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S PULMONARY CRITICAL CARE AND SLEEP MEDICINE-pulmonary critical care and sleep

? Our section faculty provides compassionate,
comprehensive, clinical care to a diverse population in the
Houston Metropolitan area through our three Baylor
Medicine affiliates: Ben Taub Hospital, Baylor Saint
Luke's Medical Center and The Michael DeBakey Veterans
Affairs Medical Center. Over the last year, we have
expanded the number of critical care faculty to address the
increasing demands related to the COVID-19 pandemic and
created outpatient clinics to provide long-term care for
covid patients with Post Covid and Clinic at Home
programs. All pavilions have initiated new lung cancer SECTION CHIEF
screening programs. Our programs are nationally ranked as Ivan O. Rosas, MD
a high performing level in Pulmonology and Lung Surgery.
? We have world-class clinical training programs that provide outstanding educational
opportunities through multiple academic series, including Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep
Medicine Grand Rounds, which has featured local, national, and internationally recognized
speakers. Over the last year, several faculty members were appointed to educational leadership
positions nationally and across the college, several others received College education awards
including the prestigious Barbara and Corbin J. Robertson, Jr. Presidential Award for Excellence
in Education.
? Our section has a strong tradition of research excellence. This year, our faculty published more
than 100 peer-reviewed articles, a number were published in high-impact journals (NEJM, JAMA,
Nature Communications, and Science Translational Medicine) and top-rated pulmonary
subspecialty journals (AJRCCM, ERJ, Chest, and AJRCMB). Our faculty successfully led
research programs in COVID-19 pneumonia and participated in novel vaccination and biomarker
research COVID-19 studies. In the last year our research faculty was awarded total direct and
indirect research support of $10.5 million from federal and private research grants issued in
FY21. Research training is an integral part of our fellowships, trainees interested in pursuing a
clinician scientist track are supported through multiple NIH-NHLBI T32 grants.
Section Leadership
Baylor Medicine/Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center
? Ivan O. Rosas, MD, Section Chief
? Fidaa Shaib, MD, Baylor Medicine Director
? Muhammad Asim Siddique, MD, MICU Director
? Prasad Manian, MD, Director and Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs
? Puneet Garcha, MD, Lung Transplant Director
Ben Taub Hospital
? Nicola Hanania, MD, Interim Chief Ben Taub Hospital
? Philip Alapat, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Fellowship Director
? Kalpalatha Guntupalli, MD, Critical Care Fellowship Director
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
? Venkata Bandi, MD, Chief Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Baylor Medicine/Baylor St. Luke's ? Modi Dipaben, MD
Medical Center ? Muhammad Hayat Syed, , MD
? Timothy Hotze, MD
Professor ? Christopher Howard, MD
? Maher Baz, MD ? Ali Jiwani, MD
? James Herlihy, MD ? Minkyung Kwon, MD
? Prasad Manian, MD ? Gloria Li, MD
? Ivan O. Rosas, MD ? Thomas Monaco, MD
Associate Professor ? Christopher Morgan, MD
? Madhu Nair, MD
? Puneet Garcha, MD ? Ali Omranian, MD
? Sara Nowakowski, PhD ? Justin Segraves, MD
? Fidaa Shaib, MD ? Muhammad Asim Siddique, MD
Assistant Professor ? Trevino Castillo Sergio, MD
? Helina Wakwaya, MD
? Fatima Adhi, MD ? Annise Wilson, MD
? Kumar Anupam, MD ? Tianshi David Wu, MD
? Jairo Barrantes - Perez, MD
? Tara Barto, MD Instructor
? Andrea Braun, MD ? Jessica Farrell, NP
? Sunjay Devarajan, MD
? Edward Hatrick, NP Associate Professor
Ben Taub Hospital ? Christina Kao, MD, PhD
? Charlie Lan, MD
Professor ? Kanta Velamuri, MD
? Kalpalatha Guntupalli, MD Assistant Professor
Associate Professor ? Ritwick Agrawal, MD
? Nicola Hanania, MD ? Uma Ayyala, MD
? Stephen Bujarski, MD
Assistant Professor ? Ray Lazarus, MD
? Muhammad Adrish, MD ? Shahram Moghtader, MD
? Philip Alapat, MD ? Lavannya Pandit, MD
? Elizabeth Guy, MD ? Supriya Singh, MD
? Amy Heibel, MD
? Babith Mankidy, MD Pavilion for Women
? Dharani Narendra, MD Assistant Professor
? Elaine Palacios, MD ? Muhammad Asim Siddique, MD
? Purvesh Patel MD
? Pralay Sarkar, MD Non-Clinician Research
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Professor
Center ? Aladin Boriek, PhD
Professor Assistant Professor
? Farrah Kheradmand, MD ? Lindsay Celada, PhD
? Rolando Rumbaut, MD, PhD ? Freddy Romero, PhD
? Amir Sharafkhaneh, MD, PhD ? Konstantin Tsoyi, PhD
? Bandi Venkata, MD
? Mustafa Atik, MD, PhD
? Liang Xiaoliang, PhD
Ritwick Agrawal, MD
? 2021 Baylor College of Medicine Star Patient Care Award
? 2021 Star Awards for Excellence in Patient Care
? Norton Rose Fulbright Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching and Evaluation