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CAREGiver Performance Review
CAREGiver ____________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________________
Build Trust Be Reliable Be Professional Be Responsible
Exceeds Meets
Expectation Expectations Needs Improvement
Has a record of dependability and reliability. Meets commitments
despite obstacles. Does not use excuses for mistakes or failures.
Follows care plan. Is performing "in good standing".
Client Focus
Gives the client his/her undivided respectful attention. Offers
consistent care. Takes appropriate steps to continuously improve
service. Goes above and beyond to provide extraordinary care.
Provides good handoff communications. Reads and follows
journal/client materials and professional boundaries.
Careful Decision Making
Shows common sense. Anticipates consequences of decisions.
Identifies situations that require the involvement of others to
achieve the best outcome.
Communicates & listens effectively with all Home Instead staff,
other CAREGivers, clients and families. Able to document facts
with appropriate level of detail. Builds trust through open and
consistent communication. Uses empathetic listening skills.
Communications are through the office, not client.
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Take the Lead: Be Empowered Be Involved
Exceeds Meets Needs
Expectation Expectations Improvement
Takes Initiative
Takes the lead by finding sensible, realistic, practical solutions to meet his client's
needs. Empathizes by anticipating. Thinks before acting.
Ongoing Learning:
Enthusiastically engages in additional training within or outside of Home Instead.
Understands that the more you know, the more you can do for the company and
Demonstrates commitment to Home Instead's philosophy by attending,
participating, and/or volunteering in company and community events to grow
her/himself through helping others.
Sets high standards of performance for self. Exhibits conscientiousness and high
sense of responsibility for self, other employees, and company.
Share Your Heart Be Compassionate and Thoughtful BeYourself
Exceeds Meets Needs
Expectation Expectations Improvement
Positive Attitude
Exhibits enthusiasm, excitement and positive "can do" attitude; not
defensive. Able to turn negative or neutral situations into a positive
outcome. Positively accepts feedback.
Puts people at ease. Exhibits friendliness, genuineness, caring, compassion
and sensitivity. Shares heart by taking steps to be the bright spot in
someone's day.
Flexible to needs of others. Not rigid intellectually, emotionally, or
interpersonally. Adjusts quickly to changing priorities. Takes extra shift,
stays later if scheduling problems.
Rev 3_1_2020 SSMW, LLC is an independently owned and operated Home Instead Senior Care franchise
Measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI's
# Call-Outs/Absences (no more than 6 in prior 12 months)
# Tardiness (no more than 6 in prior 12 months)
# Missed Clock-Ins/Outs (no more than 12 in prior 12 months)
# CAREGiver Meetings Attended
# Training Classes Completed
# Emergency Shift Acceptances
# Client Accolades
# Disciplinary Actions and/or Complaints
# Client or CAREGiver Successful Referrals
# Declined Shifts w/in Availability (no more than 6 declines in prior 12 months)
Measurable Key Performance Indicators
Overall Rating
Overall Rating Exceeds Fully Meets Needs
Expectations Expectations Development
Overall Comments:
Scale Explanation
3 Needs Development- Falls below expectations in one or more significant areas. Performance related to this
competency has declined significantly or has not improved. Lacks appropriate level of skills. Requires consistent
guidance to demonstrate the skills. May resist coaching or be defensive to feedback. Lacks commitment to improve.
Missed significant number of KPI's
2 Fully Meets Expectations- Consistently meets (occasionally exceeds and seldom falls short of) the proficiencies of this
competency. Demonstrates acceptable expertise and understanding of this competency. Effectively applies knowledge
of this competency on a consistent basis. Usually seeks to develop, improve and demonstrate the skills of this
competency. Met most/all KPI's.
1 Exceeds Expectations- Consistently exceeds the proficiencies of this competency and coaches others regularly. Takes
extra shifts willingly, asks for more development, volunteers regularly. Has received client accolades regularly. May be
at the Mentor skill level on the CAREGiver career ladder. Met all KPIs or exceeded many KPI's.
CAREGiver Signature: _____________________________________________________
Supervisor Signature: _________________________________ Date: ________________
Rev 3_1_2020 SSMW, LLC is an independently owned and operated Home Instead Senior Care franchise

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