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TIPS FOR USING EES (Electronic Evaluation System):All NCOERs with a through date of 1 JAN 2016, will be completed within the EES (https://evaluations.hrc.army.mil/). It is STRONGLY recommended that you utilize the PDF-F version of the applicable evaluation forms (DA FORM 2166-9-1 for SGT; DA FORM 2166-9-2 for SSG-1SG/MSG; DA FORM 67-10-1 for O1-O3 and W1-CW2) for drafting an evaluation. This allows you or your SMEs to QA/QC your product before putting it into EES. NCOER / OER PROFILING:NCOERs: Raters must maintain a credible RATER PROFILE. Your Rater Profile is UN-CONSTRAINED, meaning you can give as many “FAR EXCEEDS” ratings as you like. However, your “Rater Tendency,” or rating history for each grade they rate, is maintained within the EES. It follows a rater through their career and while not constrained, will affect how an evaluation is looked at; e.g. if a Rater only gives “FAR EXCEEDS” to certain grades (from SSG-CSM/SGM), it will give less weight to their comments on a particular evaluation. NCOERs: Senior Rater Profile. You Senior Rater Profile is CONSTRAINED, meaning you are limited to marking 24% of SSGs-CSM/SGM (, “MOST QUALIFIED.” There is a “Silver Bullet Exception,” meaning with immature profiles (under 5 evaluations) 1 of the first 4 NCOERs can be given the “MOST QUALIFIED” ranking. OERs: Rater and Senior Rater Profiles are CONSTRAINED, meaning Officers are only allowed to grant 49% of each rank they rate with either an “EXCELS” (as Rater) or “MOST QUALIFIED” (as Senior Rater). HOWEVER, if you have an immature profile, and have only just begun rating/senior rating Officers of a certain rank, you are allowed a ONE TIME option of giving one of the first two evaluations you make at a particular grade, an “EXCELS” (as Rater) or “MOST QUALIFIED” (as Senior Rater).NCOER PART IV and V:NCOER BulletsFrom DA PAM 623-3, pg. 46:b. Bullet comments. Bullet comments are mandatory regardless of the ratings given (at least one bullet will be entered in each block of a through f). Standardized rules apply to bullet comments on DA Form 2166–8. Bullet comments will—(1) Be past tense, short, concise, to the point. Bullets will not be longer than two lines, preferably one; and no more than one bullet to a line.(2) Start with action words (verbs) or possessive pronouns (“his” or “her”); personal pronouns (“he” or “she”) may be used; use past tense when addressing how the NCO performed and his or her contributions made during the rating period.(3) Be double-spaced between bullets.(4) Be preceded by a small letter “o” to designate the start of the comment. Each bullet comment must start with a small letter unless it’s a proper noun (name) that is usually capitalized.(5) Support the box checks by rating officials.(6) A specific example can be used only once; therefore, the rater must decide under which responsibility the bullet fits best (or is most applicable). Other Notes (these may be unit specific and may not apply to all BNs; check your local CSM guidance to be sure):-Do not copy bullets from year to year. -Do not use Soldier’s name in the bullet, but DO use other’s names if applicable: “recognized by MG Smith, Commander 1 ID, for excellence”-Numbers; 1-10, write them out (e.g. one, two, ten). 11 or higher, write the number; e.g. 11, 15, 105. Exception, when a 1-10 is WITH an 11 or higher; e.g. “5 tool kits with 20 tools each.”-NO PERIODS at the end of the bullets-Fashion the bullet to the Soldier; double check use of “he/his” vs. “she/hers.” -School/Course Comments: Bullets about how a Soldier did in a school or course are ONLY allowed if that school did not produce an AER/DA Form 1059.-Awards: Awards and/or special recognition received during the rating period may be cited in evaluation comments (for example, “received the Humanitarian Service Medal” or “named the NCO of the Year”).NEGATIVE COMMENTS: (see sections)-DO NOT put a negative comment unless it has been verified and there is counseling to back it up (except in the rarest circumstances).-References CAN be made to the following (if verified) in Part IV, V or any NCOER Enclosure:- Cited for or received a DUI- AWOL- Arrested- Tested positive on urinalysis- Apprehended- Incarcerated- Criminal incident- Fraud- Desertion- Dropped from the rolls- Violated AR 600-20 (fraternization or similar regulatory noncompliance)- Senior rater may recommend/request discharge, separation or QMP-References CANNOT be made to the following in Part IV, V or in any NCOER Enclosures:- Allegation- Anything pending (might want to hold off and do an extended annual) - Letter of Reprimand- Letter of admonishment- Flagged- Court martial- Reduction- Civil Trial- Reenlistment or letter of declination (same as bar)- Article 15 (but you can include what the ART 15 was for, e.g. AWOL, negligence, etc.)-Not meeting UNIT APFT standards-See bottom of list for examples of UNJUSTIFIED negative comments.For a complete lesson/PowerPoint on the new NCOER, go to:https://www.hrc.army.mil/site/ASSETS/PDF/Module3-DA-Form2166-9_APR%2015.pdfFor guides with in depth examinations of performance measure definitions, go to:https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-239209For more info, templates, etc., sign up for the milSuite, (https://www.milsuite.mil) and join the S1NET. HYPERLINKS to sections: HYPERLINK \l "BULLET" Bullet ExamplesBlock a. APFTBlock b. HT/WTBlock c. CharacterBlock d. PresenceBlock e. Intellect Block f. LeadsBlock g. DevelopsBlock h. AchievesRater Overall PerformanceSenior Rater PotentialSenior Rater Narrative ExamplesSuccessive and Broadening AssignmentsEffective WordsBULLET EXAMPLES:NOTE: MAKE SURE BULLETS REFLECT YOUR NCO. This guide isn’t intended to be a source of “cut and paste” bullets for you to simply “check the block” on an evaluation. Instead, these examples are intended to get you, the Rater, to break your writer’s block and create unique bullets for your NCO. Due to the unique nature of the attributes and competencies, some bullets might be a fit for more than one location. PART IV – PERFORMANCE EVALUATION, PROFESSIONALISM, ATTRIBUTES, AND COMPETENCIES (DA PAM 623-3, Table 3-9)APFT, PART IV, a.Comments are required for “Failed” APFT, “No” APFT, or “Profile” when it precludes performance of duty, and “No” for Army Weight Standards. This section is bulleted. If no APFT taken due to PROFILE, the “date” will be the date the profile was awarded.The APFT must be within 12 months of the “THRU” date, but DOES NOT have to be within the dates covered by the NCOER.Bullets/Comments for Bullet comments for “FAIL” entries may include the reason(s) for failure and/or note any progress toward meeting physical fitness standards of AR 350–1. FAIL bullets go in Part IV, a./b. comment section.Bullets/Comments for outstanding APFT score or other positive fitness bullets will go in PRESENCE, d. If PROFILE, make a comment only if rated NCO’s ability to perform their duties is affected.o NCOs profile limits the Soldier’s ability to lift heavy objects required by MOS.Comment if no APFT has been taken within 12 months of the THRU date; e.g.:o Exempt from APFT requirement in accordance with AR 40–501 ***( For pregnant NCOs who have not taken the APFT within the last 12 months due to pregnancy, temporary profiles, and/or convalescent leave. NO REFERENCE to pregnancy will be made in the NCOER)o NCO unable to take the APFT during this period due to deployment for combat operations/ contingency operations.APFT FAILURE BULLETS:o Soldier failed all events of the APFTo Soldier failed sit-ups and run events of the APFT o failed run, however showed marked improvement from APFT taken 20160201 o failed body composition for the 3rd month; has gone from 26% to 28% during that period. HT/WT, PART IV, b.If there is no unit weigh-in during the period covered by the NCOER, the rater will enter the NCO’s height and weight as of the “THRU” date of the NCOER.If a NO entry (failing HT/WT and or tape), comments on the reason for noncompliance. The progress or lack of progress in a weight control program will be indicated. E.g: -This is the second time the NCO is on weight control program within the last 12 monthsCHARACTER, PART IV, c.: (Include bullet comments addressing Rated NCO’s performance as it relates to adherence to Army Values, Empathy, Warrior Ethos/Service Ethos, and Discipline. Fully supports SHARP, EO, and EEO. Also, bullets for FAILED APFT )SHARP BULLETS (these go in PART IV, block c. CHARACTER. For additional bullets, see appropriate section below)o promoted the personal and professional development of his/her subordinateso ensured the fair, respectful treatment of assigned personnelo established a workplace and overall command climate that fosters dignity and respect for all members of the groupo enforced a climate of dignity and respect through counseling and on the spot correctionso dedicated to the values and traditions of the Armyo strongly supports the army SHARP programo practiced equal opportunity throughout the platoono practiced fair and just treatment to all Soldiers o strongly supports the army SHARP program, and ensured the fair, respectful treatment of assigned personnelo created a positive work environment centered around dignity and respect to all Soldiers and NCOs which resulted in zero SHARP related incidents in his teamSHARP BULLETS for FAILING TO MEET SHARP (PART IV, block c. CHARACTER; must accompany a “DID NOT MEET STANDARD” check block)o failed to report a SHARP incidento fostered an environment of permissiveness toward inappropriate behavioro routinely looked the other way when inappropriate comments were made in squado allowed individuals in platoon too be singled out and degraded based on race (sexuality/gender)CHARACTER MET STANDARD BLOCK:o displayed a high degree of honesty, loyalty, and integrityo dedicated to the values and traditions of the armyo personal lifestyle epitomizes the total NCOo displayed an outstanding devotion to dutyo enforced strict adherence to army regulationso possesses strong moral principles and personal valueso committed to the unit’s missiono never hesitated to voice an honest opiniono professional Soldier 24 hours a day o had the moral courage to state his opinions honestly and freelyo personal integrity was unquestionableo encourages honesty and valueso exhibits highest standard of loyalty to superiors and the organizationo had courage to voice his opinions and present his views logicallyo strong in character, pride and professionalismo extremely loyal to unito set superb example for subordinateso showed genuine concern for subordinateso staunch believer of team building within his platoono totally dedicated to the armyo totally committed to team efforto is both competent and dependableo integrity is above reproacho utterly dependable under all circumstanceso loyal to the unit and the NCO corpso committed to excellence, a well disciplined NCOo disciplined and enthusiastic NCOo continually demonstrates leadership and integrity beyond reproacho professional conduct above reproacho integrity is unquestionableo vigorously supports equal opportunity and fairness for all Soldierso respected for his candor and integrityo not afraid to confront sensitive issueso always candid; stands up for his Soldierso personal conduct on and off duty, reflects favorably on the NCO corpsCHARACTER DID NOT MEET STANDARD BLOCK:o used her MOS proficiency to deceive supervisors and subordinateso was convicted of driving under the influence of alcoholo perception of improper conduct adversely affected morale and discipline within the unito failed to consistently adhere to rules, regulations, or standard operating procedureso integrity compromised by his submission of false documents/reportso failed to respond to a complaint or report of the Army Equal Opportunity Policy o does not support SHARP/EO/EEOo committed an act of sexual harassment or sexual assaulto failed to report a sexual harassment or sexual assaulto failed to respond to a complaint or report of sexual harassment or sexual assaulto retaliated against a person making a complaint or report of sexual harassment or sexual assaulto did not set the example of Be, Know and Do; did not ensure his Soldiers were at training on time on two occasionsPRESENCE PART IV, d.: (Military and professional bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience).PRESENCE FAR EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o graduated Ranger, Airborne, Air assault, and Combat Leaders courses at 41 years of ageo physically fit, scored 300 on most recent APFTo placed in the top 30% for the GTMO 10 miler team; selected a member for the Heavy COED Bataan Death March Teamo scored (260-300) on last physical fitness testo surpassed the Company APFT goal of 210, with a score of (260-300)o selected as post athlete of the yearo finished First in Class 10k Division runo coach and starting player for 1st place Company basketball teamo selected as MVP for the Fort XXX softball teamo helped his platoon win the Commanders Cup for APFT excellence for the fourth consecutive cycleo has received 1st place in 5 international weight lifting eventso selected for and competed with the All Army women's basketball team, won the second place trophyo received impact AAM for continuously scoring above 290 on the APFTo completed a physically demanding ascent to the summit of Cotopaxi, 19,757 feetPRESENCE EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o maintained professional bearing and concern in dealing with over 750 new Second Lieutenantso demonstrated excellent stamina despite working over 10, 15 hour dayso exceptional role model for Soldiers; projected self-confidence and authorityo remained calm and poised under pressure while working in an extremely stringent environmento developed a PT program for the staff which improved each score by at least 20 points per Soldiero scored (220-260) on last physical fitness testo surpassed the Company APFT goal of 210, with a score of (220-260)o has received 1st place in several weight lifting eventso rehabilitated blown out knee and won physical fitness badgeo participated in the Army Ten Miler qualifier demonstrating superior stamina and physical enduranceo exceptional role model for Soldiers; projected self-confidence and authorityo enforced high standards and military bearing with all NCOs and Soldierso outstanding physical appearance; sets the standard for Soldierly appearanceo personally responsible for platoon APFT average rising from 209 to 220PRESENCE MET STANDARD BLOCK:o meets army standards for physical fitnesso always maintains military bearing and remains calm under pressure o always displays exceptional confidence and enthusiasmo effectively manages stress o composed; not easily excited under stress or pressureo profile does not interfere with performance of dutieso maintains a fitness level above army standardso excellent physical fitness motivatoro a sterling example of military bearing; assertive and straightforwardo excels by recognizing the importance of sound physical and mental health for top performanceo positive attitude toward mission accomplishmento displays enthusiasm for physical trainingo projects authority and displays a positive imageo scored (180-220) on last physical fitness testo Met Company APFT goal of 210o maintains and acceptable appearance in uniformo met standards of AR 600-9 during rating periodo has improved personal physical fitness throughout rating periodo wore uniform to correct Army standardsPRESENCE DID NOT MEET STANDARD BLOCK: NOTE: NCOs who meet Army minimum standards for APFT but fail to meet unit standards will not be given rating of “DID NOT MEET STANDARDS” within block d. “PRESENCE” for physical fitness if such rating is based solely on the failure to meet unit APFT standards.o fails to inspire Soldiers due to less than military appearanceo poor attitude and lack of respect for supported Soldiers rubbed off on subordinateso disrespected a Commissioned Officer by failing to maintain military bearing when notified of counseling sessiono counseled many times on his substandard appearanceo has failed 3 of the last 4 APFTs she has takeno counseled twice for failing to maintain grooming standards for hair and nail polish colorso becomes intolerably insubordinate when counseled in regards to corrective criticismo does not present the image or bearing of an NCOo failed to maintain consistent progress in weight control programo failed last two APFTs and is not responding to remedial programo does not respond to correction for uniform and personal appearanceo consistently complains about time spent in the fieldchangesINTELLECT PART IV, e.: (Mental agility, Sound judgment, Innovation, Interpersonal tact, Expertise)INTELLECT FAR EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o wrote and published an article in the professional publication, Army Magazine o implemented the company program to manage PMCSs for six wheeled vehicles, five trailers, and four generatorso saved installation over $15,000 with foresight and ingenuity while using prisoner laboro developed a database program for security that was implemented by and is now the brigade standardo single-handedly coordinated over $25 million of construction and renovating work for the installationo wrote Directed Energy Warfare training pamphlet used by BDE, displaying excellent staff skillso single handedly reconstructed 21 promotion packets lost due to computer crash, resulting in 20 promotionso managed the actions of 42 Soldiers and 65 detainees in a high profile environment on a daily basiso recognized flaws in the platoon physical training strategy; modified it into a successful program moving from an 80% pass rate to 95% Platoon pass rateINTELLECT EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o excelled as a Platoon Sergeant, Watch Commander, and Battalion Operations Sergeant; demonstrated his ability to multi-task and achieve excellent resultso expertise resulted in his selection to train the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force during desert stormo earned credibility with his exemplary performance during times of heighted stress and in positions of great responsibilityo highly knowledgeable NCO; demanded superior performance from all who worked with him inside Camp Vo managed Soldiers while posted as block NCO, maintained custody and control of 54 detainees and one prisoner zero incidentso manages a brigade retention program which is a Master Sergeant positiono selected over more senior Noncommissioned Officers to fill CW2 positiono spends considerable time and effort passing his vast experience on to otherso dedicated and well organized trainero offers advice, but loyal to final decisions made by superiorso his technical and professional ability exceeds that of his peersINTELLECT MET STANDARD BLOCK:o mentally tough; was able to manage numerous tasks at onceo performs well and thinks on his feeto combines technical competence with dependability and loyaltyo technically competent in job performanceo technically proficient NCOo is very confident of technical abilitieso displays sound judgmento innovative and determined in pursuit of goals of the armyo met the minimum standards of competence for his gradeo decisions during rating period did not get anyone harmedINTELLECT DID NOT MEET STANDARD BLOCK:o demonstrated no concern for security and accountability of sensitive itemso unable to train others due to his lack of knowledge in his occupational specialtyo displayed poor judgment in failing to report a Soldier AWOL after the Soldier had been gone for four dayso lacks desire to work with and train SoldiersLEADS PART IV, f.: (Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence beyond the chain of command, Leads by example, Communicates)LEADS FAR EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o handpicked over 50 other Soldiers to serve as the presidential driver during President's visito commended by the battalion commander as having the best enlisted training program within the battaliono developed, planned, and instructed sniper course for the Alaska National Guardo developed comprehensive weapon training plan that has been adopted by the Missouri and Rhode Island National Guardso marksmanship instructions resulted in 96% of the detachment firing expert with the M4o enrolled every Soldier in his platoon in the CLEP program to earn college credito coached 2 Soldiers within squad to win both battalion NCO and Soldier of the Quarter boardso selected among 80 other NCO's for National Defense Transportation Association NCO of the yearo wrote and implemented NCODP SOP which is now USAMA model programo coached and mentored three Soldiers to participate in the annual Bataan Memorial Death March and Army Ten Miler teamo flawlessly planned and coordinated a Battalion Warfighter Competition which consisted of an APFT, obstacle course, WTT tasks, ruck march, and range LEADS EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o spearheaded the company aluminum can recycling program producing over _____ dollarso adapts leadership style to fit the Soldier and situation; exceedingly proficient leader young Soldiers can emulateo devotes his off-duty time assisting Soldiers with personal problemso constantly seeks new ways to improve his teams basic Soldiering and signal communication skillso routinely assists less experienced SGTs with training, with no thought to rewardo routinely delivers briefings to field grade officers that are clear and articulateLEADS MET STANDARD BLOCK:o willing shares hardships of his Soldiers despite age and positiono maintains highest standardso motivates and challenges subordinates through leadership by exampleo places unit's mission, welfare, and training of his Soldiers above personal needso stands firmly on his convictionso able to motivate Soldiers to accomplish the missiono sets the example for taking initiative and accepting responsibilityo able to adapt communication techniques to the situationo strives for team effort in accomplishing assigned tasksLEADS DID NOT MEET STANDARD BLOCK:o failed to maintain accountability of Soldiers under his supervision; fabricated status reportso was relieved for driving while intoxicated in an off duty statuso many times has failed to inspect Soldiers and their equipment resulting in Soldier’s not having cold weather gear for trainingo refused to do his job as 1SG of unit and said “I quit”o tends to put the blame on others for own shortcomingso does not effectively supervise troops on the level required of an SFC/SSG/SGTo failed to be at appointed place of duty four times in two month periodo often failed to perform on-the-spot corrections on subordinateso set a bad example by extorting money from his Soldierso allowed subordinates to ignore verbal and written directivesDEVELOPS PART IV, g.: (Creates a positive command/workplace environment, Fosters esprit de corps, Prepares self, Develops others, Stewards the profession)DEVELOPS FAR EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o completed requirements for Bachelor/Masters Degreeo single handedly assessed and completed the longevity awards for 50 Soldiers within the company, all in his personal timeo created a PowerPoint training class on the counseling process which was adopted by the battaliono completed 16 college hours towards a bachelor's degree in the evenings with an overall 4.0 averageo developed check and balance system for equipment that completely eliminated equipment losses during missionso personally mentored and supported 4 Soldiers in his squad to continue their college education; 3 of them earning their Associate’s degree during deploymento volunteered to teach land navigation to 120 students at the local high school JROTC classDEVELOPS EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o maintained a 3.0 or above grade point average in all civilian education classes o completed requirements for Associates Degree o selected above peers to act as 1SG for (# of days)o commended by battalion CSM for excellent performance as acting first sergeant from (date) to (date)o sacrificed personal time to run with 3 Soldiers outside of Platoon who failed the APFT run, ultimately helping all to pass o goes beyond training to standard; sets the example within the company on how to instruct Soldierso established a battalion quality control program that conserved supplies and fundso maintained accountability for over $23,000 worth of vehicles and communication equipment throughout the rating periodo encouraged development of subordinates by allowing mistakes without retributiono as a result of his education program, many Soldiers in the unit are continuing their educationDEVELOPS MET STANDARD BLOCK:o exhibited a positive attitude; displayed exceptional drive and energyo sought challenges no matter the difficultyo teaches all tasks to standardo dedicated team player who fosters esprit de corpso dedicated to team concepto ensured training sites were secured and equipment was returned following trainingo did not waste supplies during rating periodo maintained accurate count of weapons and equipmento self-motivated; willing to go the distanceo exhibited a high level of esprit de corps, which carries over to his sectiono instills spirit of teamwork in his Soldierso often worked late to ensure his Soldiers professional and personal needs are meto a team player who shows great pride in the unito maintained safety standards whenever chain of command was presento inspected Soldiers and equipment as directedo did not lose any equipment during rating periodo was able to maintain accountability of personnelo maintains equipment within tolerable limitsDEVELOPS DID NOT MEET STANDARD BLOCK:o Soldiers follow him merely out of curiosity o displayed meager enthusiasm and optimism; his/her actions discouraged others to develop and reach their full potentialo unprepared to conduct formal training on three occasionso failed to ensure E4 (SPC) evaluation forms were prepared to standard as instructed by First Sergeanto fails to take the initiative and learn o was often unaware of whereabouts of subordinates.o misplaced OPORD and training packet for Sep drill, resulting in extra work for full time staffo did not properly inventory range supplies or report shortageso failed to notice non-standard troop strap in use for several dayso failed to follow established procedures for securing and accounting for ammunitiono failed to complete the requirements for the disposition of hazardous chemicalso failed to account for components of section equipment end items resulting in marginal readiness of equipmento participates in horseplay with lower grade enlisted Soldierso encouraged Soldiers to grow by cheating for each otherACHIEVES PART IV, h.: (Gets results)ACHIEVES FAR EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o selected as XX MP BDE NCO of the Quartero raised the squad/section/platoon PT score by 50%o her leadership and training plan increased the platoon APFT average from 223 to 286 points during rating periodo stood above peers in all things; the best SGT I’ve rated in 10 yearsACHIEVES EXCEEDED STANDARD BLOCK:o selected as XX MP CO NCO of the Quartero surpassed the brigade's retention objectives by 175%o exceeded delayed entry program functions by 7 eventso won the Fort Sheridan land navigation course competitiono completed all missions well above standard, being the example other team leaders in the platoon should strive to meetACHIEVES MET STANDARD BLOCK:o effectively executed all goals or missions assigned, regardless of difficultyo maintains 100% accountability of all equipmento willing to spend additional effort and time to accomplish all assigned taskso can be relied on to successfully complete all assignmentso took the initiative and makes things happeno works until the mission is completedo works until the job is accomplishedo attains results regardless of the mission or taskso carries out all duties with little supervisiono performed all duties in an efficient mannerACHIEVES DID NOT MEET STANDARD BLOCK:o declined to address subordinate’s request for assistance with personal issueso did not accomplish all tasks and missions in a timely mannero failed battalion certification nine timeso had the highest deadline rate in the company due to apathy o takes little initiative to accomplish missions in a timely fashiono knew the duty of a Squad Leader but failed to adhere to the roles and responsibilities of an Noncommissioned Officer; did not accomplish all tasks to his fullest capacityo failed to comply with instructions of superiors on several occasionso no effective battle handoff with other platoon was conductedo takes little initiative to accomplish missions in a timely fashiono continually missed established suspense dateso late on most suspense itemso afraid to take charge and provide directions and guidance to get the job done o completes assigned missions to standardo completes assigned tasks, only requires minimum oversighto completes tasks when dueRATER OVERALL PERFORMANCE PART IV:The user may enter up to five lines of text and spaces in BULLET FORMAT to comment on the Rated NCO’s overall performance during the rating period as compared to all NCOs in this grade the Rater has ever rated. A common error is when Raters comment on future potential. Senior Raters comment on potential.OVERALL PERFORMANCE DURING PERIOD o satisfactory performance in all respects for newly promoted SSG; was able to perform mission with little oversighto excels when given processes to fix and problems to solveo the single most competent, aggressive, capable and highest performing 42A I have served with in over 20 years of serviceo performed according to standard, with minimal supervisiono outstanding performance in all respects; clearly performed above already high expectationso true professional; totally dedicated to unit and missiono performed exceedingly wello a top notch NCO who expects and enjoys a challenge while instilling confidence within subordinates; sets an example for all to emulateo strives for personal excellence; outstanding role model for subordinates and peerso excels every time assigned to position as acting first sergeanto long standing record of credibility, loyalty and dedicationo stands above contemporaries in personal commitment to professionalism and excellenceo top performing SSG in a company with 23 SSGso top performing SGT in a company with 34 SGTso one of top 3 of 31 junior NCO's assigned to this battaliono the best of my nine first sergeantso best platoon sergeant in the companyo demonstrated capability of handling multiple crises situations and performing at next higher ranko my most aggressive and energetic squad leader; best of threeo my most aggressive and energetic team leader; best of nineo continue to utilize as squad leader to increase exposure to leadership challengeso excellent NCO, needs more responsibility, makes difficult tasks seem easyo demonstrated potential to serve as node center switch operatoro very capable NCO that can always be trusted to accomplish the missiono a top notch NCOo always assumes greater responsibilities when neededo expects and enjoys a challengeo instills confidence within subordinateso developed his Soldiers well, both as individuals and as a mission ready teamo demonstrated outstanding leadership and management skillso exemplifies the best of the NCO corpso performed duties as the operations sergeant in an outstanding mannero sets the standard for all missions assignedMarginal (though still qualified) or needs improvement (not qualified)-o performs below already low expectations -o performance over this period was not reflecting someone of his current rank-o performance was not that of an Army Staff Sergeant-o continue to develop as a Squad Leader -o NCO demonstrated poor performance-o lowest performing of 4 squad leadersSENIOR RATER OVERALL POTENTIAL PART V: 5 lines of NARRATIVE format.Per DA PAM 623-3, Senior raters comment on the rated NCO’s POTENTIAL, and comments are mandatory. Bullet comments are prohibited. Simply stating concurrence with the rater’s evaluation does not fulfill the intent of this paragraph. Comments in the senior rater box include comments:-When the senior rater has not been in the position the minimum number of days necessary to evaluate the rated NCO, he or she will enter the following statement in part V, block b: “I am unable to evaluate the rated NCO because I have not been the senior rater for the required number of days.” In these cases, all other entries in part V, blocks a, b, and c will be left blank. Use the Wizard application to automatically enter the appropriate statement in part V, block b, if he or she is unable to evaluate the rated NCO.-On unusual about the DA Form 2166–9–1 will also be noted here (for example, APFT and height and weight data or explanatory comments, if not included; lack of rated NCO’s signature; signatures are out of sequence on the report).-On any substantiated SHARP, EO, and/or EEO complaints resulting from an AR 15–6 investigation or other official investigation by military or civil authorities, the senior rater will annotate a separate comment “does not support SHARP, EO, and EEO.” This occurs if the rated NCO: (1) committed an act of sexual harassment or sexual assault; (2) failed to report a sexual harassment or assault; (3) failed to respond to a complaint or report of sexual harassment or sexual assault; (4) retaliated against a person making a complaint or report of sexual harassment or sexual assault.-Addressing the lack of a rated NCO’s signature on the NCOER. Use the Wizard application to enter appropriate statement. A report stating that the NCO cannot sign due to CAC issues is unacceptable and such reports will not be processed. The report will not be delayed because it lacks the rated NCO’s signature.-If the senior rater’s evaluation is based on infrequent observation of the rated NCO.Potential.Senior Rater narrative comments should primarily focus on the rated NCO’s potential for promotion, command, schooling (military and civilian), broadening assignments, successive duty assignments and level of assignments, and/or retention, when applicable; however can also make some statement on performance as observed by the SR (e.g. top performing SSG in the company).Narrative Examples: Example:SGT Cody is the best SGT of 9, I senior rate. He has strong potential; promote to Staff Sergeant now. Assign as MP Squad leader immediately, and send to ALC as soon as possible. He will continue to succeed and will make an outstanding squad leader. Every effort needs to be made in order to retain Soldiers like him.Example:SFC Smud is a stellar NCO, top 20% of all SFC’s I have served with, and will absolutely be a 1SG someday. Promote now and send to Non-Lethal Weapons Trainer Course immediately. Afford him every opportunity to complete his college education.Example: (from Effective Writing)1SG XXXXX ranks #1 of 4 First Sergeants I currently senior rate and is among the best senior NCOs within the battalion. Already operating in a Battalion CSM capacity, he is a must select for SGM with incredible potential. Immediately select for SGM at first look, followed by assignment to the resident Sergeants Major Academy.Example:SGT Snuffy will make an outstanding Staff Sergeant. Send to ALC when eligible, promote when ready. She has great potential and will excel in any duty position. SGT Snuffy’s APFT performance is improving and on track to meeting the standards soon. Example (for a less than stellar NCO):SSG Joe’s needs to take personal initiative to bring himself to the competency level of his current rank. He should not be sent to any military school until he has addressed his shortcomings. Unless SSG Joe takes steps to improve, he should be allowed to ETS without effort to retain. Example (for a less than stellar NCO):SGT Joe will excel in the NCO corps and should be considered for promotion after additional training and experience. He should be sent to his next level NCOES when eligible. SGT Joe should be able to handle additional responsibility after some mentorship and schooling.Example (mediocre/bad NCO)SSG XXX has potential far beyond his demonstrated performance. SSG XXXwould benefit by additional time in his current rank and position. SSG XXX is not recommended for positions of additional responsibility, positions heavily dependent upon initiative, or positions of greater responsibility. Do not send to ALC based on performance and two previous no-shows and one cancelation.ELEMENT IDEAS (the bullets are simply to keep them separate; remember that this should be a NARATIVE) OBSERVED PERFORMANCE COMMENT (SR’s must limit comments on performance)-#1 of XX SSGs I currently senior rate. -Superb! SFC XXXXX’s performance in an extremely difficult and challenging assignment has been absolutely outstanding. SFC XXXXX’s rare skills and abilities clearly separate her from her peers and make her the right choice for the difficult jobs that require innovative planning, meticulous execution, and extra effort. -He is one of the most knowledgeable and professional NCOs that I’ve worked with in 33 years of service.-Outstanding performance.PROMOTION STATUS/POTENTIAL-promote ahead of peers-outstanding potential for greater responsibility-has the ability to excel as a platoon sergeant-promote with peers-promote to Sergeant Major in secondary zone-promote now; select for 1SG, send to 1SG course and groom for sergeant major-has clearly demonstrated the potential for increased responsibility; assign as a food service sergeant of a major subordinate command-assign as company first sergeant now.-promote to master sergeant as soon as eligible.-promote when possible, could serve as platoon sergeant now.-promote immediately-promote as soon as possible and assign as platoon sergeant in a Combat Support MP CO now-promote as soon as possible and assign as squad leader now, keep in critical troop leading assignments-has demonstrated potential for positions of increased responsibility-promote now, will be an excellent combat engineer unit first sergeant-promote immediately, place in leadership positions-tomorrow’s leader; promote now-has demonstrated potential for positions of increased responsibility-ready t-be a section sergeant now-this NCO will make an outstanding 1SG, promote t-MSG now.-assign immediately as MP company 1SG-absolute professional; promote and assign as NCOIC of an MP battalion-send t-SLC and promote t-SFC as soon as possible.-has demonstrated superior potential and the need for responsibility Marginal (though still qualified) or needs improvement (not qualified)- needs time as a team leader; promoting now would harm his career- do not promote at this time- promote to Sergeant First Class after demonstrating satisfactory performance in key developmental positions as a Staff Sergeant- not ready for promotion at this time- promote when ready- needs work in order to be competent in current gradeSCHOOL ASSIGNMENT- send to Advanced Leaders Course now- send to Advanced Leaders Course when slots become available- highly intelligent NCO, should be sent to Military Police Investigations immediately.- every effort should be made to allow this NCO to complete her bachelors. - send to Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officers Course now- excellent NCO, send to WLC as soon as possible.- send to ALC immediately - should be selected for attendance to WLC/ALC/SLC- send to WLC/ALC/SLC when possible- Send to ALC immediately; will benefit from further NCOES training and mentorship- Send Basic Instructor Course, the knowledge will do the NCO and unit good. - NCO has excellent potential to be the best instructor in the BN; send to ABIC and SGL courses now. Marginal (though still qualified) or needs improvement (not qualified)- do not send to Senior Leaders Course at this time- will be ready for next leadership school with some additional training; not ready at this time- she needs to work on basic Soldier skills before being thrust into higher levels of military education - he isn’t ready for ALC at this time.PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL- this NCOs potential is unlimited and will succeed in any position- put this NCO in higher demanding positions- demonstrates the potential to excel; continue to groom for increased responsibility- demonstrates potential to excel in leadership positions with greater responsibility- place in more demanding assignments; he will excel- has incredcibly high potential; assign as First Sergeant immediately- assign this Soldier in demanding and critical positions immediately to take full advantage of this Soldier's skills and expertise- great potential to be successful at any echelon- capable of excelling, no matter what position he holds- challenge with only the most challenging and demanding assignments as he surely will succeed- absolutely high potential, recommend for sergeant major's academy and promote- greatest potential of all maintenance team chiefs in the battalion- possesses exceptional potential as a division, installation or MACOM CSM- incredible leadership potential for higher positions- best potential is as a trainer of Soldiers- must be promoted immediately and assigned as an infantry battalion CSM- potential for major contributions as a corps artillery or division CSM- his greatest contribution to the army will be leading and training armor Soldiers in a line tank platoon- should not hesitate to place this Soldier on demanding and critical positions- should always be assigned with Soldiers, MACOM CSM after Division CSM or Commandant of Sergeant Major Academy- clearly possesses the leadership skills and expertise to effectively serve as platoon sergeant- has potential to become an outstanding brigade or division MP operations NCO- should be given increased responsibility as food service sergeant of a major subordinate command- his aggressive can-do attitude will make him a superior first sergeant- challenge this exceptionally dedicated NCO with the most demanding assignments, he will excel- future assignment at a PMO NCOIC- will excel in a position of developing, implementing and fielding new equipment- should be groomed for future assignments as MP BDE level CSM- assign a NCOIC of major INCOM maintenance facility- incredible potential for troop leading and mid-level logistical staff positions- assign as senior administrative NCO at BDE level- outstanding potential for SFC - greatest potential would be as a combat engineer company first sergeant- give this Soldier a platoon sergeant position and watch him excel- would make an excellent 1SG- great potential here, assign to positions of higher responsibility- absolutely has potential for positions of greater rank and responsibilityMarginal (though still qualified) or needs improvement (not qualified)- potential to become a good leader is hindered by his duty performance- potential for increased rank should be directed at another, less stressful MOS- with more experience and schooling, NCO will be ready for more responsibilities - NCO is not ready for increased responsibility at this timeRETENTION POTENTIAL- every effort should be made to retain this NCO.- retaining this NCO should be a unit priority.- this NCO is worth every retention effort. Marginal (though still qualified) or needs improvement (not qualified)- retention of this NCO is not a priority at this time.- retention of this NCO should be considered only after they have met HT/WT standards. - this NCO should be allowed to ETS.SENIOR RATER OVERALL POTENTIAL PART V, c.: Successive assignments.Recommend you look in DA PAM 600-25, U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Guide for detailed information on successive duty assignments per MOS. Squad LeaderSection LeaderTeam LeaderPlatoon SergeantFirst SergeantSENIOR RATER OVERALL POTENTIAL PART V, c.: Broadening assignments.Recommend you look in DA PAM 600-25, U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Guide for detailed information on broadening duty assignments per MOS. Training NCOMPIOperations SeargeantReadiness NCOAnti-Terrorism NCOBN Operations SergeantCompany Operations SergeantTraffic InvestigatorMP MOSQ InstructorRecruiterDrill SergeantBattle Staff NCO CourseInter-Service Non-Lethal Weapons InstructorEFFECTIVE WORDS:Sample words:Communication/People SkillsAddressAdvertiseArbitrateArrangeArticulateAuthorClarifyCollaborateCommunicateComposeCondenseConferConsultContactConveyConvinceCorrespondDebateDefineDevelopDirectDiscussDraftEditElicitEnlistExplainExpressFormulateFurnishIncorporateInfluenceInteractInterpretInterviewInvolveJoinJudgeLectureListenMarketMediateModerateNegotiateObserveOutlineParticipatePersuadePresentPromoteProposePublicizeReconcileRecruitReferReinforceReportResolveRespondSolicitSpecifySpeakSuggestSummarizeSynthesizeTranslateWriteCreative SkillsActAdaptBeginCombineComposeConceptualizeCondenseCreateCustomizeDesignDevelopDirectDisplayDrawEntertainEstablishFashionFormulateFoundIllustrateInitiateInstituteIntegrateIntroduceInventModelModifyOriginatePerformPhotographPlanReviseRevitalizeShapeSolveData/FinancialSkillsAdministerAdjustAllocateAnalyzeAppraiseAssessAuditBalanceBudgetCalculateComputeConserveCorrectDetermineDevelopEstimateForecastManageMarketMeasureNetPlanPrepareProgramProjectQualifyReconcileReduceResearchRetrieve Helping SkillsAdaptAdvocateAidAnswerArrangeAssessAssistClarifyCoachCollaborateContributeCooperateCounselDemonstrateDiagnoseEducateEncourageEnsureExpediteFacilitateFamiliarizeFurtherGuideHelpInsureInterveneMotivatePreventProvideReferRehabilitateRepresentResolveSimplifySupplySupportVolunteerManagement/Leadership SkillsAdministerAnalyzeAppointApproveAssignAttainAuthorizeChairConsiderConsolidateContractControlConvertCoordinateDecideDelegateDevelopDirectEliminateEmphasizeEnforceEnhanceEstablishExecuteGenerateHandleHeadHireHostImproveIncorporateIncreaseInitiateInspectInstituteLeadManageMergeMotivateNavigateOrganizeOriginateOverhaulOverseePlanPresidePrioritizeProduceRecommendReorganizeReplaceRestoreReviewScheduleSecureSelectStreamlineStrengthenSuperviseTerminateOrganizationalSkillsApproveArrangeCatalogueCategorizeChartClassifyCodeCollectCompileCorrectCorrespondDistributeExecuteFileGenerateIncorporateInspectLogMaintainMonitorObtainOperateOrderOrganizePrepareProcessProvidePurchaseRecordRegisterReserveRespondReviewRouteScheduleSubmitSupplyStandardizeSystematizeUpdateValidateVerifyResearch SkillsAnalyzeClarifyCollectCompareConductCritiqueDetectDetermineDiagnoseEvaluateExamineExperimentExploreExtractFormulateGatherInspectInterviewInventInvestigateLocateMeasureOrganizeResearchReviewSearchSolveSummarizeSurveySystematizeTestTeaching SkillsAdaptAdviseClarifyCoachCommunicateConductCoordinateCritiqueDevelopEnableEncourageEvaluateExplainFacilitateFocusGuideIndividualizeInformInstillInstructMotivatePersuadeSimulateStimulateTeachTestTrainTransmitTutorTechnical SkillsAdaptApplyAssembleBuildCalculateComputeConserveConstructConvertDebugDesignDetermineDevelopEngineerFabricateFortifyInstallMaintainOperateOverhaulPrintProgramRectifyRegulateRemodelRepairReplaceRestoreSolveSpecializeStandardizeStudyUpgradeUtilizeMore Skills VerbsAssembleAttachBalanceBuildBundleCalibrateCare forCleanCodeCollateCollectConductConserveConstructControlDesignDiagramDictateDirectDismantleDocumentDrawDuplicateEditExecuteFixFormatGatherGradeGridHarvestHighlightImplementInspectInstructInterviewLiftLineLoad/reloadLocateLogMakeManageMeasureMixMountOperateOrganizePackagePerformPlantPortionPositionPreparePressProcessProgramProofreadPropagateProveProvidePruneRaiseRecheckRefillRegulateRenovateRepairReplaceReproduceRetrieveRouteSaveSearchSecureSelectSeparateSharpenSimplifySimulateSketchSortSpliceStratifySterilizeTapeTerminateTransferTransplantTreatTrimTroubleshootVerifyWashWriteManagerial Proficiency Achieve, Administer, Analyze, Appoint,Approve, Assign, Attain, Authorize, Chair,Conceive, Consider, Consolidate, Contract, Control, Convert, Coordinate, Decide, Delegate, Develop, Direct, Eliminate, Emphasize, Encourage, Enforce, Enhance, Establish, Evaluate, Execute, Improve, Generate, Handle, Head, Hire, Host, Implement,Improve, Incorporate, Increase, Initiate, Inspect, Inspire, Institute, Launch,Lead,Manage, Merge, Motivate. Navigate, Organize, Originate, Overhaul, Oversee, Plan, Preside,Prioritize, Produce, Recommend, Reevaluate, Reject, Reorganize, Replace, Report, Restore, Review, Schedule, Secure, Select, Streamline, Strengthen, Supervise, Terminate, Unite

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