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Your task:

Name – Date – Period – Assignment Name = ((10 pts.))

Using your newspaper or another source, collect data on the high (or low) (10 pts.) temperature and the day of the week for your city (10 pts.) for one month (10 pts.). After gathering the data, complete the tasks listed below:
I. Construct a chart like the sample in the discussion. Try to have no fewer than five class intervals. "Class interval" refers to the number of categories a type of data could fall into (e.g., 60-69 degrees, 70-79 degrees, etc.). (40 pts.)
II. Compute the probability that an observation picked at random will be a Saturday observation. (10 pts.)
III. Repeat number two for the remaining days of the week. (60 pts.)
IV. Use your chart to answer these questions:
a. What is the probability a day in the 80s is a Monday? (10 pts.)
b. Which set forms the intersection of Tuesdays in the 80s? (10 pts.)
c. What is the probability an observation picked at random is both a Sunday and more than 100 degrees? (10 pts.)
V. Construct a histogram to display the temperature frequencies for the month. (Use temperature class intervals and totals.) (20 pts.)
VI. Pretend that you are working for the tourist bureau for your city. Which measure of central tendency (mean, median, mode) would you use in advertising to attract tourists. Justify your answer. (10 pts.)