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AP2.7. APPENDIX 2.7DOCUMENT NUMBERAP2.7.1. The document number (located in record position (rp) 30-43 of transactions) is a nonduplicative number throughout the system. For support of U.S. Forces, it is constructed as follows: (See chapter 6 for document number construction for Security Assistance transactions.)AP2.7.1.1. Department of Defense activity address code (DoDAAC) or Federal Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (FEDSTRIP) activity address code (AAC) (rp 30-35).AP2.7.1.2. Four-position ordinal date (rp 36-39).AP2.7.1.3. Serial number (rp 40-43).ServiceAgency CodeActivity Address CodeOrdinal DateSerial Number3031323334353637383940414243AP2.7.2. The entries in rp 30 and 31 will always be the appropriate character(s) from appendix AP2.2 that indicates the Service/Agency (S/A).AP2.7.3. DoDAAC or FEDSTRIP AAC for each activity will be established and disseminated by each of the Services, DLA and the GSA. (See DLM 4000.25, Volume 6, Chapter 2, DoDAAD.) Each code so established will contain or serve as an address to permit shipping and billing for materiel and for mailing of documentation.AP2.7.4. Entries in rp 36-39 (date) will always be numeric and will indicate the actual date of transmittal from the requisitioner to the initial supply source. If requisitions are predated to facilitate local processing, the requisition date will be amended (if necessary) to reflect the true date of transmittal.AP2.7.4.1. Rp 36 will indicate the last numeric digit of the calendar year in which the document was originated. Example: 0 for 1990, 1 for 1991, etc.AP2.7.4.2. Rp 37-39 will indicate the numerical or consecutive day of the calendar year; for example, 035 is equal to February 4TH.Additional Examples:RECORD POSITIONSDATES363738390005-January 5, 20109052-February 21, 20092279-October 5, 2012AP2.7.5. Document serial numbers, assigned at the discretion of the document originator, are entered in rp 40-43. The document serial number will not be duplicated on the same day. The serial number may be assigned to consist of alphanumeric characters, with the exception of alphas I and O (on inter-Service transactions) under the following criteria:AP2.7.5.1. Rp 40 may consist of alpha or numeric characters with the utilization of certain alphas limited as specified in paragraph AP2.7.5.3., below. Under DLMS implementation, this embedded information will be carried as a distinct data element referred to as the utilization code.AP2.7.5.2. Rp 41-43 may consist of alpha or numeric characters on inter-S/A requisitions. However, the entries in rp 41-43 will not be meaningful to the receiving S/A, but will be perpetuated on documentation initiated as a result of requisition processing.AP2.7.5.3. The following alphabetic codes have been reserved for use in rp 40:CODEEXPLANATIONBDocument number assigned by the Marine Corps Maintenance Center Bridge inconjunction with the changes required under DLA Marine Corps industrial activity support agreement. Applies where release of materiel is initiated within the Marine Corps systems and submission of the corresponding material release order is transmitted to the DLA managed warehouse. (This meaning is applicable only when an MCMC-associated DoDAAC is used to construct the document number.)CUse in the document number (unique control number) assigned for receipt of an item upgraded from scrap under DLA Disposition Services procedures. (This meaning is applicable only to DLA Disposition Services Field Office-prepared receipt transactions.)DDocument number assigned by the depot on behalf of the Marine Corps Maintenance Center under DLA Marine Corps industrial activity support agreement. Applies where release of materiel is initiated without submission of a corresponding material release order. (This meaning is applicable only when an MCMC-associated DoDAAC is used to construct the document number.)ENavy exception "ship to" for deployed naval units.GNavy exception "ship to" for deployed naval units.JInventory control point (ICP) interrogations or offers of excess, and requisitionsresulting from the interrogations or offers (denotes inter-service supply supporttransactions between ICPs).KReserved.LUse to identify requisitions submitted to DLA Disposition Services that result from physical screening of property at the DLA Disposition Services Field Office. This type of requisition is referred to as a “Walk-In Requisition.”MUse to identify Inventory Control Point/Integrated Materiel Manager directed disposal release orders resulting from Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). This value is not currently approved for use on other transaction types. NReserved.PReserved for DoD assignment.QUse to identify requisitions and related transactions/documents for items reclaimed from aircraft and equipment from the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARC).RUse to identify document numbers generated within the DLA Disposition Services’ Reutilization/Transfer/Donation (RTD) Web to accommodate processing of the individual lines associated with requisitioning a Disposition Services container.SUse to identify requisitions submitted to DLA Disposition Services.TUse to identify Electronic Turn-In Document (ETID) prepared shipments/ transfers to DLA Disposition Services. UProduct quality deficiency report (PQDR), storage quality control report (SQCR), and supply discrepancy report (SDR) related transactions when the original requisition number is not known. (See MILSBILLS procedures in DLM 4000.25, Volume 4, Finance.)VNuclear Related Materiel Code 2305 material requires manual routine contact ofNuclear Engineering Department for delivery instructions.WNavy exception "ship to" for deployed naval units.ZNuclear related materiel code 2305 material requires manual immediate contact of Nuclear Engineering Department for delivery instructions.

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