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1001Ser NX /0001DD MMM YYFrom: Requesting CommandTo: Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy Division (N13)Via: Operational Support Officer Commander, Navy Personnel Command (PERS-46, ADSW & VCR; PERS-92, MPN RECALLS)Subj: REQUEST FOR A WAIVER OF OVER 1,095 DAYS OF CUMULATIVE ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE IN THE LAST 1,460 DAYS FOR ACTIVE DUTY FOR SPECIAL WORK (ADSW) [OR MPN RECALL TO ACTIVE DUTY OR VOLUNTARY CONTINGENCY (VCR)] ORDERS ICO POPEYE T. SAILOR, USN, LAST FOUR OF SSN/DESIGRef: (a) Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy Division OPNAV (N13) FY16 Officer ADSW, MPN Recalls and VCR Order Writing Policy Decision Memorandum (PDM) Encl: (1) “Requirement Name’s” Requirement Information Sheet (for ADSW only)1. Per reference (a), request waiver of the limit on Ready Reserve Personnel exceeding 1,095 cumulative days of active duty in the last 1,460 days.2. Requirement information: a. Requirement Name and Reference Number: (1) Requested start date and end date: (2) Total number of days: b. How was the requirement filled previously? c. Funding source data (MPN, RPN, Reimbursable or OCO):3. Member information: a. Is member currently on orders? If so, what type (ADSW, Voluntary/ Involuntary MOB, MPN/RPN Recall), which command, and the start and end dates? b. Total number of days member has been on ADSW, Definite Recall and/or volunteer mobilization (under Title 10 USC Section 12301(d)) in the last 1,460 days: c. What active duty orders (including AT/ADT) has member been on in the previous six years? Please give start and end dates and type of orders. d. Member’s age at time of request: e. Is member fully medically ready?4. Justification: a. What unique and critical skill sets (other than being an incumbent with experience) does this member have which make this SELRES the only member eligible to fill this requirement? b. What actions have you taken to solicit other candidates for the requirement who would not require a 1,095 day waiver? Examples: GOVDELIVERY (through CNRFC), local HR office, Command bulletin board, POW etc. c. How long have you advertised your solicitation requests? Please provide copies of the solicitation(s). d. What is the mission impact if this waiver is not approved?5. Requesting command point of contact:CO’s SIGNATURE

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