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Method of Procedure VZW MMSC-LDAP Project … - mop method of procedure template

Method of Procedure VZW MMSC-LDAP Project …-mop method of procedure template

Method of Procedure
MMSC-LDAP R2 Deployment MoP
V 1.8
Date: 10/21/2007
MMSC-LDAP Subscriber Directory R2 Deployment MoP v1.8 Page 1
MOP Version: 1.8
MOP Date:
MOP Approval Required by:
Start Date:
Completion Date:
Required Remote Time:
Office name:
Revision # Changes/Comment Date Author
1.0 Original Document 09/06/07 Philip Peake, Nate
Coffing, George
1.1 Added NPA CoS changes & Old MTAS API 9/16/07 George Knerr
1.2 Grammar, spelling, comments, formatting 9/17/07 Lynn Bailey
1.3 Back out, step clarification 9/17/07 George Knerr
1.4 Final Proof 9/18/07 Lynn Bailey,
Ramnik Bahl
1.5 Final Proof - changed doc name to present 9/18/07 Lynn Bailey,
name Ramnik Bahl
1.6 Additional VZW required sections added, 10/03/07 George Knerr, Lynn
updates from Internal Review Bailey, Ramnik Bahl
1.7 NPA Split Regression Test added and CoS 10/08/07 George Knerr
in Appendix modified.
1.8 Additional corrections made from initial 10/21/07 George Knerr
Southlake staging MOP execution.
It is imperative this document be read and implemented in its entirety with no deviations from the procedures as
written. It is the responsibility of the person(s) implementing this MOP to ensure proper system operation with
minimum service interruption.
MMSC-LDAP Subscriber Directory R2 Deployment MoP v1.8 Page 2
Detailed job description and what the work will accomplish. (1)
This MOP describes the necessary steps for an LDAP engineer to upgrade the MTAS API to R2 (Release
2). The MTAS API is responsible for connecting MTAS to its LDAP backend. The MTAS API translates
XML from MTAS into LDAP for the LDAP server and vise versa.
This MTAS API update implements the default attribute enhancement requested by Verizon Wireless. Two
updates will be performed in each region, first for the primary LDAP server and, upon success,
subsequently to the secondary LDAP server. Regions will be updated one at a time reusing this MOP for
each region as well as the staging environment.
During the upgrade MTAS provisioning will be interrupted and MTAS will need to be disabled by VZW
MTAS Team. Therefore an MTAS provisioning outage can be expected for the entire maintenance window.
MMSC from the subscriber's perspective will not be impacted.
Master 1 and Primary Server are used interchangeably in this document. Master 2 and Secondary Server
are used interchangeably in this document
For time execution of procedure attached R2 Deployment MOP Timing*.xls
Summary of Procedure & Timeline
Preparation (To be completed prior to maintenance window - 1 hour)
1. Verify r2.deployment.tar is available.
2. Have available the passwords of the required users: (see detailed section)
3. Personnel performing upgrade connect/s via ssh to servers to be upgraded, both primary and
secondary master's for the region being upgraded. Verify connectivity to web servers
administration and MTAS API root directory via http. Also verify DS administrative console access.
4. VZW to provide MMSC and MTAS support for both Staging and Production deployments.
5. Obtain 2 test MDNs (one in NPA starting with even digit and the other in NPA starting with odd
digit) for region to be upgraded to R2
6. Verify Verizon Wireless readiness to support handset tests
7. Perform initial handset test.
MTAS Stopping (Provisioning Outage Starts - 20 minutes)
1. Stop MTAS & Verify (Provisioning outage starts)
2. Execute New Mexico NPA Split R2 Conversion Script (West Region Only)
MMSC-LDAP Subscriber Directory R2 Deployment MoP v1.8 Page 3

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