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MLA Style – Works CitedMLA style is a set of guidelines established by the Modern Language Association. Examples below are based on the MLA Handbook, 9th edition. For more examples, see www.lcc.edu/library/help/citationHow to Format Your Works Cited Page Set Up - The works cited page should be a separate, double-spaced page. Entries should have a hanging indent. Use easy to read fonts such as Times New Roman and Courier (12-pt.).Organizing Sources - Alphabetize sources by the last name of the first author. Alphabetize sources with no author by the first major word in the title.Titles - Capitalize all words in titles except prepositions, conjunctions, and articles, unless it is the first word of the title or subtitle, e.g. Brown: A Dream Deferred. Italicize titles of longer works (books, magazines, journals) and put quotes around titles of shorter works (articles).Online Sources - Include database name, Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or URL. Remove https:// from the URL unless it is a DOI. Add date of access if there is no date.Authors - List up to two authors. For more than two authors, list the first author and et al. Author may be an organization or government agency. If there is no author, start your citation with the title. Missing Information - If there is no publication date or page number, leave these elements out of the citation. Exception: for online sources, add date of access if there is no date.BookLast Name, First Name.?Book Title. Publisher, Publication Date.?Database name, URL. ExamplesBoileau, Kendra, editor. Covid Chronicles. Pennsylvania State UP, 2021.Mann, Jeff and Julia Watts.?LGBTQ Fiction and Poetry from Appalachia. West Virginia UP, 2018.Thick, Matthew R. The Great Water: A Documentary History of Michigan. E-book ed., Michigan State UP, 2018. ProQuest eBook Central, ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/lansing/?docID=516.Chapter in a book, encyclopedia article, or dictionary entryLast Name, First Name. "Article Title."?Book Title, edited by Editor's Name(s), Publisher, Year, pages.?Database name, DOI or URL. ExamplesDa, Laura. “Pain Scale Treaties.” Shapes of Native Nonfiction: Collected Essays by Contemporary Writers, edited by Elissa Washuta and Theresa Warburton, University of Washington Press, 2019, pp. 169-172."John Robert Lewis." Encyclopedia of World Biography Online, Gale, 2021. Gale In Context: World History, link.gale.com/apps/doc/K1631003942/WHIC?u=lom_lansingcc&sid=bookmark-WHIC&xid=1173c169. Journal articleLast Name, First Name. "Article Title."?Journal Title, vol. number, no. issue number, Publication Day Month Year, pages.?Database Name, DOI or URL.ExamplesElenes, Briseida Ileana. “Unveiling Latina Community College Leadership Pathways through Testimonio.”?New Directions for Community Colleges, vol. 2020, no. 190, summer 2020, pp. 115–127.?EBSCOhost, https://doi.org/10.1002/cc.20391.Lerner, Richard M. “Character Development: Four Facets.of Virtues.” Child Development Perspectives, vol. 13, no. 2, June 2019, pp. 79–84. EBSCOhost, https://doi.org/10.1111/cdep.12315.Newspaper and magazine articleLast Name, First Name. "Article title."?Newspaper/Magazine Title, Publication Day Month Year, pages.?Database/Website name, URL. Examples"The Methane Mystery: Climate Change."?The Economist, 28 Apr. 2018, p. 72.?General OneFile,?link.galegroup.com.lcc.idm.oclc.org/apps/doc/A536297876/ITOF?u=lom_lansingcc&sid=ITOF&xid=014f5dbb.Newell, Julie. “Foundation Receives Record Donation.” The Lookout, 16 Dec. 2021. web.lcc.edu/lookout/2021/12/16/foundation-receives-record-donation.Worsham, Taylor. "New Soo Lock Development Makes Steady Progress."?Detroit Free Press,?25 July 2021, p. A6.?Proquest, lcc.idm.oclc.org/login?url=/docview/2554664142/=1599.Page or document from a websiteIf there is no publication date, include the access date.Last Name, First Name. “Page Title.” Website Title, Publication Date, URL. Accessed Day Month Year.ExamplesBureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. “Drafters.” Occupational Outlook Handbook, 8 Sept. 2021, bls.gov/ooh/architecture-and-engineering/drafters.htm.Lewis, Camara. ”Over 62,000 Accepted for Michigan Reconnect Scholarships in First Six Weeks.” Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, 15 Mar. 2021, michigan.gov/leo/0,5.html.Mackinac State Historic Parks. “Native American Cultural History Trail.” Mackinac State Historic Parks. mackinacparks.com/native-american-cultural-history-trail. Accessed 26 July 2021.

How do I format a poetry quotation in MLA? When the dialogue shifts to another character, start a new line indented half an inch. Indent each name half an inch from the left margin and write it in all capital letters. Follow the name with a period and then start the quotation. Indent all other lines in the character’s speech an additional amount. When the dialogue shifts to another character, start a new line indented half an inch.