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Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is the new streamlined Internet browser intended to replace Internet
o But Internet Explorer is still available should you prefer to use it.
As Edge still has its deficiencies, now not expected to be remedied until
late in the year.
Restore it by first searching with the Start menu or search box.
Type internet and the program appears.
Right-click to add (Pin) it to the Taskbar.
Restore Internet Explorer as the default browser if desired by:
Right-click the Start button and choose Control Panel and choose
Default programs.
Select Set your Default programs.
Then select Internet Explorer from the list on the left and set this
program as default.
Click OK.
o You can also import your Favorites from Internet Explorer or another browser.
Display the Favorites bar if desired (by clicking the ellipsis
menu|Settings|Favorite Settings and Turn on Favorites bar button.
o Edge introduces a Reading view.
o Find Favorites, History, and Downloads with the "Hub" (the hamburger menu,
top right).
o Mark up by writing (talk bubble) or highlighting items on a web page, then share
that marked up webpage.
Must use Mail (app provided by Windows 10).
o Also, Cortana can help when surfing the web. A blue Cortana icon appears in the
browser bar (on the right) with "I've got more info," when Cortana can provide
more information about the website (Such as Yelp info on a restaurant, such as
Sneaky Pete's www.sneakypetesbonita.com .
Open multiple instances of Edge:
o Click on the ellipsis (...) menu and choose new window.
o Right-click edge icon on the taskbar and choose Microsoft Edge.
This function was added by the recent update.
o Or drag an existing tab downward.
Microsoft Edge
Set up Microsoft Edge
o Choose a theme, light or dark.
o Import your Favorites from Internet Explorer or Chrome.
Open Edge Settings by clicking on the ellipsis ( ... ) menu and choosing
Settings at the bottom of the list, then Favorite settings (2nd section).
Click on the "Import favorites from another browser" link.
Choose IE or Chrome, etc.)
Turn on the Favorites bar if desired (by clicking the button.
o Decide what Microsoft Edge opens with.
By default, Edge opens with the "about:start page, providing news and
optional material.
Change or Add a page or pages Edge opens with.
Change the radio button to the "A specific page or pages".
Choose Custom from the drop-down list.
By doing so, an " Enter a web address " box appears
In the "Enter a web address box, type or copy the URL for the desired
It may be easier to first go to that page, and Copy the URL from
the address line.
Once entered, be sure to click on the Plus sign (to the right of the
box) to add it.
You can add as many pages as you want to open.
Remove pages by clicking the "X" to the right of the address.
o Put a home button on the Navigation bar.
On the Settings list, scroll to the bottom and use the "View advanced
settings button, and turn on "Show the home button" (top option).
o Have a Start page, but set a separate SINGLE home page.
You can set a home page which opens ONLY with the Home button.
It does not open unless you click the Home button.
o Please note: You may be warned by Norton or other antivirus programs that
Edge is not currently capable of having "Extensions", which makes it less secure.
Just ignore the warning for now, or click the "Don't remind me about this
again" link to the left of the warning.
Microsoft Edge
Further Customization of Microsoft Edge
o Rearrange icons in the Favorites, or on the Favorite Bar
Open Microsoft Edge.
On the Favorites bar icons will drag back and forth since the last Windows
But not from the drop-down list.
Otherwise open the Favorites list by clicking the "Hub" (three bars to the
right of the star).
Pin it to the side with the horizontal stick pin.
Now you can drag items to the desired locations.
In this way you can get Favorites bar items towards the front.
Unfortunately, Edge has not yet offered a way of simple alphabetizing of
o Make Microsoft Edge search result open in new tab.
Perform a search, any search.
On the search window, click the sprocket (upper right within the search
window, not Title bar area) and choose Settings.
Within Settings go to the Web tab.
On the Web settings, put a check in "Open links in a new browser
Click Save (lower left).
o Customize the about:start page weather
Click on the ellipsis ... menu to the right of the current named location.
Search for your location by zip code, name, or use location finder.
Pick City from the displayed list and Save.
Clicking on the weather opens the Weather app.
o Side note about the Weather app:
Set "Launch" location by:
Open Places (hamburger menu on the top left).
Right-click the item in the Launch location area and choose
"change launch location".
Provide name or zip and choose city.
This will now be the location which opens by default.
Also add multiple locations to the Favorites.

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