoln Benefit Life Company (LBL) life insurance …-lincoln benefit life my account

Service for Lincoln Benefit Life Company (LBL) life insurance
Agent Reference Guide for: business will be handled by Alliance-One Services, Inc., a
third-party administrator. This includes LBL's in-force life
Servicing life insurance policies insurance policies.1 As a result of this transaction, there will
of Lincoln Benefit Life Company1 be changes to some processes and procedures. This guide
provides an overview of the immediate changes effective on
the conversion date.
Contact Information Description New Information
Customer Service and Number for agents and policy owners Fixed Life Service and Variable Life Service:
Claims Phone Number to call for customer service and claims all claims inquiries: 844-768-6780
information on their life policies 844-768-6777
Fax Number Fax number for Life Service Center Fixed Business Fax: Variable Business Fax:
844-660-4761 844-768-6772
Hours of Operation Daily availability of the Life Service Life Service Center Hours:
Center 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Central Time), Monday-Friday
Mail Information Fixed Business Variable Business
Payments, Service and Mailing addresses for premium Lincoln Benefit Life Company Lincoln Benefit Life Company
Term Conversion Applications payments, term conversion applications Policyholder Services Policyholder Services
(use fixed business address), regular P.O. Box 1508 P.O. Box 1538
correspondence, forms and contract Jacksonville, IL 62651-1508 Jacksonville, IL 62651-1538
information. For wire transfer Tel: 844-768-6777 Tel: 844-768-6780
instructions, please call the appropriate
fixed or variable service number.
Claims Mailing address for claims Lincoln Benefit Life Company
Claims Policyholder Services
P.O. Box 1568
Jacksonville, IL 62651-1568
Overnight Mail Overnight address for life policy Lincoln Benefit Life Company
payments, correspondence, forms and Policyholder Services
contract information 1275 Sandusky Road
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Agent and Customer Website for life policies1 Go to LBL.com for information on your customer's
Website life policies. Enter your customer's policy number,
which takes you to the administrative site. (An initial
registration is required.) You must have an active agent
contract with us to access the information.
The following features are available:
? View policy information and values
? View and download book of business (agent use)
? Print key service forms
Automated Telephone Features
Features Features available through the Fixed Life Service Center: 844-768-6777
automated telephone service for fixed Customers and financial professionals can:
life business ? Obtain contract values
? Access policy loan information
? Get Life Service Center contact information
1A group of life policies will continue to be administered by Allstate including some guaranteed term and 10-year Level Best term sold from January 1, 2000 through
2009, as well as a limited number of Golden Achiever UL policies; these policies were affected by the NAIC adoption of Model Regulation XXX. These policies will be
administered and serviced by Allstate. For servicing information regarding these policies visit Accessallstate.com or call 800-525-9287.
Commissions Description New Information
Commission Payments Commission payments for all life Life commissions continue to be paid by Allstate on behalf
policies issued by Lincoln Benefit Life of Lincoln Benefit Life at this time. Please direct questions
Company on life commissions to 800-788-4993.
For annuity commissions call 800-643-8190.
Agent Tax Information Receiving 1099s for LBL life and annuity You may receive multiple 1099s for the 2015 tax year:
business For questions relating to your life business, call
For questions relating to your annuity business, call
Licensing and Contracting
Licensing and Contracting For licensing questions or changes to Agent licensing will continue to be maintained by
Information and Updates your license status, address, telephone Allstate at this time. For questions contact the Allstate
number and/or email address. Service Center: 800-789-7968, Ext. 2
It is your obligation to maintain appropriate licenses and
training. If there are changes to your license, including
termination, expiration or revocation, it is your
obligation to inform Lincoln Benefit Life immediately.
Forms Update Updated forms will include reference to Existing forms will continue to be accepted for 60 days
new phone numbers, addresses, etc. from the conversion date. New forms can be obtained by
contacting the Life Service Center.
Reminder: Annuity and GenBuilder Contact Information
Contact Information Description New Information
Customer Service and Customer service and claims Annuity Service Center:
Claims Phone Number information on annuity contracts and 800-643-8190
GenBuilder policies
Fax Number Fax number for Annuity Service Center Annuity Service Center Fax:
Hours of Operation Daily availability of the Annuity Service Annuity Service Center Hours:
Center 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CT), Monday-Friday
Mail Information (for annuity contracts and GenBuilder policies only)
Regular Mail Mailing address for regular Lincoln Benefit Life
correspondence, forms and contract P.O. Box 758520
information Topeka, KS 66675
Overnight Mail Overnight address for annuities and Lincoln Benefit Life
GenBuilder payments, correspondence, Mail Zone 520
forms and contract information 5801 SW Sixth Avenue
Topeka, KS 66636
Payments Payments (transfers and additional Lincoln Benefit Life
contributions) P.O. Box 758519
Topeka, KS 66675
FOR AGENT OR BROKER-DEALER USE ONLY. Not for public dissemination. May not be distributed, reprinted or shown to the public in oral,
written or electronic form as sales material.
1221 N Street, Suite 200 ? Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 ? Phone: 888.674.3667