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The United Arab Emirates Nursing and Midwifery Council (UAE NMC), kindly
the excellent work of the members of the Scientific Committee on Nursing and Midwifery
Practice, mentioned herewith. The Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses was
developed with input from national, regional and international experts
and references the scopes of practice previously issued by the Ministry of Health, the
Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, and Dubai Health Authority.
This document establishes a nation-wide Scope of Practice to be adopted by all
Registered Nurses and healthcare organizations in the country.
Dr. Lauren Arnold (UAE NMC Advisor)
Linda Haskins (Chairperson)
Mireille Maalouf (Committee Coordinator)
Dr. Aline Nassar (Member)
Brigitte Peetz (Member)
Edwina Bhaskaran (Member)
Dr. Fatma Abdulla (Member)
Ghada Sherry (Member)
Jane Abdulali (Member)
Majella Hooper (Member)
Muna Kujuk (Member)
Naeema Rajab (Member)
Noora Al Saadi (Member)
Rajakumari Ravi Kumar (Member)
Randa Fakhry (Member)
Rosemary Edmonds (Member)
Saleema Mohammed (Member)
Salma A. O. Awad (Member)
Samya Al Mamari (Member)
Zahra Al Jabry (Member)
Issue Date: January 2011 Version 1.0 Page 2 of 22