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The Stages of Jesus’ Ministry - live.-map of jesus christ ministry

Disciple-Making Adv 1/Day 3
The Stages of Jesus' Ministry
Did you know that there are a total of 90 chapters in the Gospel records and in Acts 1 about Jesus Christ's
appearance and ministry in the world? Author and scholar Carl W. Wilson has calculated that the first 5
chapters of a biblical harmony have to do with Christ's coming into the world, His incarnation. The last
33 chapters focus on Jesus' death and resurrection (these chapters make up more than a third of the
record). Between the first 5 and the final 33 are 52 chapters which describe how Jesus trained the
disciples to minister in His name. Wilson concludes that "through the teaching of Jesus, the apostles
experienced a way of ministry that made the church unstoppable. A leader may profess that Jesus is the
head of his ministry, but when he strays from the principles of Jesus' ministry, he's really just taking over
himself. Jesus' methodology keeps everyone aware that He, and He alone, is the head of the church." In
this session, Advanced Track leaders will be challenged to master the various stages of Jesus' ministry
and to discern analogous practices for fruitful contemporary discipleship. Participants are encouraged
to bring their favorite Harmony of the Gospels to this Forum session. Suggestions: A Harmony of the
Gospels by A.T. Robertson; Unique Harmony of the Gospels: A Revelation of the Development of Jesus'
Life and Ministry by Carl Wilson; or, Synopsis of the Four Gospels by Kurt Aland.
John Musselman is the President of the Jackson Institute, a leadership development organisation whose
mission is to contribute to the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual formation of individuals who are on a
passionate quest to be welcomed, received, and acknowledged by God. He studied at the University of
Alabama (Honors BS in Mathematics), Reformed Theological Seminary (MDiv), and Fuller Theological
Seminary (DMin). After serving on the staffs of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale,
Florida, and Perimeter Church in Atlanta, he founded the Jackson Institute in 1991. John has trained
leaders in disciplemaking in India, Nigeria, Romania, Poland, Australia, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya,
Belize, Spain, and the United States. He has edited John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, A.B. Bruce's
classic work, The Training of the Twelve, and Thomas Watson's Man's Chief End: God's Glory. In
addition, he has written Classic Discipleship, a manual for equipping leaders in Christian discipleship,
and The Holy Spirit and His Gifts.
I. Introduction
A. Why study the various stages of Jesus' public ministry?
B. The duration of Christ's ministry
1. One-year theory
2. Two-year theory
3. Three-year theory
4. Four-year theory
5. "The three year ministry of Jesus from the first Passover to the passion
Passover is the most viable option. Of course, since Jesus' baptism and
public ministry preceded the first Passover, the total length of His
ministry would be about three and a half years" (Harold W. Hoehner,
Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ, p. 60).
C. Discerning analogous practices for fruitful contemporary discipleship
Disciple-Making Adv 1/Day 3
II. The Most Popular Stage-Related Model
A. Jesus did it (ministry) alone.
B. Jesus did it and they (Apostles) watched.
C. They (Apostles) did it and He (Jesus) watched.
D. They (Apostles) did it alone.
III. Going Deeper: Irving Jensen's and Loraine Boettner's Stage-Related Model
A. Broad overview of Jesus' public ministry
1. Year of Obscurity
2. Year of Popularity
3. Year of Opposition
B. Geographic overview of Jesus' public ministry
1. Opening Events
2. Early Judean ministry
3. Early Galilean ministry
4. Middle Galilean ministry
5. Later Galilean ministry
6. Later Judean ministry
7. Perean ministry
8. Passion week in Jerusalem
9. Resurrection & ascension
IV. Simon Greenleaf's Synopsis of the Gospels
A. Announcement and introduction of our Lord's public ministry (about 1 year)
B. Our Lord's first Passover, and the subsequent transactions until the second (1
C. Our Lord's second Passover, and the subsequent transactions until the third (1
D. From our Lord's third Passover until His final departure from Galilee at the
Festival of Tabernacles (6 months)
E. The Festival of Tabernacles, and the subsequent transactions until our Lord's
arrival at Bethany, six days before the fourth Passover (6 months less one week)
F. Our Lord's public entry into Jerusalem, and the subsequent transactions before the
fourth Passover (5 days)
G. The fourth Passover; our Lord's passion; and the accompanying events until the
end of the Jewish Sabbath (2 days)
H. The Lord's resurrection, His subsequent appearances, and His ascension (40 days)
Disciple-Making Adv 1/Day 3
V. Carl W. Wilson's Stage-Related Model
A. Preparation ministry
B. Gathering ministry (invitation to associate)
C. Outreach ministry (invitation to fish for men)
D. Organization (appointment of 12)
E. Testing (bread from heaven crisis)
F. Teamwork (appointment of 70)
G. Exportation (cross, resurrection, Pentecost)
VI. Robert E. Coleman's Stage-Related Model
A. Selection
B. Association
C. Consecration
D. Impartation
E. Demonstration
F. Delegation
G. Supervision
H. Reproduction
VII. Kurt Aland's Synopsis of the Four Gospels
A. Preparation
B. The beginning of Jesus' public ministry
C. Jesus' ministry in Galilee
D. The Sermon on the Mount
E. The Sermon on the Plain
F. Jesus ministry in Galilee continued
G. The way to the cross
H. Last journey to Jerusalem
I. Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem
J. The ministry in Judea
K. The final ministry in Jerusalem
L. The eschatological discourse
M. Conclusion of the account of the time before the Passion
N. The Passion narrative
O. The Farewell Discourses
P. The arrest, crucifixion, and burial
Q. The resurrection
R. Epilogue: the endings of the Gospels
VIII. A.T. Robertson's Chief Divisions of the Harmony
A. The beginning of the Baptist's ministry
B. The beginning of Christ's public ministry

Where did Jesus go on his first journey? Jesus spent most of the next three days returning the way He came, He first journeyed north from Tyre to Sidon, then to the southeast, into the wilderness of the Decapolis, over fifty miles (80 km). To get there, all would have to ford the Jordan River at Bethsaida and so be baptized (at