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Department of Land Conservation and Development
635 Capitol Street, Suite 150
nor Salem, OR 97301-2540
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TO: Subscribers to Notice of Adopted Plan
or Land Use Regulation Amendments
FROM: Plan Amendment Program Specialist
SUBJECT: Linn County Plan Amendment
DLCD File Number 004-09
The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) received the attached notice of adoption.
Due to the size of amended material submitted, a complete copy has not been attached. A Copy of the
adopted plan amendment is available for review at the DLCD office in Salem and the local government
Appeal Procedures*
DLCD ACKNOWLEDGMENT or DEADLINE TO APPEAL: Wednesday, September 08, 2010
This amendment was submitted to DLCD for review prior to adoption pursuant to ORS 197.830(2)(b)
only persons who participated in the local government proceedings leading to adoption of the amendment
are eligible to appeal this decision to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).
If you wish to appeal, you must file a notice of intent to appeal with the Land Use Board of Appeals
(LUBA) no later than 21 days from the date the decision was mailed to you by the local government. If
you have questions, check with the local government to determine the appeal deadline. Copies of the
notice of intent to appeal must be served upon the local government and others who received written notice
of the final decision from the local government. The notice of intent to appeal must be served and filed in
the form and manner prescribed by LUBA, (OAR Chapter 661, Division 10). Please call LUBA at
503-373-1265, if you have questions about appeal procedures.
*NOTE: The Acknowledgment or Appeal Deadline is based upon the date the decision was mailed by local
government. A decision may have been mailed to you on a different date than it was mailed to
LCD. As a result, your appeal deadline may be earlier than the above date specified. NO LUBA
tification to the jurisdiction of an appeal by the deadline, this Plan Amendment is acknowledged.
Cc: Deborah Pinkerton, Linn County
Jon Jinings, DLCD Community Services Specialist
Ed Moore, DLCD Regional Representative
Katherine Daniels, DLCD Farm/Forest Specialist
I | In person Q electronic Q mailed
i 2 DLCD T
Notice of Adoption AUG 19 2010
This Form 2 must be mailed to DLCD within 5-Working Days after the Final LAND CONSERVATION
Ordinance is signed by the public Official Designated by the jurisdiction
and all other requirements of ORS 197.615 and OAR 660-018-000 A N D R E W
Jurisdiction: Linn County Local file number: BC09-0002
Date of Adoption: August 17, 2010 Date Mailed: August 18, 2010
Was a Notice of Proposed Amendment (Form 1) mailed to DLCD? IEI Yes ? No Date: 11/19/09
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