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Rifle (22 L.R. and 17 Mach 2) - Marlin Firearms - marlin 22 rifle price guide

Rifle (22 L.R. and 17 Mach 2) - Marlin Firearms-marlin 22 rifle price guide

Owner's Manual
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This manual contains operating, care and maintenance instructions. To assure safe operation, any user
of this firearm must read this manual carefully. Failure to follow the instructions and warnings in this
manual can cause accidents resulting in injury or death. This manual should always accompany this
firearm, and be transferred with it upon change of ownership.
The warranty card bound into this manual must be filled out and mailed within 10 days of purchase.
How Your Rifle is Made
Your rifle has been made to Marlin's strictest standards of safety and reliability. It has
been proof tested with a high pressure load, function fired, and checked for accuracy
at the factory. Built with tradition and engineered to last, your rifle is the product of over
135 years of Marlin technology.
Before You Use This Firearm
It is very important that you read and understand this manual before using your new
rifle. Warnings should be read and heeded carefully. Also follow the safety rules listed
in "Marlin's Guide to Gun Safety", printed on this page.
? WARNING: Marlin firearms are designed and manufactured to handle standard factory-
loaded ammunition which conforms to SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition
Manufacturers' Institute Inc.) standards with dependability and safety. Due to the
many bullet and load options available, the element of judgement involved, the skill
required, and the fact that serious injuries have resulted from dangerous handloads,
Marlin does not make any recommendations with regard to handloaded ammunition.
? WARNING: Your rifle should not be assembled, used or disassembled without fully
reading and understanding the instructions in this manual.
? WARNING: It is a violation of federal law to alter or deface the serial number of any firearm.
Marlin's Guide to Gun Safety
1. Read and understand the owner's manual before using a firearm.
2. If you are unfamiliar with firearms, attend a firearms safety class taught by a certified instructor.
3. Handle every firearm as if it were loaded and ready to fire.
4. Control the muzzle, and never point a firearm at anything you don't want to shoot.
5. Keep the safety on SAFE until you are ready to shoot.
6. Unless you are hunting, carry your firearm empty, with the action open.
7. Before shooting, be sure you have an adequate backstop. All ammunition is dangerous beyond
your line of sight.
8. Avoid ricochets by never shooting at water or any hard, flat surface.
9. Do not run, climb, or jump over an obstacle with a loaded firearm.
10. Do not climb into or out of a tree or tree stand with a loaded firearm. Do not allow others to pass
loaded firearms to you while in a tree stand.
11. Do not enter or ride in a motor vehicle with loaded firearms.
12. Do not lean a loaded firearm against anything.
13. Do not bump, drop or jar a loaded firearm.
14. Do not pull a firearm toward you by the muzzle.
15. Wear hearing protectors when shooting.
16. Wear impact-protective glasses when shooting, disassembling or cleaning firearms.
17. Avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs before and during shooting.
18. Use only ammunition of the correct gauge, caliber, size and bullet shape for your firearm.
19. Do not use damaged, dirty, modified, or improperly handloaded ammunition.
20. Keep the barrel and mechanism of the firearm free of obstructions.
21. Do not use a firearm that fails to function properly. Do not try to force a jammed action.
22. Be sure no one is in the path of ejecting shells or cartridges.
23. Do not interchange parts between firearms, and be sure disassembly and reassembly are correct
and complete.
24. Before cleaning, be sure the chamber, action and magazine are completely unloaded.
25. Unload firearms before storing, transporting, or leaving unattended.
26. Store firearms and ammunition separately, locked and out of the reach of children.
Failure to follow these rules, or other instructions in this manual, can result in personal injury.
The instructions in this shaded section Do not store the 70PSS in its case for long
apply to the 70PSS only. The rest of this periods of time, since moisture can be
manual applies to all models. trapped and condense inside, causing rust
How to Assemble the 70PSS or corrosion. For long term storage, it
should be lightly oiled and kept in a dry,
The 70PSS was shipped "taken-down" in ventilated area, under lock and key.
two parts. The stock, action and maga-
zine comprise one part, the barrel the
other (See 1).
Match the flat surface on the rear
(chamber) end of the barrel with the flat
surface in the front end of the receiver, 1
and insert the barrel into the receiver as
far as it will go. (See 2).
Turn the knurled takedown nut clockwise
with your fingers until tight. If you are
going to shoot extensively, tighten the
nut securely with the spanner wrench
(provided), or a coin (See 3).
? WARNING: Check the takedown nut
frequently to be sure it remains tight. If 2
it loosens, the rifle may not fire.
To disassemble the 70PSS for reinser- Inserting the barrel
tion into its case, reverse the above
Transportation and Storage
Instructions for the 70PSS 3
If your 70PSS will be subjected to rough
handling while in its case, we recommend
that you use the foam insert provided, for
maximum protection. Tightening the takedown nut
How to Operate the Safety
? WARNING: Prior to firing, know and understand the operation of the safety by
practicing with the rifle unloaded.
The safety mechanism is a round button located behind the trigger. To put your rifle on SAFE,
hold it in the normal shooting position, pointed in a safe direction, and push the safety button
from left to right as far as it will go. The safety is now on SAFE (See A).
To move the safety to the FIRE position, push the safety button from right to left as far as
it will go. A red ring around the safety button will be visible when the safety is in the FIRE
position (See B). If the magazine is in place and the bolt is forward and the trigger is
pulled with the safety in this position, the gun will fire.
Safe Position Fire (Off Safe) Position

Does Marlin make a 22 mag rifle?Marlin Model 983S Bolt Action 22 Magnum, $320 The two-toned stock and stainless action and barrel really makes this rifle stand out in the rack, giving it a plus for eye appeal. Even with its 22-inch barrel, the bolt action still weighed in a right at 6 pounds—with a good heft and balance.