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The Mission Foundation of The Ohio River Valley District of The United Methodist Church2019 Youth Mission or Spiritual Development Trip Grants Applications due to the District Office by March 8, 2019Maximum amount awarded is $1,000.00 per church/organization per year.Date _________________ Church Name_____________________________________________________Pastor’s Name______________________________________________Address____________________________________________________________City____________________________State_______________Zip_____________E-mail: ____________________________________________________________Church Phone #_________________________ Youth Director____________________________________________________Address___________________________________________________________City____________________________State_______________Zip_____________E-mail: _________________________________Cell Phone #____________________________ Describe the activities planned that will enrich the spiritual formation of those participating.Where are you going? (name of camp and location)Name of organization runs the camp/retreat center you will be using? Affiliated with the United Methodist Church ? check one: yes___no___When are you going on this trip?Is this a new trip for your youth – one that your church nor youth group has previously experience? If No, list the last two trips you’ve taken:How many are going on the trip?Youth _____Adults ______Total ________What is the cost per participant? $_____________ . _____What is the total projected cost for this trip? $_____________ . _____Funding requested of ORV Mission Foundation for this trip:$_____________ . _____ Please describe the culture and demographics of those you are going to serve as well as a brief description of the mission/work you will perform. How do you expect this trip/event to change the lives of the youth and adults who attend? How will this growth be measured and evaluated?Please include a budget for the trip, which identifies local congregation/organization dollars that will support the trip and other financial resources that will be used for this trip (projected income.) Also, indicate how these funds will be spent (projected expenditures.) Add these as attachments to this form. A copy of your current safe sanctuary policy must be on file with the West Ohio Conference. PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE ANY PAGEWe, the undersigned, request funding from The Mission Foundation of The Ohio River Valley District of The United Methodist Church as documented in this form and attachments.We understand as a grant recipient that we will be expected to participate in sharing our story of mission by:--attending the District Abundant Fruit Celebration on Sunday October 6, 2019 --including a photo and write up for the Abundant Fruit booklet--submitting a Youth Mission Trip evaluation by September 6, 2019 _________________________________ ________________________________PastorAdministrative Board/Council Chairperson_________________________________ ________________________________Finance ChairpersonYouth Pastor/DirectorAPPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 8, 2019Please mail or hand deliver a hard copy of your request with all signatures and supporting documentation included by 4pm on Friday March 8, 2019 to:The Ohio River Valley District OfficeAttention Rev. Dr. Suzanne Allen7388 E. Kemper Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

How to pay Ohio tax? Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On the final collection date, July 15th, hours are extended to 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Bring cash, check, money order, credit card or debit card payment. Additional fees are Credit card (2.45% with a $3.95 minimum) and debit card ($3.95 flat fee, in-person).