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Poetry Analysis Essay Examples
Ballad of Birmingham is the author of the poem that revolves around a little
girl who would like to go downtown to take part in a freedom protest. Her mother,
however, says that she cannot go because of the dangerous conditions outside. Her
mother instead tells her to go to church despite the little girl's constant explanations
that she would not be alone. Defeated and in a show of respect for her mother, the
little girl gets dressed and goes to church. Her mother is contented that she would be
fine at the church. Sooner her mother hears of an explosion that sets her racing
downtown in search of her daughter. Unfortunately, she finds her daughters dress and
shoes in the piles and rubbles. She is left wondering where her daughter is.
The author employs the use of imagery in most parts of the poem to trigger the
emotions of the readers concerning the innocence of the little girl and the gravity of
the explosion. The imagery serves to create a memory in the readers' minds that are
left forming the images after reading the whole poem.
The first use of imagery occurs in the second stanza, second and third lines.
The little girl's mother describes the nature of the streets which are, in her opinion
dangerous for a little girls life "...dogs are fierce and wild." The little girl's mother is
worried that the girl could lose her life to the guns, or get arrested as a result of the
march for freedom "...and clubs and hoses, guns and jails." The imagery used in the
third line depicts how the government through the police dealt with protesters. The
line shows that the police would use clubs, hoses, and guns to thwart the protests. The
police also could arrest the protesters and take them to jail. The readers thus form the
image of how the police dealt with the protesters that eventually appeals to their
Another instance of imagery is in the fifth stanza, particularly for emotive
purposes. The poet writes that the little girl "...bathed rose petal sweet" to display the
girl as young and innocent. Although the previous stanzas portray the little girl as
mature, the quotation reminds the reader that the girl is little and innocent, vulnerable
to march for freedom. The quotation moreover portrays the little girl as delicate and
defenseless against the danger and evil that lie outside. The little girl also has "...
drawn white gloves on her small brown hands" to display more innocence. The little
girl's defencelessness and vulnerability add emotion to the poem.
Finally, another instance of imagery is found in the sixth stanza. We are told
that the little girl's mother's eye "...grew wet and wild, as she raced through the
streets of Birmingham" after hearing the explosion. Instantly the reader understands
the tension that befalls the mother because of her conclusion of her daughter's death.
The reader forms the image of the mother, with her eyes wet and wild. The line
appeals to the readers' emotions in addition to giving them the memory of the
traumatic events that followed the explosion. The poet moreover describes how the
mother searched for her daughter in the rubbles frenetically "...through bits of glass
and brick." In a moment the reader forms the image of the effects of the explosion
thus concluding that the girl has lost her life.
The poet effectively employs the use of imagery to appeal to the memory and
emotions of the readers. The reader has deliberately chosen and used descriptive
words to present the imagery that instantly enables the reader to form the pictures
with relative ease.
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Poetry Analysis Essay
Poetry Analysis
In the poem "One Boy Told Me" by Naomi Nye, the poet exudes sensitivity, compassion
and great heart. Nye touches on her diverse personal experiences that form the backbone of the
poem. It is very interesting the way she brings out wide-range emotions of different persons
worldwide in her well-composed verses in the poem. In the topics and themes that Nye explores in
the poem, one can note her delicate and observant eye that allows calm to be exhibited in situations
of loss, longing, and sadness. Through location of a sense of normalcy and permanence, she is able
to confront the adverse state of the world. Rather than merely hoping to grab a glimpse of
enlightenment in the poem, the poet embraces the light.
In the poem, there are many lines that give us voices of children. This may be highly
attributed to the many years that Nye has taught poems in schools. For example, "Don't talk big to
me, Don't ever say "purpose" again, I'm carrying my box of faces, but tomorrow's in BOLDFACE,
Yesterday's faded, and let's throw the word out". These lines are said to the persona by the boy and
they are not in their quirky logic. Nye has been able to bring into light the significance of childish
phrasings and from the several lines stated it is possible to see the ingenuity in them. Some lines are
funny and wonderful at the same time like, "Boy and Mom at the Nutcracker Ballet".
Figurative techniques, as well as imagery, have been used by the Nye. The title of the poem
"One Boy Told Me" provides a vivid picture that there was a boy who was telling someone. The
young boy's image is clearly supported by the usage of very short syntax in the verse. It is also
notable that Nye has a very impressive style of writing because in most cases she alternates between
statements and questions. For example, "What does minus mean?" followed by "I never want to
minus you." It goes without saying that the poem in more than two cases has used rhetorical
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