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All HHA and DME providers are required to provide surety bonds to MaineCare when enrolling as a new provider, revalidating enrollment, or adding a new service location. The surety bond must name the DME or HHA provider as Principal, MaineCare as the Obligee, and the surety company as Surety. The surety's name, street address or post office box number, city, state, and zip code must be included. The bond must also contain the service location name and address.?The bond must contain appropriate guarantees for payment to MaineCare to cover uncollected overpayments and liability for unpaid claims that are identified during the term of the bond, regardless of when the overpayments took place.?The bond must be in the amount of:?HHA providers: The greater of $50,000 or 15% of Annual Medicaid Payment based on previous fiscal year per service location. DME providers: An amount of no less than $50,000 per National Provider Identifier (NPI). An additional $50,000 bond is required for each adverse legal action you've had within the past 10 years.?Surety bonds that do not meet these requirements established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could delay the initiation of your revalidation application. The following resources are available to assist you with the revalidation process:MaineCare Provider Enrollment webpage MaineCare Frequently Asked Questions webpage CMS Revalidations webpage MaineCare Revalidation email box Provider Services Call Center: 1-866-690-5585, Option 7; TTY users dial 711.

Where can I find a doctor that accepts Medicare and Medicaid? How to find a doctor who accepts Medicare There are a few simple ways to find a doctor who accepts your Medicare plan: Visit physician compare. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has a tool that allows you to look up doctors near you and compare them side-by-side.