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Caring, and
Are the Most Significant Factors
in the Degree of
Your Student’s Success.

Give the Best to
Your Students by
Strengthening Your
Teacher/Teacher Assistant

❖ SBISD Core Values focus adults for student benefit
o Prioritize Every Child – we do what’s best for children every day in person and online
o Leverage Collective Greatness – we’re all important and everyone matters
o Nurture Collaborative Spirit – flexibility, assuming good intent, and teamwork are more important now than ever
o Expand Limitless Curiosity – ask hard questions, think differently, and innovate to get to the best solutions
o Navigate with Strong Moral Compass – communicate with transparency and empathy while treating others with kindness and respect – Share A Smile

Part 1: Collaboration Discussion Questions

Directions: Complete Part1 on your own. There’s no right or wrong answer. Usually the first few responses that come to mind, after reading the question, reflects your views/preferences/style.

❖ What is most important to me as a teacher/teacher assistant?

❖ What is most important to accomplish with our students?

❖ How do I prefer to relate/interact with students?

❖ How do I prefer to relate/interact with my teacher/teacher assistant?

❖ What are my beliefs about classroom management?

❖ How do I envision my role in the classroom?

❖ What is the process for communicating lesson plans/activities with your partner?

❖ How are lead and support roles established throughout the daily routine?

Part 2: Compare Responses & Come to Agreement

Directions: Share your responses to questions in Part 1 with your teacher/teacher assistant partner. Make notes of areas you have in common and where you have differences of opinion. Identify how you will support each other for the common goal of student achievement. Describe your roles throughout the daily routine. You can use the questions below to guide your discussion.

❖ What do we want that’s different?

❖ What do we want that’s the same?

❖ How can we support each other to achieve our goals for students?

❖ What will our roles look like throughout the daily routine?

Is nature better than nurture? Nowadays, many scholars take a middle of the road approach, claiming that neither nature nor nurture is stronger. Rather, genes and the environment have an interactive relationship, in that a person's environment largely affects how a gene will express itself.