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Proven, reliable and always innovative. - old trw piston catalog

Proven, reliable and always innovative.-old trw piston catalog

Parts for Trucks, Trailers & Buses
Proven, reliable and
always innovative.
TRP? offers reliable
aftermarket products
that are designed
and tested to exceed
customers' expectations
regardless of the vehicle
make, model or age.
Tested. Reliable. Guaranteed.
King Pin Kits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-4
Choosing the right
replacement part or service for TIE ROD ENDS
your vehicle--whether you own
one, or a fleet--is one of the Tie Rod Ends. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-12
most important decisions you
can make for your business.
And, with tested TRP? parts
it's an easy decision.
Regardless of the make
you drive, TRP? quality
replacement parts are
engineered to fit your truck,
trailer or bus. Choose the
parts that give you the best
value for your business. Check
them out at an approved
TRP? retailer near you.
The cross reference information in this
catalog is based upon data provided
by several industry sources and our
partners. While every attempt is made
to ensure the information presented
is accurate, we bear no liability due to
incorrect or incomplete information.
Product Availability
Due to export restrictions and market TRP? North America
demands, not all products are
always available in every location. 750 Houser Way N.
Check for availability in your area
with your local TRP? Distributor. Renton, WA 98057
No part of this marketing material may be www.trpparts.com
reproduced in any manner without written
permission from TRP? North America.
TRP100EN-A www.trpparts.com
Parts for Trucks, Trailers & Buses
TRP? King Pin Kits are manufactured using high quality steel, state-of-the-art heat treatment and machine-tool technology.
Available for all makes of axles, TRP? King Pin Kits are built for maximum strength and wear resistance.
? Premium tested design
? Quality steel and superior heat treatment offer wear resistance
? For medium and heavy-duty applications
Axle Mfg. Model Axle Load TRP OEM Kit Meritor Fleetrite Euclid
I50 - I80 6k - 8k SK546 101KK113 R200052 FAK4495 E-4460B
D800 - D850 8k SK626 329182 R201487 FAK4626
I108 - I120 10.5k SK571 309KK105 R200074 FAK4517 E-4693B
I100 - I120 10k - 12k SK635B 120KK100 R201486 FAK5455
EFA12F4 12k SK589 806355 R200267 FAK4572 E-4696C
Dana/Eaton I108 - I120 12k - 13.2k SK606 343KK103 R200278 FAK5453 E-6875C
E1000/E1320I 12k - 13.2k SK652 328342 R200281 FAK4610 E-11394B
E1200/E1320I 12k - 13.2k SK716 328344 FAK5506
1460I 14.6k SK654 328345 FAK4612
1460I 14.6k SK720 328343 FAK4611
EFA18 18k - 22k SK602 811525 R200250 FAK4574 E-6194C
Hendrickson AIRTEX, SOFTEK
STEERTEK, IFS 12.5k - 14.6k SK738 60961-040 FAK5512
FA514 9k SK556 301SQ46B R200064 FAK4507 E-4466B
FA532/537 10.5k - 12k SK557 301SQ47E R200065 FAK4508 E-4467B
Mack/Volvo FA616/617 18k - 20k SK566 301SQ52A R200071 FAK4514 E-4599B
FXL12 & VF12- 12k - 23k SK732 85108338 FAK5459
FXL23 & VF23 (Single Side)
FF Series 12k SK604 R201315 R201315 FAK4570 E-6199C
FF Series 13.2k SK569 R201307 R201307 FAK4564 E-4694C
FF/FL 13.2k - 20k SK538 R200198 R200198 FAK4558 E-4458B
FF Series 16k - 20k SK590 R201312 R201312 FAK4568 E-4458C
Meritor FF921 12k SK525 R200199 R200199 FAK4559 E-4450B
FF931 12k - 13.2k SK551 R200195 R200195 FAK4555 E-4468B
FF981 12k SK663 R201419 R201419 FAK4614 E-11808C
FG943 14.6k SK574 R201309 R201309 FAK4566 E-4695C
FG943 14.6k SK568 R201310 R201310 FAK4567 E-6868B
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What is the piston catalog? how to use this catalog This catalog contains pistons for domestic and imported passenger car and truck engine applications and contains several significant changes to the part number system and order quantity procedures.


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