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September 16, 2020
Dear St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program Parents and Guardians,
I apologize for the delay in providing you with constant communication. There are no excuses for keeping you
in the dark and for this lack of communication, I take responsibility. Please know that as of this communication
to you, I will now take a "hands on" approach to this very important program. St. Thomas Aquinas Distance
Learning Program is essential to meeting the educational needs of your child(ren). I am truly committed to
seeing the success of this program and will do everything possible to ensure this success.
I am writing to provide an update of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program. The opening of an
instructional program of the magnitude of STADLP has unfortunately come with a few bumps. I want to
acknowledge and thank you for your tireless efforts to actively support this distance learning program. You
have registered your child(ren), and we promise to provide our students with an academically rigorous, Christ-
centered instructional program.
Moving forward, it is essential to keep our families in the loop. Below please find information about the status
of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program.
The website for the program is: https://stthomasaquinasbq.org/.
This page: https://stthomasaquinasbq.org/updates-for-our-families/ will be updated daily, with up-
to-date information about the program.
We are aware that there are some families, who have not received communication, about STADLP. The following
information is posted on https://stthomasaquinasbq.org/updates-for-our-families/.
If a family has not received an email regarding their access to the "Rediker" Parent Portal Plus (the student
information system used by St Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program), they are to email
info@stthomasaquinasbq.org, with the subject line `EMAIL ADDRESS VERIFICATION". In the body of the
email, the parent is to clearly state their child's name, home academy, parent name and the correct email to be
updated. Corrections will be made, and families will receive a confirmation response.
The program is currently experiencing logistical delays, which will require a change in the orientation
schedule. This change will be communicated by the end of the week.
For the tech devices to be picked-up and reach student hands, they must go through a provisioning/set-
up process. Due to the huge demand for devices nation-wide and the processing of the equipment, we
presently do not have a date for distribution. Since we cannot place the responsibility of providing a
device to a student on the home school, or the family, we are looking to push back the beginning of
classes until the week of September 28, 2020.
Parents will be receiving information on the pick-up of devices and instructional materials, for students
in Kindergarten through Grade 3, within the next week.
We appreciate your patience and assistance, as we get the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program
Thomas Chadzutko
Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.
Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services