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State Employee Self Service (ESS) Instructions, page 1 - mn state employee self service

State Employee Self Service (ESS) Instructions, page 1-mn state employee self service

State Employee Self Service (ESS)
Instructions, page 1 If you have trouble logging in to Edison, go to the
Edison home page and click on the green Annual
Enrollment button. It will take you to a page with
options on how to either retrieve your access ID or
reset your password. You can also call the Edison
Help Desk for password assistance at 866.376.0104.
> Log in to Edison at www.edison.tn.gov. window. Fields with asterisks, including date of birth,
> If you are on a tablet or mobile device, once logged into name and Social Security number are required. Click the
Edison, click on the Annual Enrollment tile. Please note that Save button in the top right corner. If you have additional
these instructions are for enrolling on a computer. Button dependents, click on Add Dependent again. Click the X to
locations may be different if you are enrolling on a mobile close out of the Dependent Information page.
device. > Under Enroll in Your Plan, click the Select button next to
> If you are on a computer, once logged into Edison, click your plan choice. Don't forget to check the box to add the
Self Service>Employee Work Center>Benefits Enrollment. new dependent to coverage. If you want to see all plans
and pricing, click the Overview of All Plans button at the
> On the Benefits Enrollment page, click Start. very bottom and the X when ready to close it.
> You are now on the main welcome page for benefits > Click the Done button at the top right to save your
enrollment. This page includes instructions on the changes or click Cancel in order to return to the main
enrollment process. You can watch the video to see what Annual Enrollment page if you have no changes.
you need to know this year. > If you chose the CDHP/HSA medical plan, scroll down until
> Click Next in the top right corner to move to the next page you see the Health Savings Account tile at the bottom of
to start the enrollment process. the tile list. Click on this tile.
> This will take you to the CDHP Acknowledgment page. > Click Select next to the HSA plan you are eligible for. It
If you will not be enrolling in a Consumer-driven Health will be the only Select button that is not grayed out. At
Plan, you do not need to do anything on this page and the bottom, you can also enter a total annual amount you
can just click the Next button to get to the next page. want deducted from your paycheck that will transfer to
However, if you enrolled in a CDHP, you must agree to this your health savings account. Enter the amount you want
acknowledgment. Once you've read this information, click or enter a "0" if you do not want to contribute to the HSA
the check box next to "I understand and agree" and click at this time. Click Done when finished.
the Save button. Then click the Next button. > Continue to click on each tile one at a time to Review each
> This will take you to the FSA Acknowledgment page. If of them and to make any necessary changes. Each time
you will not be enrolling in either the flexible spending click the Done to close the window for that tile and to
medical or flexible spending limited purpose plan, you do return you to the main Annual Enrollment page.
not need to do anything on this page and can just click
the Next button. If you enrolled in one of these FSA plans, > On this main page, you will notice the Status on each of
you must agree to this acknowledgment. Once you've the tiles will change from Pending Review to Visited if
read this information, click the check box next to "I agree" no change was made. The status will show Changed if a
and click Save. Then click the Next button. change was made. Use this Status indicator to help you
keep track of what tiles you have clicked on.
> This page is the Annual Enrollment page. Here, you can
see your insurance costs. This page is a summary page > Once you have reviewed all of the different benefits tiles
that you will return to throughout the enrollment process. and made all your changes, you can click the blue Submit
Enrollment button towards the top of the main Annual
> Scroll down to get to the Benefit Plans section. Click on Enrollment page.
Review on the first tile labeled Medical. > A pop-up Benefits Alerts window will appear. There
> Under Enroll Your Dependents, check the boxes next may be a list of warnings for you to pay attention to, for
to the dependent's name to cover him/her in medical example, whether or not you need to upload documents
insurance. If you do not see one of your dependents for your dependents or if you need to provide a statement
listed, look for a small scroll bar to the right of the of health for enrolling in disability. You must either click
dependent information. Use the scroll bar to see if your on the Done or the View button on the pop-up window in
dependent's name is lower in the list. If you still do not order for your benefits to be submitted. If you click Done,
see your dependent in the list, click the Add Dependent you will proceed with finishing up the annual enrollment
button to add any dependents you wish to enroll who are process.
not showing already. Complete the fields in the pop-up
State Employee Self Service (ESS)
Instructions, page 2
> If you click View, this will take you to your Enrollment > Before leaving, you can view a Benefits Statement of your
Preview statement, which you can print or save directly selections by going to the Benefits Statements step at the
from here. Please note this is not your final enrollment bottom of the list of steps on the left-hand side. Please
statement. After the enrollment period ends, you will note this is not final enrollment statement but a preview
receive an email to let you know that you can log in to of what you have sent to the benefits department. After
Edison to view/print your final confirmation statement. the enrollment period ends, you will receive an email
> Click the Expand All button to open all of the categories letting you know you can log in to Edison to view or print
so you can review all the information provided OR you can your final confirmation statements.
click each arrow and go through one section at a time. Or > Click the Exit button in the left corner towards the top to
you can click on Print View to get a printable version of the exit the process.
statement to save for your records.
> When you are finished with the Enrollment Preview To add dependents
statement, click the X in the right corner to close the > If faxing hard copies, send to 615.741.8196 and include
window. your name and employee ID (found on the front of your
CVS Caremark card) on each page.
> This will take you to a document upload page. There is a
link to a list of acceptable documentation on this page. > All dependent verification documents must be
If you have added new dependents, click the Upload received by 4:30 p.m. Central time on the last day of
Documents button. Once the file attachment pop-up your enrollment period. If you do not submit proper
window appears, choose your dependent verification documents, your dependents WILL NOT be enrolled.
documents and then click Upload. Next, click Done.
Once the document is uploaded, you can view, confirm
or delete the document for a limited time. Click Confirm
when you are ready. After that, click Continue.
> If you did not add any new dependents, click the Next
button at the top of the page.
> This will take you to the TN Insurance Beneficiary
Summary page to review your beneficiaries. Make sure
you click on each of the three tabs at the top to review
the information provided. If no changes are needed click
> If you need to make updates, click the Update
Beneficiaries button and Save Changes once complete.
Once you have verified your information, click the
Continue button.
> Once you have fully completed the enrollment process
you will receive a Benefits Alerts pop-up message that
starts with: Your benefits choices have been successfully
> Click OK.
> You will be taken back to the Annual Enrollment page.
Notice that your Annual Enrollment step on the left now
indicates Complete status instead of Pending Review
or Visited status. This way you know the ESS enrollment
process is complete. If you have a current email address
in Edison, you will also get an email letting you know that
your enrollment has been received.