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Your Home Loan Document Checklist - Orange … - mortgage loan processor checklist template

Your Home Loan Document Checklist - Orange …-mortgage loan processor checklist template

Your Home Loan Document Checklist
Whether you're buying a home, refinancing your current loan, or looking to tap into your home equity, we need to review
your finances to determine which loan options are best for you. Here are the documents we'll generally need to get started.
Income Verification
Paystubs -- Last 30 days W-2 forms -- Last two years
Social Security awards letter 1099 for disability income
Child support/alimony friend of the court printout or 12 months of cancelled checks1
Income from rent, commission, interest, or sources other than salary may trigger the need
to provide tax returns for the past two years
If You Are Self-Employed
Tax returns -- Last two years (Include all schedules)
Personal, partnership, and corporate if you have 25% or more ownership (Personal returns only required for Sole Proprietorship)
Asset Verification for Down Payment or Funds Required to Close Your Loan
Bank statements -- Last two months (Including savings, checking, and investment accounts)
Quarterly Retirement Statement -- Most current
Investment statements -- Last two months (Including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.)
Closing Disclosure (If using funds from the sale of real property)
Sale of assets (Proof of ownership and proof of funds transfer)
For gift funds: A gift letter, evidence of transfer of funds, and evidence of withdrawal of
funds (if applicable)
Other Information
Homeowner's Insurance -- Declaration page
Homeowner's Association Statement (if applicable)
Mortgage statement(s) -- Most current month
Please note that we may not need all of these items, and it's possible we may ask for others as we move together through
the process.
If you have questions about this checklist or anything else related to the home loan process, contact our Mortgage Loan
Consultants at (800) 506-5070.
Ready to apply? Visit www.orangecountyscu.org/homeloans to get started.
1Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income need not be included if it's not to be considered as income available to repay the loan. Child support or alimony income may
be used if you received it for the last 12 months.
This is not an offer for an extension of credit or a commitment to lend. All applications are subject to borrower and property underwriting approval. Not all applicants will qualify.
Membership is required to obtain a loan. Visit orangecountyscu.org for Membership eligibility requirements. Membership fee is $5. Federally Insured by NCUA. Limited to funding
California properties only. 1701 E. St. Andrew Pl., Santa Ana, CA 92705. (888) 354-6228 NMLS #403462

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