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Metal Roof Panel with a Classic Look
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24" Coverage
12" Color Side
Fastening Pattern General Information
Panel Fastener uuRoof Slope: Minimum 3:12
uuSubstructure: 5V-Crimp Panel is designed to be utilized over a
solid substrate with a minimum 30# felt underlayment. To avoid panel
distortion, use a properly aligned and uniform substructure.
uuFactory Cut Panel Length: Minimum 5-0. Maximum 45'-0"
uuFinishes: Galvalume?, MS Colorfast45?, or PVDF (Kynar 500?)
Alternate Fastening Pattern colors.
uuFastener: Attaching to Wood: #10-14 Wood Screw or #10-14 XL
Field of Panel Wood Screw for Galvalume? finish.
Panel Fastener
For all specific warranty, application, installation, and technical information regarding these products, contact your
Metal Sales representative.
uuUL 2218 Impact Resistance: Class 4
UL 790 Fire Resistance Rating: Class A, per building code
Ends of Panel UL 263 Fire Resistance Rating: per assembly
Panel Fastener UL 580 Uplift Resistance: Class 90 Constructions: #579 and #453
Texas Wind Storm: Evaluation RC-160
2010 FBC Approvals: FL14645.2, FL14645.3 and FL14645.4
Miami-Dade County: Florida NOA 13-0627.02 expires 6/29/2018
Load Table
Ga Width Yield Weight
For various fastener spacings
Top In Compression Bottom In Compression Outward
Ixx Sxx Ixx Sxx Load
in ksi psf in4/ft in3/ft in4/ft in3/ft 0.5' 1' 1.5' 2' 2.5' 3'
26 24 50 0.77 0.0025 0.0070 0.0015 0.0055 197 100 71 62 50 42
24 24 50 1.02 0.0030 0.0089 0.0020 0.0073 197 100 71 62 50 42
1. Theoretical section properties have been calculated per AISI 2007 'North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural
Members'. Ixx and Sxx are effective section properties for deflection and bending.
2. Allowable load is calculated in accordance with AISI 2007 specifications considering bending, shear, combined bending and shear, deflection and
UL 580 uplift testing over 5/8" plywood using the Alternate Fastening Pattern above. Allowable load considers the 3 or more equal spans condition.
Allowable load does not address web crippling, fasteners or support material. Panel weight is not considered.
3. Deflection consideration is limited by a maximum deflection ratio of L/180 of span.
4. Allowable loads do not include a 1/3 stress increase for wind.
1000 ?MS/9-2013
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation metalsales.us.com
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