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Sample Program Announcement Letter* - new product launch letter

Sample Program Announcement Letter*
Below is customizable sample letter for distribution to each tenant, to announce the introduction of a building-wide recycling program.
Note: Before using this sample letter, customize the items in BOLD.

(Customize with property manager’s letterhead)


As part of our Good Neighbor Policy, we strive to make (NAME OF FACILITY OR ADDRESS) as environmentally friendly as possibly. Recycling is an important practice toward this goal. I am proud to announce that we are introducing a building-wide recycling program, and would like to invite you to help us get the new program off to a good start.

Please join us (DATE OF EVENT) in the (LOCATION) from (STA RT TIME) and (END TIME) to learn about the benefits of recycling and how the new program works. During the event, each unit will receive two free indoor recycling bins to collect recyclables inside the apartment, as well as a list of acceptable materials.

If you are unable to attend the event, please contact (NAME OF CONTACT) at (PHONE NUMBER) at your earliest convenience so that arrangements can be made to provide you with your free indoor recycling bins and program information.

We very much appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your building manager. Thank you!