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General Staff Performance Review
Approving authority Executive Group
Approval date 16 March 2016
Advisor For advice and guidance on this policy, please contact HR Advisory
Next scheduled review 2021
Document URL http://policies.griffith.edu.au/pdf/General Staff Performance Review.pdf
TRIM document 2021/0000082
Description This document sets out the policy and procedure on performance management
for general staff.
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[Time-frames] [Support & Resources] [Delegated Authorities] [Template 1] [Template 2] [Template 3]
The University is committed to a culture of high performance and excellence. Effective performance
management within work units is a key accountability for all staff.
Effective performance management is based on a relationship between supervisors and their staff in
which expectations, outcomes and development are regularly discussed. This is based on three
principles -
? A position description of individual responsibilities and accountabilities which is understood by
individual staff and their supervisor and which is regularly reviewed;
? Clear objectives, expectations of outcomes and development plans; and
? Regular feedback between supervisors and staff on progress, achievements and areas for
It is a key accountability for all supervisors and managers of general staff to ensure cycles of role
clarification, goal setting and feedback are part of their management practice. All staff are required to
engage with their supervisors in regular discussion of their role, performance expectations and
1 General Staff Performance Review
In addition to these regular discussions, all general staff and their supervisors will meet formally once
a year to discuss the staff member's performance over the previous year and performance objectives
and staff development activities for the following year.
The formal annual discussion will cover:-
? review of the Position Description;
? review of the staff member's performance against the Position Description;
? review of progress towards any specific goals and objectives set at the previous year's meeting;
? specific performance goals and objectives for the coming year in the context of the University and
work area's strategic objectives; and
? consideration of possible development activities in the coming year.
All general staff on continuing and fixed-term contracts of greater than 12 months are subject to this
4.1 It is recognised that there are very significant differences across general staff in terms of HEW
classification and the nature of the work which they undertake. A "one size fits all" approach to
performance management, particularly in respect of the documentation required, is not always
appropriate. There needs to be some flexibility in the documentation aspect of the process
provided that, for all staff members, the essentials of performance management set out in
section 2 are fulfilled each year. To this end, template 1, template 2 and template 3 (Finance
only) is provided to assist supervisors and managers. The Relevant Senior Officer is
responsible for determining which of the templates are to be used in their area of
responsibility. Either template 1 or 2 may be used in an area as appropriate to the categories
of staff and nature of work in the area. Template 3 is to be used for Finance staff only. In all
cases, however, there must be a documentary record to show that an annual performance
review took place.
4.2 The Relevant Senior Officer is responsible for approving the implementation of performance
management in their Division or Group within the framework of this policy in accordance with
Section 8.
4.3 As a minimum, the process must include regular dialogue during the year in order to consider
performance, realign objectives as required and identify areas for improvement. In addition,
there must be a formal meeting that takes place annually between the staff member and
supervisor to review performance and development, and discuss future plans and objectives
aligned with University and work area goals and objectives.
4.4 The template documents provide for signatures of the supervisor and the staff member. It also
provides opportunity for the staff member to provide comments, including disagreement with
the supervisor's evaluation. The staff member may decline to sign the performance evaluation
document, but this does not invalidate the evaluation.
4.5 The supervisor must give the staff member a copy of the review documentation and forward a
copy to Information Management for placement on the staff member's file.
In cases of unsatisfactory performance, University procedures as defined in the relevant industrial
agreement will be followed.
2 General Staff Performance Review
The general staff performance review operates on an annual cycle, which should align with the
business cycle of the work unit. Timing of the Performance Review Cycle is a matter for determination
by the Relevant Senior Officer to best suit the operational needs of the area. For example, the formal
review meeting could take place:
? towards the end of a calendar year;
? in the first quarter of the calendar year;
? on the anniversary of the staff member's appointment;
? at the same time as academic staff reviews.
The Relevant Senior Officer may approve different timings for different areas to best suit operational
Ongoing dialogue and feedback takes place during the course of the year in order to discuss progress,
realign objectives as required, and identify areas for improvement.
The Office of Human Resource Management provides a range of support for the planning and review
process. The General Staff Performance Review webpage has a variety of information and resources
and guidance and advice is also available through contacting your relevant HR Business Partner.
For the purpose of this policy, Relevant Senior Officer (the delegate) is as listed in the Delegations
Register, as amended from time to time.
3 General Staff Performance Review

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